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  1. When will Squad be on sale on steam next?

    Update, i bought the game for full price, and it runs at 15 fps at lowest settings with everything turned off and resolution at 1080. THAT is why this game isn't worth the "paltry sum" of £30 for a not properly optimised game in early access. btw for the ppl i know will be asking for comp specs: gpu: gtx 950m (laptop cpu) cpu: i7 6700hq ram: 8gb oh, and just for those who say "its a laptop, what do you expect?" ive seen countless videos of this exact setup on youtube playing the game this year on ultra settings and getting around 60fps or a bit lower on high-ultra. if you aren't willing to take the risk of the game being unplayable, don't waste your money.
  2. Suggestion about the game

    "stop slowing the game" mate this is a realistic fps, the maps aren't nearly as big as any arma maps so do us all a favour and start using vehicles, thats what they're there for...
  3. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Karmakut ftw of course
  4. I really want to buy this game and I'm waiting for it to go on sale on steam because I cant quite afford a £30 game in alpha =/ (no offence) So just want to know when/if this game will be on sale again. Thanks
  5. British Faction: Optics and Ironsights

    who said the british army didn't use iron sights?