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    Squad Ops has multiple public servers for entertaining and immersive matches. Here are the basic rules to make sure you and your friends have a good experience. While seeding the server (to populate a server with players), both teams should work together to minimize ticket bleed. Usually this means capping flags to a middle point and fighting in the middle. This allows for gun play and fighting without risking heavy ticket bleeds. Once server population surpasses 30, teams are free to press forward and capture flags. Public Server Rules 1. Do not team kill. 2. If you are Squad Leading you MUST be communicating by voice comms and play as a team. 3. No hacking, cheating, exploiting, glitching, or any other abuse of game features that give player advantage. 4. Racism, malicious comments, false impersonations, and misuse of the [Ops] tag will not be tolerated. 5. Respect all admins and players. Stream sniping is a permanent ban. 6. No mic spamming, trolling, or griefing of any kind. 7. Maintain fair play, even teams when needed. 8. Do not advertise for other servers or organizations within Squad Ops servers. 9. Camping main bases that only have 1 exit is prohibited. The enemy team must have a viable route out of their protection zone that is free of direct enemy fire. If the enemy main base has multiple departures, at least one departure must be available to use at all times without direct gunfire. Rulings on camping main are by admin discretion. 10. Squad Ops personnel are held accountable to the same rules.