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  1. July 2018 Recap

    If you take what I said "just simple copy and paste" thats you understanding but it will way much faster copy those maps. Those things you mentioned are not rocket science where we are in game development today and we are talking about people who already have experience. What makes a map a complicated for those who are making it is preserving some kind of balance (acceptable for a game) for sides and optimization (which with 1080TI you can not get stable 60fps in max settings). Other things are fancy stuff to make it look like lively. You have given numbers, nice thing but things like I mentioned (SPG Scope Bug) still there for months, also we played Belaya for months with broken textures, they implemented global fog for TOW but it only affected the opfor side, they couldnt even implemented effective suppression system which is the main thing of this game. They are working on modding tools and pushing modding community to do something even in this state of game. As I said they are not newbies. They are capable of doing things but they are working very slow and thats not just my opinion. 3 years is enough to progress much of the game. According to your logic this game should already be in beta level which is still alpha! Sales of the game will not keep increasing constantly. If they postpone things and do it slow they will face empty wallets and I dont think they will continue it for free. When this happens, lets say 2-3 years after, there will be no way for players to make them finish their job and all we left will be modding community. These guys part of the crew that created our dream game. I am writing these things not as a spoiled customer but as a hearth broken fan.
  2. July 2018 Recap

    Like 3 years for a payed product is somewhat is fare to see some things in place I guess. They altered many things and introduced new ones for PR so its not something you just spending 1 hour to a thing because its a mod on complete game. Also when developping PR it was not their job but a hobby which they can not give all of their times to it. Now it is. So you can not say those years equal to this ones. They are far too slow and this is said not just by me but by many people. Also about doing things "right" (perfection), many people do not care about it and there are many game play related problems need to be addressed (spg scope bug still did not fixed for months really?! " PERFECTION "). They have heightmaps for PR maps so they can easily create and alter terrain, rest is populating it which also can be copied from related PR maps. By doing it with small effort they can have 30+ maps instantly (most of them not made people leave the server like in squad ones). If you say waiting 3 years is not enough to be called patient I dont now what else. I dont want to see this game in "right" state when I need help to walk.
  3. July 2018 Recap

    Persistent ammo can be applicable for remote rally points and will be more meaningful. There is no gain applying this to forward operating base (FOB). FOBs are already maintained to be fully operational. No news about Fallujah West? You started to create Kashan Desert copy before finishing it? Most of the Project Reality maps are cool Map List Here. We want to play Muttrah City, Lashkar Valley, Korrengal Valley(not as a mod map!), Karbala, Ramiel, Operation Archer, Kozelsk, Gaza, Dragon Fly, Assault on Grozny. You know the list guys. Just copy them in. The thing is, as a free mod, Project Reality (which some of you part of it) done great things in faster pace and still doing with their, now small, team. When compared there is no diversity and richness in Squad as in PR. Also Squad cuildings are just there as a concrete jungle while in PR you can get the flavor of was once a living cities turned into battlezones. I know I am referring PR much but much of the base people who supported Squad are people those come from PR. Because we know you. Because we know what you give us for free for a decade. So please dont push main things to modders, guys (original maps + helis, etc.).
  4. Quick Reload Feature

    I was one of the few people supported it in PR times with % of reloading with empty mag but in this game reload time is not that much takes time.
  5. Quick Reload Feature

    In PR yes it took too much time to check the mag but not in this game. You can actually get caught while reloading in real life too, so no need for fast reloads.
  6. A better tactical map

    Yes current maps do not have geograpic information and many things seems like each other. We need maps like in PR, wheter you zoom in or not you can decide what is there.
  7. The next tank added should be T-55

    I have already suggested this as part of improvement of the Opfor side. post You can also support it from there.
  8. With the module damage system implemented they will increase the number of AT rounds. But for SKS I did not see any SKS holding Insurgents except rare modified ones. There is tons of AKs and if someone gşveme a choise I will take AK with me :D.
  9. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    AA settings do not impact that much. AA in this game do nothnig much and require super sampling and super sampling impact 30-50 fps on ultra depending on map.
  10. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    I am playing at resolution of 1920x1080. I am not after to get 60fps with low graphical settings while I have this kind of setup if I can do it. I am just asking is this normal. Also I did not cleared cache if you mean the clear cache setting under the settings menu.
  11. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    I am also remembering changing to my monitor's speakers and go back to headset but no difference.
  12. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    Can anyone confirm performance issue? Is it normal to have 30 fps on ultra?
  13. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    I forgot to mention that I already verified the game through Steam and also checked whether headset gone full mute or just game and it turn out just the game. I have Logitech G430.
  14. SPG-9 Visual Glitch

    This happened to me too. If you leave vehicle or emplacement while you are zoomed in with a scope it remains.
  15. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    I am mainly playing on Opfor side (since PR). Actually most of the Opfor maps are open field maps. I do not assume fortification will save the day but let your men stay inside little longer and try to hold while others come from outside to help (also preservation of scout cars and spg thecy is crucial). The main problem, that makes fortification useless, is letting other side freely set up FOB behind the front lines. This is this game's fault that ruins it. Mostly Opfor side.