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  1. Support for Windows 7 (including security updates) will cease completely next month. They are dropping windows 7 like a hot rock potato.
  2. What's next?

    I feel like a man-portable ATGM would be a bit OP because unconventional forces likely wouldn't have them. Yes, they have them in real life, but if it is not standard issue equipment or what you would very commonly find on a battlefield it is highly unlikely to be in the game. In addition, man-portable ATGMs would take away literally all the challenge and difficulty of taking out armor. Taking out the tracks on a tank and getting close enough to use it should be a challenge that is not always easy to pull off. If they did put man-portable ATGMs in the game it should be only a single shot without having to rearm and only 1 kit per team with reduced magazines like the engineer for carrying such a heavy weapon. Vehicles already have a shit load of things that can kill them.
  3. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    Buddy rally removal was the best Christmas present.
  4. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    I guess multiple people didn't notice that I was talking about Arma 3. I guess i didn't word it right.
  5. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Maybe you missed it or didn't notice, but I was talking about Arma 3 taking 30 minutes, not Squad. I play for the exact reason you mention.
  6. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Taking HABS out of the picture might make the game too slow IMO. Only spawning from mainbase? We may as well play Arma 3 at that point. I play Squad because I don't have to sit in the back of a truck for 30 minutes to die in a firefight that lasts 30 seconds like arma 3 AAS. However, I don't mind waiting 5 minutes to get into the action.
  7. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    I totally agree with you honestly Enemy team should be punished for playing too aggressively. Most SLs play way too aggressive and overextend. Why do they keep doing this over and over again and expecting a different result? I would say insanity, but really it is just that they don't get to learn because they can just spawn on some other dude's buddy rally point.
  8. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    A commander will have the ability to recover logis but probably not in the way most people think. If the commander has the ability to place an artillery strike anywhere on the map, guess what he is gonna use it on? That is the penalty for recovery is the cooldown for another strike that could have been used on the enemy but instead is used to destroy a logi and send it back to main.
  9. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I highly, no, I know for a fact this isn't true.
  10. As a full-time SL, I basically never look at text chat. And when I say never I mean ever.
  11. A better armor and Gear system

    This actually seems like a good idea. I still like the system how it is now that forces players into a particular role. However, this wouldn't be a bad idea as players will at least get some semblance of control.
  12. Excited for v15

    I Really hope buddy rally is only temporary. This is the feature I dislike the most in Squad. When i lead a squad against another squad, and we take out his rally point, It should be a very harsh punishment. They should be forced to spawn at a FOB or main base due to the other Squad leader's aggressive placement of the rally point. Buddy rally point eliminates almost all of the penalty for losing a rallypoint. This is a really big deal because Squad on Squad combat is much more sparse. Instead, it is morphed into who can overwhelm who first. It used to be if I see a full Squad, it is just them for the most part until I can take out their rallypoint. Now the whole entire team can spawn at the drop of a hat just seems like too much magic for a game that tries to be realistic.
  13. 5 worst things to do in Squad...

    lol all enemy team has to do is get 2 guys to sneak up close to the FOB, BOOM! No spawn, pillow fort gets overrun, lose.
  14. better updates and equipment

    So, basically, you want Squad to be just like Battlefield 4?
  15. A long time ago they made a recap with a picture of an incompleted Javelin missile launcher in development. https://squad.gamepedia.com/FGM-148_Javelin They haven't said anything about it in like a year though. I'm sure its coming though still.
  16. Golden sample RAM

    This probably belongs in off-topic or something.
  17. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    It is fair, Brits get a bipod for damn near every weapon, medic gets a susat. Its just the bipod isn't used as much.
  18. More tickets, longer games

    I enjoy a 2-hour match as well, but only if it is going to be a close game. Those are the only games that actually end up lasting 2 hours. I'm sure you've seen those wins where its like 10 tickets or less.
  19. When about thermals?

    Seems really hard to balance thermals though. How does infantry compete against that kind of technology? Unless infantry had heavy missile AT such as javelin or Metis missile system then I feel it would be fair.
  20. More tickets, longer games

    Longer games are great if you have a good team. Not so much if you don't. I like the new ticket changes. Games last anywhere from 40 mins - 1.5 hours unless it is an evenly matched game. I think this is the sweet spot. Before games consistently lasted between the full 1 - 2 hours mostly always lasting 1.5 hours.
  21. Squad Leadership Research

    Please Post on reddit for the other 1/3 of the Squad community to see to complete the trifecta. (Reddit, Joinsquad.com, Steam forums is 95% of the community)
  22. Here come the girls

    Women in a position of power for a whole game? I say let's give it a try.
  23. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    I've seen your videos. You are more on the risky side I would say.