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  1. More tickets, longer games

    I enjoy a 2-hour match as well, but only if it is going to be a close game. Those are the only games that actually end up lasting 2 hours. I'm sure you've seen those wins where its like 10 tickets or less.
  2. When about thermals?

    Seems really hard to balance thermals though. How does infantry compete against that kind of technology? Unless infantry had heavy missile AT such as javelin or Metis missile system then I feel it would be fair.
  3. More tickets, longer games

    Longer games are great if you have a good team. Not so much if you don't. I like the new ticket changes. Games last anywhere from 40 mins - 1.5 hours unless it is an evenly matched game. I think this is the sweet spot. Before games consistently lasted between the full 1 - 2 hours mostly always lasting 1.5 hours.
  4. Squad Leadership Research

    Please Post on reddit for the other 1/3 of the Squad community to see to complete the trifecta. (Reddit, Joinsquad.com, Steam forums is 95% of the community)
  5. Here come the girls

    Women in a position of power for a whole game? I say let's give it a try.
  6. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    I've seen your videos. You are more on the risky side I would say.
  7. Squad Leader 101

    The best Squad lead guide I've ever seen and trust me I've read every single one of them because there aren't that many. I've got about 1000 hours in the game and I only play the SL kit. I can really tell you know what you are doing. Like multisquid said, the only things I would disagree with is situational. This is the most proper and complete guide and is probably good enough to be stickied.
  8. A small recommendation to all SLs

    For the most part, as a full-time SL myself. I can agree with him. Sometimes it's not always practical though especially at a SuperFOB where there are multiple heavy machine guns firing off and mortars landing to hear anything.
  9. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I ONLY SQUAD LEAD EXCLUSIVELY. I hate playing subordinates unless its a game in progress and I just joined. Then I only play LAT, medic, or Heavy Gunner. After 1000 hours in the game, the game is only fun when I know what to do, and players will follow. I usually write long posts describing why I like to Squad lead but I'm tired so I'll say this...... in general, never micromanage players, only macro mange. Mount all your squad up and never leave anyone behind. If you want to take BTR, ask for driver/ gunner, volunteers. No takers just say we all take transport then and never force players into anything unless it is for a rally or saving a HAB. Only ask players for one logi run unless they volunteer. anyone who wanders off, warn once, then kick. THE BEST WAY TO SL: BE A LEADER NOT A BOSS.
  10. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Haven't tried post scriptum because they don't have rally points. I only Squad lead when I play and I've got like +1000 hrs in the game. I always have fun when I'm playing Squad because I am the Squad leader. My guys never have to ask me for a rally point because I'm waiting to refresh before the next guy spawns in after I died. My squad stays together and I constantly mark targets and put move markers so they know where to go. I call players by name and warn once, then kick lone wolfs. I became the change I wanted to see in this game. It is not hard to have fun in this game when you have a good Squad leader.
  11. As a full time SL with 800+ hrs, I did my duty and lead the n00bies.
  12. May 2018 Recap

    I imagine since they will release T72B instead of the T-90, Russians will get MORE tanks than US on the actual maps. It will likely be something like this: RU: 3x T72 3x BTRs/MTLB US: 2x M1A1 2x Bradley
  13. This is something i can agree with.
  14. Do you think there will be new faction

    I can most certainly see Germany being added to the game. This one isn't hard to imagine as it fits their euro/middle-eastern theater i would think. China is also a good contender. It would make sense for the Devs to add factions that don't have that much or any at all overlap in weapons they use since they already have 2 factions that do just that already. Whatever faction they add, its gonna be a country with a big military presence and is involved in recent/hypothetical flashpoints.
  15. Review ?

    The human element of Squad will determine how much or how little you like this game. If you buy the game and play 3 rounds the very first time with an excellent Squad leader who talks and always has a rally point, you will become addicted like crack. Or your first game could have a crap leader, and never play this game again and think it is stupid. The human element of this game is the largest variable everytime you play. It is the double-edged sword that makes this one of the greatest games ever made(IMO), or possibly rage quit worthy. Squad will bring you to higher highs than you've ever had in gaming, but sometimes because of people you also get new lows.