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  1. Welcome Forum Adventurer! Combined Arms, a Tactical Gaming Community is currently searching for an active, engaged, interpersonal, and motivated Community Manager to lead the Discord Community, Combined Arms!! WHAT IS COMBINED ARMS?: Our Mission Statement: "Welcome to Combined Arms, an international gaming community focused on creating a friendly teamwork oriented environment for tactically-inclined gamers. Combined Arms seeks to redefine the experience of a gaming community as developers and content creators alike enter the forefront of forging original content from the community, for the community. Members who are 16 years old or older are welcome to apply. Our mission is to provide you an exciting community experience tailored for all and designed to spawn a new future in online gaming" -- -- NOTES YOU SHOULD KNOW: Combined Arms started up in August 2019 and has hosted events and servers in SQUAD, Hell Let Loose, and Arma III. Since the August startup, in just five months our Community has reached over 500 Discord members, 5,000 Youtube subscribers, and 1,500 Facebook followers. Combined Arms is a gaming community forged by a Video Game Development Studio: DRK Labs which produces unique and entirely original games built for Tactical Shooter Gaming. Combined Arms is both a gaming community, content creation hub, and Video Game Development center. The Community is comprised of interpersonal, kind, and enjoyable Staff who share a passion for teamwork and community building. Combined Arms is comprised of multitude departments, with an in depth source of documentation and structure. Legal infrastructure is present within the extreme hierarchy of this community. Including this Community Manager position. REQUIREMENTS TO QUALIFY AS A COMMUNITY MANAGER: Over TWO years of experience in Community Management through Discord or Teamspeak. At least FOUR online references to support your application for candidacy. (Must be reachable via Discord) A Part-Time or Remote Full-Time working job (in real life) which allows the applicant time to spend towards the Combined Arms Community. An interpersonal, organized, cooperative, kind, hardworking, and dedicated individual ready to take-up a long-term position. Experience working in a professional environment, must make deadlines, and be present at weekly staff meetings. Must be ready to lead and give clear direction in the Community. But also must be cooperative and receptive to direction from higher staff. MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER PROSPECTS OF BEING THE COMBINED ARMS COMMUNITY MANAGER: Being a part of an enjoyable and fun group of friends who share the same passion for military history, tactical gaming, and online shenanigans. Potential Money-Making opportunities; of which, but are not limited to: Content Creation, Game Sales, and Organization Shares. HOW TO APPLY: Interested in this incredible opportunity? Email Michael at combinedarms@bluedrake42.com Email Subject: "Community Manager Application - [Insert Your Real First Name]" Please include a brief summary of yourself. Include all skills which you believe would qualify you for the position. As well as a explanatory history of your experience in Online Gaming Communities, and Community Management. A resume is welcomed but not required. Include your Age, Global Location, Time Zone, and the games you enjoy playing. Include your list of Online References, of whom must be reachable in Discord. I will be in communication with you should you qualify for the position via Email. Afterwards a Voice Call Interview in Discord and a Reference Check will be in order. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon. VOLUNTEER POSITION. INQUIRE ABOUT POTENTIAL MONEY-MAKING OPPORTUNITIES.
  2. Combined Arms: A Tactical Shooter Community Combined Arms is an international online community focused on creating a friendly team-work oriented family of tactically inclined gamers. Built from a team of ex-military personnel, Combined Arms promises to offer the finest tactical experience for our members. Members find themselves constantly engaged through weekly scheduled Game Sessions, exciting Events, and challenging Training Exercises. Community-Unique medals and accolades can be earned through in-game skill and progression, and a fair, structured, inviting rank system allows for upward mobility. Drakeling Labs; a development studio works closely with Combined Arms to provide members: a proprietary Discord Bot, High-End Gaming Servers, Exclusive-access to Original and proprietary Tactical-Shooter Video Games, as well as a shared Youtube platform for Combined Arms gaming content made by members. We're a Community that remains exclusive to skilled; team-work oriented players. Additionally we offer an unparalleled Video Game development, Content Creation, and Military Training experience which elevates Combined Arms above the definition of a conventional gaming community. Our Community focuses on building a large presence in Tactical Games like: SQUAD Hell Let Loose Project Reality Arma 3 With future plans for (Ready or Not, Escape from Tarkov, and Post Scriptum) Combined Arms prides itself on being an ambitious, original, and superior tactical shooter community. We're here to give a new face in the tactical gaming world. Book your place in our ranks by joining our Discord, we're looking forward to you being a prominent part of our future. DISCORD: (https://discord.gg/cKmEnz3) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Combined Arms is an emerging Community Project. We're growing quickly and looking for professional, reliable, interpersonnel staff. If you've experience in running Communities, Military Training experience, Content Creation, or Video Game Development. There's a special place for you in our family. Reach out to Michaelcycle13#9918 upon entering to discuss these prospects.
  3. Squad Server Post -- help

    Hello, I am the leader of EASY Company [EASY] in SQUAD. I've tried to make a post in the Squad "Game Server Info and Support Thread" and I get hit back with the same error message on Google Chrome: "This page isn't working forums.joinsquad.com is currently unable to handle this request HTTP Error 500" I have tried on multiple days, same error. I have adjusted the information in the required 'fields' of the post, no success. This seems like an issue on 'your side' of things. Thank you
  4. The Wrench, September 2017

    Hi, I'm looking to join this modding community in Unreal Engine. I would like to see if there are ways I can contact the creators of these mods for guidance and support. Thanks, Michael
  5. Steam Summer Sale 2016

    I strongly insist that you, Off World Industries apologize to Blue Drake 42, because you; the developers were wrong and he was right and you stabbed him in-the-back with the bullshit you pulled. Haven't even read this update I'm so pissed about it. You don't come clean with BlueDrake you lose a fan, also comical you mention what a "good community" this game has. So, I'll educate you a bit: a 'good community' is not a good community if it tolerates unjustified and belittling remarks to some of its best promoters from the games own DEVELOPERS.
  6. Steam Early Access Follow Up

    Thanks Wippy!
  7. Steam Early Access Follow Up

    Please get me a reply. Computer Specs: CPU: AMD FX 6100 6-core 3.4Ghz RAM: 16GB GPU: HD Radeon 6500 Cyclone MSI SQUAD is running really poorly on my computer at the moment. I've heard that Unreal Engine has issues with AMD processors, I do not know if I need to be looking to buy a CPU or a new GPU for this game. Please reply, there is very little technical explanation about the performance of this game. Also, if I do need a new GPU will a GTX 960 suffice? Answers, Answers. thanks.