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  1. IDK if you have kept up with development, but i believe they eventually plan to have roles such as vehicle crewman, helicopter crew, Jet Pilot. Only people with these kits can drive their respective vehicles types. Squad role kits i think will accomplish what you have a problem with because the kits will be highly specialized. A Jet pilot is going to come with an absolute minimum amount of personal equipment, perhaps a just a pistol and bandages. With such a limited kit, nobody will ever want to use it for anything other than flying jets or whatever role he is supposed to fill. Your equipment defines your role in a squad more than anything else. Doesn't make sense to do it now since the max player count is only 80 and doesn't leave much room for a support squads other than Logis. Not to mention the other two roles of Pilot and helicopter crewman wouldn't even exist yet because there are none so this the system we have to work with until we have those vehicles. However i do agree with the OP in that small/light vehicles such as Humvees and Transports should be able to be driven by anyone and everyone with approval of course.
  2. View on kids playing?

    As a Squad leader, I encounter younger players frequently. I think the crux of the issue does come down to maturity. I've seen some kids run and scream "LALALALALALALALALA!!!!!" in COMMAND CHAT of all places. Then on the other hand, Ive seen 12 yr olds as squad leaders and actually playing decently and communicating with other squad leaders with decency and maturity that i would expect from any adult. So it varies widely.
  3. Laptop users

    This game is pretty demanding in terms of both your CPU and GPU but mostly GPU. Your system is not quite up to snuff to run this game smoothly however. You CAN play, but you will experience consistent FPS drops.
  4. Worth a buy in august 2017

    There are plenty of people playing every single day on a consistent basis. You will find full servers with lines of people waiting to get in. I Don't thin you will have to worry. They will probably have a free weekend again, but don't expect it atleast until the next major update. This game is so totally worth buying i promise. I play myself on a daily basis. If you made it to this point where you signed up for a forum account just to ask, I would have bought it already.