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  1. other users with similar setups to mine can pull off over 30fps, which is all i want to achieve at this point.
  2. Yes, I only paid around C$190 for the system, I was on a tight budget. It works amazingly for most games, runs BF4 and pubg at 60+ fps and has no problems with 90% of games I throw at it. Squad just kills it though, which is why I think there is some sort of problem I can't find.
  3. got it, my cpu doesnt seem too bad, I feel like something more has to be causing fps this bad
  4. Unfortunately my mobo doesn't support overclocking. What do you mean by IPC?
  5. My system is having a lot of trouble running squad, but neither my CPUs or GPU average above 50% usage. My game chugs along at 8-15 fps while the system uses less than half of it's full potential. I tried for hours to find a fix, but nothing I tried helped, after multiple restarts and even installing the game on a different HDD. I eventually gave up and started planning to upgrade my GPU, however I found youtube videos of players with GTX 760s running the game at ~40 fps. My system is a bit unique, being a dual xeon build, but no other games seem to have any issues, including bf4, PUBG, and other well-optimized AAA games. Disabling one of the CPUs made zero difference in performance. Specs below: Dual Quad Core Xeon E5430 CPUs at 2.66 Ghz for 8 cores total MSI Twin Frozr GTX 760 16 gb DDR2 registered server ram at 667Mhz 750 watt corsair psu