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  1. too blurry

    AA seems to call my blurriness issues. Especially that TXAA stuff.
  2. September 2017 Recap

    OMG M1A2 and M2A2/3 BTRs!!! This is so crazy. We almost have the full spectrum of combined arms warfare.
  3. where muh september recap

  4. Rally Point Discussion

    Another advantage of the rally point system is the fact that you can simulate a larger conflict with fewer players. Its a lot easier to make it seem like its a live battlefield when engagements between whole squads lasts a few minutes rather than under a minute, then have to walk or trans all the way back from FOB or main. A real life full scale war would involve thousands upon thousands of soldiers. Rally points are the only way to make it feel like a larger conflict than it really is with less than 100 players. This is the appeal of games like Arma 3 for the fact that it DOES simulate the full spectrum of modern combat. The biggest gripe more casual players have with Arma is the fact they can't jump right into the action. Sometimes it takes 30 mins to get the fight only to die in 30 secs. Squad is unique because it bridges the gap between hardcore games like Arma 3, but incorporates the near instant action of games like BF4. A streamlined Arma 3 experience.
  5. Rally Point Discussion

    I actually completely disagree with OP. The purpose of a rally is exactly as the name implies. To rally the squad to SL's position. In game, a rally does actually help me accomplish that. Without rallies, squad members would just go about their own thing because they don't want to wait for the rest of the squad to die and regroup. Sometimes this could take 5 mins.
  6. I would say this is the strongest argument against character customization atleast for cosmetics items. Its pretty obvious who the squad leader is, but difficult to tell a medic from a rifleman. If anything, the different roles should be a bit more unique. You know its a squad leader because he has a hat on, or a radio pack for example. Medics could/should have a big patch very easily seen patch on their uniform or helmet that says they are medics. Or maybe some huge medpack with a red cross on it or something. If there was going to be character customization, it should be subtle. Maybe change out googles/glasses. Rolled up sleeves vs. non rolled up sleeves. Headset or helmet accessories. Different boots and gloves with maybe some engravings on guns like the LAW. Uniforms/BDUs should ALWAYS be consistent and exactly all the same except for unconventional forces. I don't think this would upset too many people.
  7. AA vehicles

    This depends heavily on the type of vehicles they are shooting down to balance the game which AA platform to use. If one team is only fighting against attack helicopters, then MANPADS, or light technical mounted AA trucks is good enough. IF one team is fighting against A-10's doing gun runs, then a shilka is probably a good platform to use and wouldn't be TOO OP. If one team is fighting a pair of F-18 Hornets or F-16's or fast boys like the F-22, you might wanna bring the big boys to the party like a Russian Tunguska self propelled AA.
  8. Specs to run in decent quality

    So you want this guy, whose already on a budget machine to go buy the biggest and best? That's like telling a first time teen driver that a great first car would be a Lamborghini. If wanted the best, he wouldn't have to ask, he would just need fat stacks of cash and walk to the nearest best buy. But as far as practical advice, Upgrade your CPU to a used 4000 series Intel i5 CPU like an i5 4670. Pair that with a used GTX 770/780 or 970 and you can get 60 FPS as medium/high. How much money you have to spend matters more than anything else for you. If you only have $100-200 to upgrade then not much you can gain. But $300-$400 will buy you enough to basically max out squad at 1080p. Especially after this new performance update that just came out.
  9. Anti-Infantry Mines/IEDs

    I think Anti-Personnel mines would be awesome! I Don't even think they would be unbalanced in anyway either. As long as they incapacitate rather than kill. They also should be POSSIBLE to spot, but not easily visible unless your actively looking for it. I think they should stay with scout class though to limit mines to reasonable numbers. In addition, players will have to choose between anti personnel mines or anti vehicular mines. We will probably have this level of choice ones we get new inventory/kit system.
  10. Specs to run in decent quality

    This is not bad specs, but certainly not great. If you have a K-Edition intel CPU, you need to be overclocking that thing. Its literally free performance that takes about as much effort as selecting an item from a drop down. But as far as your specs go, Your CPU i would say is just slightly underperforming in this game, though its better than a Pre-RYZEN era CPU. The graphics card you are using is inadequate flat out. RAM is good but more is better. Basically you just need a new graphics card the most. I'm assuming you play at 1080p so what i would recommend that you upgrade to, depends 100% on what you have to spend $$$.
  11. Special Forces

    There are PLENTY of FPS'es that focus on special operations. Squad focuses on conventional forces and has pretty much always been that way since project reality. Besides, a special operations kit won't be that much different than what a whole squad could provide. You still get mines, explosives, GL's, and light machine guns. The only advantage that i think a SOF team should or would have would be things like suppressors, or for a JTAC(Joint tactical air controller) role to have a Laser designator. Those 2 advantages could be had by just a regular squad though so i wouldn't see the point of SOF forces.
  12. IDK if you have kept up with development, but i believe they eventually plan to have roles such as vehicle crewman, helicopter crew, Jet Pilot. Only people with these kits can drive their respective vehicles types. Squad role kits i think will accomplish what you have a problem with because the kits will be highly specialized. A Jet pilot is going to come with an absolute minimum amount of personal equipment, perhaps a just a pistol and bandages. With such a limited kit, nobody will ever want to use it for anything other than flying jets or whatever role he is supposed to fill. Your equipment defines your role in a squad more than anything else. Doesn't make sense to do it now since the max player count is only 80 and doesn't leave much room for a support squads other than Logis. Not to mention the other two roles of Pilot and helicopter crewman wouldn't even exist yet because there are none so this the system we have to work with until we have those vehicles. However i do agree with the OP in that small/light vehicles such as Humvees and Transports should be able to be driven by anyone and everyone with approval of course.
  13. View on kids playing?

    As a Squad leader, I encounter younger players frequently. I think the crux of the issue does come down to maturity. I've seen some kids run and scream "LALALALALALALALALA!!!!!" in COMMAND CHAT of all places. Then on the other hand, Ive seen 12 yr olds as squad leaders and actually playing decently and communicating with other squad leaders with decency and maturity that i would expect from any adult. So it varies widely.
  14. Laptop users

    This game is pretty demanding in terms of both your CPU and GPU but mostly GPU. Your system is not quite up to snuff to run this game smoothly however. You CAN play, but you will experience consistent FPS drops.
  15. Worth a buy in august 2017

    There are plenty of people playing every single day on a consistent basis. You will find full servers with lines of people waiting to get in. I Don't thin you will have to worry. They will probably have a free weekend again, but don't expect it atleast until the next major update. This game is so totally worth buying i promise. I play myself on a daily basis. If you made it to this point where you signed up for a forum account just to ask, I would have bought it already.