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  1. The next tank added should be T-55

    I have already suggested this as part of improvement of the Opfor side. post You can also support it from there.
  2. With the module damage system implemented they will increase the number of AT rounds. But for SKS I did not see any SKS holding Insurgents except rare modified ones. There is tons of AKs and if someone gşveme a choise I will take AK with me :D.
  3. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    AA settings do not impact that much. AA in this game do nothnig much and require super sampling and super sampling impact 30-50 fps on ultra depending on map.
  4. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    I am playing at resolution of 1920x1080. I am not after to get 60fps with low graphical settings while I have this kind of setup if I can do it. I am just asking is this normal. Also I did not cleared cache if you mean the clear cache setting under the settings menu.
  5. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    I am also remembering changing to my monitor's speakers and go back to headset but no difference.
  6. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    Can anyone confirm performance issue? Is it normal to have 30 fps on ultra?
  7. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    I forgot to mention that I already verified the game through Steam and also checked whether headset gone full mute or just game and it turn out just the game. I have Logitech G430.
  8. SPG-9 Visual Glitch

    This happened to me too. If you leave vehicle or emplacement while you are zoomed in with a scope it remains.
  9. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    I am mainly playing on Opfor side (since PR). Actually most of the Opfor maps are open field maps. I do not assume fortification will save the day but let your men stay inside little longer and try to hold while others come from outside to help (also preservation of scout cars and spg thecy is crucial). The main problem, that makes fortification useless, is letting other side freely set up FOB behind the front lines. This is this game's fault that ruins it. Mostly Opfor side.
  10. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    Hi, I am starting this thread to figure out if this performance issue is common or am I doing something wrong. My specs are below: - CPU : i7 8700k - GPU : 1080 Ti - Ram : 16gb 3000mhz I am getting below 60 fps on most maps for ultra graphic settings. Also even with highest AA setting things at medium to long range are all mixed up and look like pixelated. So its hard to tell if there is an enemy inside a bush or not. Other thing is, from some distance, lets say from 200m, some objects or top part of terrain become invisible. I was at Belaya and firing at enemy squad and couldn't hit any of them with BRDM-2 after moving 50m towards them I realized there was an object that blocks my fire which become visible after I move closer. Same thing for hilltops. If you have some distance from a hill you can see through top part. This is a issue of LOD probably and necessary for performance but ruining the game.
  11. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    The thing is Opfor maps are mostly open field with no natural covers like rocks, thick bushes, caves. Also if these covers presents because of the body positioning of the game you can not benefit from them without getting exposed. Insurgents need to set up heavily fortified position and coordinate and give info to their BRDM-2.
  12. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Hi, after 11.2 update I have no sound issue. Every time few minutes after I joined the game all of the sounds gone and need to restart the game. I have had this issue before but not this frequent and solved after next patch. Everything is up to date on my pc. Are there anyone having the same issue?
  13. Hi, I was mainly playing on Insurgent side (since PR) so I wanted to list some things that I think negatively impact the gameplay of Insurgents. - Offroad capability of the vehicles and shallow waters makes sapper kit less effective. - Zu-23 do not have any sight and also for a AA gun it's shells are dropping too fast so it becomes very ineffective. - Zu-23 mounted on truck(more frequent in Slavic and African military) instead of more common pickup type of Insurgents. - ZPU mounted technicals can be usefull. - Fog, that implemented after ATMGs are introduced, do not limit the ATGM efectiveness because the scope-sight eliminate this but impacts Insurgent non-scope-sighted assets such as ZU-23. - Also ATGM's have 3 to 8 km ranges according to their type (such as new Kornets). So fog ruins the game visually and nothnig else. - Maybe home-made anti material rifle as an emplacement (I can find mostly Syrian Civil War examples for it) 23mm 12.7 12.7 type 2 - LAT kit's weapon changed from AKS to SKS and HAT one AKS 74U to SKS. Both of the AKS and AKS 74U mostly not used weapons(on kits) and they are making them impossible to use in game by this change. - Opfor lack mobility because of limited transport vehicles. As in reality Opfors do not lack technicals or civilian cars. - Handling of pkm from hip fire can be changed to one hand holding carrying handle like they did in PR. PKM hip-fire handling - When you try to deploy mg on Sandbag emplacement holes you can not see anything because gun sight is inside the sandbags. - Instead of having Russian Mil-Mi type helicopter's 57mm unguided missile for rocket artillery(which used mostly in Libyan Civil War), Insurgents can have normal Grad rockets on techicals. - High cost ATGM, in respect of both construction and ammunition point. 1000 for both maybe or even higher. - Also tanks will be in game (probably there is more time for it). T55 could be used by Insurgents and/or BMP-1 with Malyutka (in Project reality Militias had both of these) Updates - Return of RKG AT granades are needed (There was no damage issue but I do not think it is unsolvable). Many used by Iraqi Insurgents in daylight on streets against humvees and really effective. - As "Company XO" mentioned (and I forgot about it :D) molotov can be added but with limited to raider kit to make it not abused. Molotovs presented in PR but removed due to unwanted result when used against vehicle which is game assume driver team killed passangers.
  14. 100 man server. CHECK!

    I remember 128 one best thing I ever seen. There was fight in everywhere on the map . 10 years ago I thought we can play huge maps with 150-200 or more players together in future but that did not happened. More player + huge map and fighting for every corner matters more. Otherwise we can just play CS or new CODs. I hope they will push their luck to increase player count little more after 50v50.
  15. Turn off enemy vehicles

    They are just vehicles so opposing side can even use personnel carriers like humvee or trucks. In Turkey 15th July a civilian who is truck and crane operator learn how to start and operate m113 armored personnel carrier. He said I managed that in 5 min. In Syria right now people who do not know how to operate tanks using tanks now. But in my examples(complex vehicles not humvees) everything in the vehicles in their language so they figure out things easily. Sorry I forgot to add the link Turkey 15th July - Civilian using m113