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  1. Which Upgrade

    really nice comments dudes thanks for them. Just got my i5 7600k for 310 $CAD, gonna buy a mobo and some rams xddd
  2. Which Upgrade

    Understood, so going for "edit: z270" series mobos if Im correct.
  3. Which Upgrade

    All settings switched to EPIC (only shad med) and 1.25x getting a stable 40 FPS at highly vegetated maps but after some time during the game (mid or close to end) dropping to 35. Initial condition: i5 3450 12 gb ddr3 GTX 1050Ti 350W supply 1st option: i5 7600k (there's a 60$ discount dropping price to 275$) 16gb ddr4 GTX 1050Ti 750W supply (gonna change gpu in 3-4 months) 2nd option: Same with the initial specs with replacing GPU to GTX 1070 or RX Vega 56 Thanks for comments in advance!