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  1. Squad Server Post -- help

    Hello, I am the leader of EASY Company [EASY] in SQUAD. I've tried to make a post in the Squad "Game Server Info and Support Thread" and I get hit back with the same error message on Google Chrome: "This page isn't working forums.joinsquad.com is currently unable to handle this request HTTP Error 500" I have tried on multiple days, same error. I have adjusted the information in the required 'fields' of the post, no success. This seems like an issue on 'your side' of things. Thank you
  2. The Wrench - September 2017 Edition

    Hi, I'm looking to join this modding community in Unreal Engine. I would like to see if there are ways I can contact the creators of these mods for guidance and support. Thanks, Michael
  3. Steam Summer Sale 2016

    I strongly insist that you, Off World Industries apologize to Blue Drake 42, because you; the developers were wrong and he was right and you stabbed him in-the-back with the bullshit you pulled. Haven't even read this update I'm so pissed about it. You don't come clean with BlueDrake you lose a fan, also comical you mention what a "good community" this game has. So, I'll educate you a bit: a 'good community' is not a good community if it tolerates unjustified and belittling remarks to some of its best promoters from the games own DEVELOPERS.
  4. Steam Early Access Follow Up

    Thanks Wippy!
  5. Steam Early Access Follow Up

    Please get me a reply. Computer Specs: CPU: AMD FX 6100 6-core 3.4Ghz RAM: 16GB GPU: HD Radeon 6500 Cyclone MSI SQUAD is running really poorly on my computer at the moment. I've heard that Unreal Engine has issues with AMD processors, I do not know if I need to be looking to buy a CPU or a new GPU for this game. Please reply, there is very little technical explanation about the performance of this game. Also, if I do need a new GPU will a GTX 960 suffice? Answers, Answers. thanks.