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  1. This is something i can agree with.
  2. Do you think there will be new faction

    I can most certainly see Germany being added to the game. This one isn't hard to imagine as it fits their euro/middle-eastern theater i would think. China is also a good contender. It would make sense for the Devs to add factions that don't have that much or any at all overlap in weapons they use since they already have 2 factions that do just that already. Whatever faction they add, its gonna be a country with a big military presence and is involved in recent/hypothetical flashpoints.
  3. Review ?

    The human element of Squad will determine how much or how little you like this game. If you buy the game and play 3 rounds the very first time with an excellent Squad leader who talks and always has a rally point, you will become addicted like crack. Or your first game could have a crap leader, and never play this game again and think it is stupid. The human element of this game is the largest variable everytime you play. It is the double-edged sword that makes this one of the greatest games ever made(IMO), or possibly rage quit worthy. Squad will bring you to higher highs than you've ever had in gaming, but sometimes because of people you also get new lows.
  4. This is basically Arma 3 AAS servers. We all know how that mess of a cluster**** ends up being. This was the whole point of squad. To not be like Arma 3 and make Milsim style combat more accessible. Arma 3 takes a big time commitment. And a lot of driving in trucks for 30 mins to die in a 30 sec firefight.
  5. Please Fix the visibility.

    LOL git gud kid. Stop trying to fight at long ranges. Get in close range. Flank, maneuver around, pop smoke. There is always another way.
  6. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    Abrams? Yes. USMC. No. Could it be modded into the game? Yes.
  7. How to slow the gameplay

    Why would you want this? Have you actually lead a Squad before? Do you know how hard it is enough to get atleast 1 person to group up with the SL to make a rally, let alone 2? Do you really want to CONSTANTLY run away from the fighting just to get a new rally point up? (this is what i already have to do) Do you know how tough it is just to get other players to listen instead of doing their own thing? It would essentially become completely impossible with 5 min cool down unless your in a clan. Randos just don't listen like you keep thinking they would.
  8. People think its unfair that Unconventional forces (Insurgents) don't have scopes on their weapons. What they don't understand is that Insurgent weapons will be most effective at close range. Never engage RU/USA at long distances. Flank, change angle of attack, ANYTHING to avoid fighting at long range.
  9. Will we see jets in the future?

    It is 100% not OWI's fault for removing the Humvee. I see two jets, not one.
  10. Roleplay, logi, apc, mortars?

    Devs already stated they plan to have dedicated roles. There will vehicle crewman, helicopter crewman roles that can ONLY drive vehicles. This should make more dedicated vehicle squads.
  11. This is really only true at longer distances where the USA excels at. Get close enough and all those optics become a HUGE burden.
  12. I think there is more to it than that. I don't think there is an argument for which is better. They are just different to each other in many ways. For example, the Russians have the 30mm BTR82A with the biggest most powerful gun in the game, basically uncontested. Yet all American vehicles deal equal damage essentially through the entire vehicle lineup since they all use the same gun. American smoke grenades deploy twice as fast but last half as long. Ruskies last 2x as long but take a while to deploy and for the smoke to disperse but makes quite a bit and lasts a while. Hell, try loading up 2 full squads in a Stryker at one time, and fight when you get there. ONLY the shitbox can do this.
  13. What Type of Squad Player Are You?

    My specialty is mechanized Infantry SL. I usually drive and act as a mobile spawn point constantly flanking and repositioning troops. Al basrah as USA works great for this.
  14. Required experience for being a SL

    Not gonna lie, a Star rating system sounds like a great idea. There was/is an early access game called blackwake that had this same system and it seemed to work quite well. 5 star captains would always get picked but it still gave new captains a chance to learn the game since there weren't ALWAYS a 5 star captain in every game.