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    Hi, I was banned and I have no idea why. I just recently started playing squad and I joined this server because it said newbs were welcome. On my second or third time ever playing, I joined a random squad, spawned in at a rally point, and was almost immediately banned. I heard the squad leader yelling at me, but I was still unfamiliar with the controls and I was trying to figure out how chat/voice worked (something I didn't try in the firing range). Shortly after I was banned, permanently. When I say shortly, I mean no longer than 30 seconds. Now that I'm 50 hours into Squad, I realize that the other squad members were probably not following the SL's orders, and he had gotten fed up and started banning people. I probably just joined in at the wrong time... Either way, I firmly believe that I was wrongly banned. I have since read the rules, and I'm sure I did not violate any of them (I didn't have enough time to violate anything!).