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  1. Suppression

    Suppression is part of the game and still need some love from developpers to be effective. Pressure visualization is essential. I suggested many improvements on it way back then. I understand you compare the game with others things but please do not do that.
  2. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    I dont want to explain everything everytime to a topic which is clear enough. I am not saying there is a need to be compensation for team with inexperienced players I am stating that something ruins the game. I hunt down 4-5 warrior on Al-Basrah with SPG thecy. It's not about you what you can in many theories that counter things. If you come mto that point anything can be countered. You do not consider the countering cost. Also squad maps are very big and allows vehicles to pass through by distancing themselves from the where you have teammates. Nobody will stay at Gas Station while the current flag is on Northern Part and assualted by enemy team supported by 2 warrior even warned you can not allocated enough assets many times. Also you miss the point that I am not complaining this just as a defender but also as a attacker. This thing ruins game for both sides.
  3. Now Testing Alpha 15

    We are appreciate your works but we want to hear things like return of RKG-3, molotov (?), Fallujah Map, rotatable emplacements and chat text thing (I also opened a thread about it). Many things waiting there to improve the gameplay (like preventing rushers, base campers, FOB behind frontlines and suppression).
  4. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    If you consider Prpoject Reality times I have nearly 11 years of experience in this game. You guys missing some point: We are playing 40 vs 40. There is no way to put enough man in every location to defend them. Most of the time you lost your valuable assets that can counter the rushers to rushers' ambush because you do not expect them to be there. After that you mostly lose the game. I have been in either side and for both of it, it is not fun, kills the game. I have seen how new players act many times but this is not an issue of it.
  5. MRAP vs Kornet

    It can face wiith Bradley head to head. I killed Bradley 50-70 m away from me with 2 shots while it can only dmg half of the HP. Yes their missiles need to be stronger against MRAP but they should not stand still against anything like that from close range.
  6. MRAP vs Kornet

    Also thats need to change. Spandrel needs to be more weaker in terms of survivability.
  7. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    What is the relation of this to the post? I am asking this because I simply can not figure it out.
  8. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    In some games people just took most of the assets and rush towards enemy's first or second flag, capture it and if they succeed move towards base and kill whatever move out from it. Totaly ruin the game for both sides. The worst part is this is done by some guilds in their own servers' which ruins server population's quality. 5 min ago a Challenger was at bridge of Al Basrah Insurgent base killing anything moving out. Some can say so get you things up, go and kill it but while defending a flag from rest of the enemy team it is not that easy and before realizing the threat you already lost crucial assets. This need to be prevented to maintain quality of the game. What's your toughts?
  9. Nerf on MRAP Toughness

    Its not an argument whether people will use it or not. Opfors have technicals right? They are too vulnerable but used because they are what they have. You need to be careful how you used them. They are not frontal assault vehicles or anything like that they are just another transport vehicle with weapon on top of it (just army grade small arms resistant technicals). ATs need to either destroy them or disable them in various ways(engine dmg, wheel dmg, turret dmg, passenger injury or mostly death) like in real life. You just compared something 2.5m x 2.7m with someone hiding in bush. If you can not detect someone do not use that route it is that simple. Game do not need to compansate your carelessness.
  10. The AK iron sights

    I have no issue with both versions of AK series rifles but for SKS it needs to change. After the change I seem can not use it properly. Also refresh your pictures they are not shown.
  11. MRAP vs Kornet

    2 well hit Spandrel missiles can destroy a tank. Also 2 frontal missiles can destroy Bradley and/or Warrior (I dont remember which one I hit). Both cases tested by me so not a story from others. MRAP's designed to compete with IEDs and small arms fires not for missiles. Some dmg things are not well planned I guess. Because Spandrel can absorb too much dmg from AutoCannon guns while can be 1 shoted with TOW.
  12. Nerf on MRAP Toughness

    As the title says MRAP's toughness need to be nerfed. You can not 1 shot MRAP with any ATGM, RPG29 (which is HAT and can cook russian tanks in real life) or anything else. Any ATMG just make it black smoke not even starts fire, you need second shot to destroy it. HAT hit starts fire result in destruction but not instant destruction. All of the cases passangers can move out and run to safety(10 min ago I hit MRAP with RPG29 from front and all 3 passenger runed away I need to hunt them). While a tank or heavy armors like warrior can be taken out with 2 ATGM shot this is not acceptable. Their predecessor Humvee can be taken out with 1-2 RKG-3 (in real life)
  13. Chat Location

    Making it user's decision will not help because many people will not bother themselves to make it visible. People like me who open even console to read missed messages will do it but rest will not care. Maybe there could be directed messages for that purpose. You select the man on map and send a visible message to him to warn(can be abused to harass others also so not a solution).
  14. MRAP vs Kornet

    Default RPG-7 PG-7V vs default SPG-9 PG-9V: PG-9V have little bit more penetration values PG-9V have nearly 3 times more range But thats not the case I mentioned about it. I mentioned about it because you compared times between missiles can be fired from Spandrel and TOW MRAP.
  15. MRAP vs Kornet

    I guess you were lucky becuase not always missiles does dmg or acceptalbe dmg to passengers. I hit frontally to british logi with 3 people on the front seats and none died. So it must be more effective to increase the fear caused by AT carriers.