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  1. Found a clan, no longer relevant post
  2. After familiarizing myself with squad and having lots of fun in the process, I decided to put my server to use on the game. I'm able to easily run 80 slots, but without any fellow squad players to seed the server, it is difficult to get players and set up some of the events I was hoping to do. I'm a mature player with a teamwork oriented mindset and I'd love to join a clan that is both mature and not afraid of having some fun.
  3. other users with similar setups to mine can pull off over 30fps, which is all i want to achieve at this point.
  4. Yes, I only paid around C$190 for the system, I was on a tight budget. It works amazingly for most games, runs BF4 and pubg at 60+ fps and has no problems with 90% of games I throw at it. Squad just kills it though, which is why I think there is some sort of problem I can't find.
  5. got it, my cpu doesnt seem too bad, I feel like something more has to be causing fps this bad
  6. Unfortunately my mobo doesn't support overclocking. What do you mean by IPC?
  7. My system is having a lot of trouble running squad, but neither my CPUs or GPU average above 50% usage. My game chugs along at 8-15 fps while the system uses less than half of it's full potential. I tried for hours to find a fix, but nothing I tried helped, after multiple restarts and even installing the game on a different HDD. I eventually gave up and started planning to upgrade my GPU, however I found youtube videos of players with GTX 760s running the game at ~40 fps. My system is a bit unique, being a dual xeon build, but no other games seem to have any issues, including bf4, PUBG, and other well-optimized AAA games. Disabling one of the CPUs made zero difference in performance. Specs below: Dual Quad Core Xeon E5430 CPUs at 2.66 Ghz for 8 cores total MSI Twin Frozr GTX 760 16 gb DDR2 registered server ram at 667Mhz 750 watt corsair psu