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  1. Just wanted to make a small post about this. When you load into a game, the server chooses your team. You can look at the map before you spawn and see your teammates locations. You can then swap teams and inform the new team where the enemy is. I've also played in servers where the enemy team has someone on my team, giving locations through teamspeak or other voice apps. Kind of ruins the game.
  2. CPU testing, old AMD vs Ryzen with Rx 580

    I havent experiened micro studder at any resolution. I'll try some more 4k tonight.
  3. Interesting graphics setting bug. free fps!

    There's no difference in game oh well
  4. CPU testing, old AMD vs Ryzen with Rx 580

    I didnt know about that feature, thanks. *deletes everything*
  5. Go ahead and try for yourself. At the main screen when you first load up Squad, go to the graphics settings with a FPS counter active. Now, put the game on epic preset and look at the FPS while at the main screen. Mine flickers between 175-176 Now put the game on the low preset. Mine shows the 240 FPS cap. Now while on the low preset, put all of the settings on epic and turn everything on, to copy what you get for the epic preset. 240 FPS! what does this do in game? Edit: ...Looks like it does nothing, darn. *after a small test* On epic preset it shows 175-176 but I found the 2 little nasty options, if I turn ambient occlusion OFF, it jumps way up to 235, then I set Effects from Epic to High to get 240. Who really knows what this means
  6. CPU testing, old AMD vs Ryzen with Rx 580

    I'm using fraps and eyeballing. Specifically I watch for the lowest numbers during heavy firefights, highs, and overall range where the numbers hover. It's definitely not 100%, this was quick testing to see any real noticeable differences. If I made a change that resulted in +/- 5 fps I could usually see it immediately.
  7. CPU testing, old AMD vs Ryzen with Rx 580

    Edit: ill keep posting fps numbers from fraps benchmark because it's easy and accurate. Feel free to ask if you want me to run the game at any other settings or clock speeds.
  8. CPU testing, old AMD vs Ryzen with Rx 580

    I've made the 1920 x 1080 results a bit easier to read. On epic or low (doesnt seem to matter) I generally stay over 60 fps and the lowest ever I've seen was 49 FPS for a brief second, most of the time in heavy combat its 50-55ish and 70+ in open fields/BFE
  9. Disable all but 4 cores, overclock higher. On my ryzen 1700, I gain 2-5 fps simply by disabling 4 cores because of the architecture. Maybe disabling the worst cores will allow more voltage without the heat, as well as focusing the OC on your best cores. Up to you to find out which is which.
  10. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    Based on some benchmark scores of your cpu vs my old cpu, i'd say your CPU if overclocked slightly will reach 30-40 Fps if paired with any gpu. My old amd 1035t got 30ish fps, your fx should be a tiny bit better. So if you are getting 5-10 fps atm then its most definitely your gpu and or bad drivers or something. Still, to play squad, you need both a new cpu and gpu if you want stable fps.
  11. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    You should be getting a little higher I would think. Try the lowest resolution with everything low/off, check fps, bump to 1080, check fps. If both are the same, your cpu is the bottleneck. If you get a major fps boost on lowest settings/resolution vs 1080 on low then its a gpu bottleneck. Probably both. Try overclocking your cpu as well, I had unplayable fps at 2.6ghz with an rx 580, then got 30 fps at 3.6ghz, then got a new ryzen cpu and its 70~ fps now
  12. CPU testing, old AMD vs Ryzen with Rx 580

    Yes 1350 GPU Radeon RX 580 Boost Clock 1350 MHz Memory Effective Memory Clock 2000 MHz (8.0 Gbps) Memory Size 8GB Memory Interface 256-Bit Memory Type GDDR5
  13. CPU testing, old AMD vs Ryzen with Rx 580

    Yes the latest version, 17.7.2 My Rx 580 is very slightly overclocked from manufacturer as well
  14. It's your cpu. I had unplayable fps with an rx 580 and similar cpu (mine was 6 core 2.6ghz 1035t). I overclocked my cpu to 3.6ghz and it made the game playable (30fps). Then I got a new cpu (ryzen 7 1700) now the game runs like butter. Core count doesn't matter, you want a newish cpu with high GHz, for high single core results. Intel crushes AMD when it comes to squad, so a cheaper intel would be a good option if you play squad alot. I made a post on this hardware forum with my before and after results, you should check it out
  15. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    FPS: 30 average (70 player server) CPU: AMD 1035t overclocked to 3.7 GHz GPU: Rx 580 RAM: 8GB 1600MHz DDR 3 RAM (2x4GB) Res: 1920x1080 Settings: Medium/Low New build just finished: FPS: 75 average (70 player server) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Overclocked to 3.64 GHz GPU: Rx 580 RAM: 16GB 3000MHz Corsair Vengeance (2 x 8 GB), actual speed 2926.4 MHz Res: 1920x1080 Settings: High