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  1. LOL less than 15% of players are over 30. I thought it would be the other way around lol.
  2. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    I think the rush meta needed to die. Its turned into a situation in which people seem to rush or bust. What always happens is both teams tend to rush each other and the first team to survive long enough on the rushed cap for reinforcements to arrive, is the one that wins. All a squad would need to do is kill the lone backcap man and block the whole enemy team. It completely kills the idea of emergent gameplay. Rushing is always a low-risk/high reward strategy that even just 1 squad did well, could determine the outcome of the game in the first 10 minutes. The thing about this update is that rush is still viable but greatly reduced effectiveness unless you get at least 2 full squads to do it. Rushing should have always been a highly risky maneuver that could give the enemy an advantage in the mid capture points if failed and that's what this update does. If all everyone does is rush the enemy A or B cap, why even bother with C,D,E? We all may as well just play INF matches all day.
  3. November 2017 Recap

  4. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    Become the change you want to see... This is what i had to come to terms with as a subordinate. Everything OP says is pretty much what we have all seen and it sucks. The best way to fix it, is to become a Squad Leader yourself. This is what i had to do in order to stop this shit from happening. So many quote "SL's" really just care about kills, and less about leading the squad.
  5. K club

    Im looking forward to being apart of the 1K club. I'm about halfway there.
  6. Squad lead

    All the info in this thread is excellent advice. All new SL's need to read this thread. As an experienced SL with over 300+ hrs of play as SL kit, I must say i agree with a lot.
  7. Squad lead

    THIS! This is the best advice you can give to any squad leader. This is exactly the formula I follow word for word and you sir understand how to squad lead :). Especially the part about verbally confirming the back cap and always manually driving the logi truck as SL at the start of the round. As SL's we should never complain about other squads not doing logi runs or defending cap points. When an opportunity presents itself, always volunteer to take the initiative to keep the team in the fight.(sometimes this means i will even do a logi run myself if every single person in my squad refuses to do so. This will make them do it usually if it means no rallies.) Always go back to a defense point if nobody seems to be defending it or taking initiative. Don't wait or assume other squads will do it unless communicated!
  8. Game Flow

    I just want to go through this whole OP and critique and correct everything you just said. But i don't think it will change anything.
  9. Squad lead

    The SL kit is the APEX of the Squad experience. A Squad lead decides how much(or how little) fun your squad is going to have. Find a good SL and shadow him and learn his tricks and trades. Its very difficult to pick it up right away as a newbie as anyone can be an SL but takes time to master. With the SL kit, people will have an expectation of you that you know the game very well and will be looking to you for guidance and coordination. A good SL doesn't try to get kills but sets his squad up to get capture objectives and dominate the scoreboard. This includes rally points, constantly marking enemy contacts even when your getting shot at, setting up FOBs. You must talk to your squad, get on to them and ask them what they are doing if they are more than 100m from the squad. You MUST STICK TOGETHER! If your squad gets too spread out and separated, you will always lose cohesion and your squad members will be less inclined to follow you.
  10. How to Not Suck With Big Vehicles

    This should be pinned or something.
  11. Competitive?

    I kinda think they should have some sort of Squad on Squad competitive. A lot of people who jump into squad don't teamplay and just want kills. If they had a INF squad sized map or play area for people to satisfy their 'get kills only' itch.
  12. Rally Point Discussion

    This would just be way too cumbersome, idk if you have ever lead a squad but most people DO NOT like doing logi runs, even if it is just one. It is extremely difficult to get someone to do it when most people just want to shoot at other players. Just getting 1 player, in 1 squad, to do just 1 logi run can make or break a whole game. You gotta know that its called a "rally" point for a reason. If everyone had no choice but to spawn on a FOB, i can guarantee you nobody would ever play public matches. Alot of games ALREADY are basically just a bunch of players gathered in a cluster**** around the FOB. The vast majority of people will end up lone wolfing. I already have to deal with lone wolves WITH RALLY POINTS ALREADY. I don't see how limiting rally points or getting rid of them would help rally my team.