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  1. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    The biggest mistakes of Squad are childish ADMIN and the system that every SL can kick for no reason. That is the same feeling, if you suddenly get fired at work for no reason. I've been through many times, because of those things, that we lost the game.You can shoot 5 enemies and then you suddenly lose your gun because you were kicked.It is logical that you often see that you are going to shoot the SL. I, too, like to throw a grenade, deserved wage acorn :-)
  2. can i run it on this pc

    The RECOMMENDED info is not entirely true The Intel Core i7 4790k CPU gives worse performance than a much cheaper 6600K. A 6600K can be combined with ddr4, very important. You can easily lift it with the stock cooler, up to 4400 ghz. In combination with the cheaper 970gtx you always have 60fps, everything at its highest settings, supersampling 1.5.
  3. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    That's a very bad picture..Think your settings are incorrect.And yes, you have a good card (no need) but a bad processor and motherboard.Replacing is not that expensive.I have6600K 4200 mhz970 gtx Then you have the best price quality ratio. currently gives 50-70 fps, supersampling 1.5 and everything at the highest, full server
  4. too blurry

    If you have a bad image, your settings are incorrect or you use additional rubbish programs for your graphics card.Squad gives a perfect sharp picture, best ever seen.Important, supersampling at least 1.5 sets and the correct AA setting
  5. Text way too small in 4K

    Skul, if you do not understand something, you should not respond ;-). It's about the size of the screen .. not whether a Playstation 4K can handle .. With such a screen you will sit on the couch, not to play PC games.
  6. Text way too small in 4K

    Your TV is way too big. You are also too close to it. Buy a normal PC screen, no 4K bullshit. In this case, you can better buy a Playstation ;-)
  7. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    Then they should not complain about bad graphics for a computer of $ 1500 or euro ;-) I do not play that way, but okay, I understand your idea
  8. View on kids playing?

    "If you think you are entitled to be part of any squad for any reason you absolutely deserve to be kicked" Like trump it would say .. Incorrect, you are wrong.. totally wrong. What a stupid talking.
  9. View on kids playing?

    You are a good SL ++++ For this kind of SL I have respect!
  10. View on kids playing?

    I say that you must be smart (in fewer words :-) Your opinion is not important. An arrogant SL is pathetic behavior and they learn it. Today they are already leaving themselves.. they learn it:-)
  11. View on kids playing?

    ""Most of the time if a SL is TK'd by a guy he kicked the rest of the squad will TK the douchebag and report him to an admin."" I already shot a lot of SL and never got a ban. You have to do it smartly :-) Not so nice to walk 10 miles and kick Kick without reason is dead, many players do that and me too. That's also the only way to teach them a lesson in the future.
  12. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    ""^What are you talking about? There is no comparison between 60/144, provided you can push those fps... "" You do not understand my answer. I'll say that too. So why does someone play between 70-100 fps and setting low, while he can easily put everything on an epic. Weird people;-).
  13. View on kids playing?

    Most squad leaders will throw you out. But many leaders are assholes and stupid ones. I often do my own thing because I have a good insight. I am 44 years old and a lot of experience. There are many players who are the same and score a lot of points. If leaders are kicken then they are usually shot dead by the kicked person. That's often funny and the SL goes offline. He is punished himself by his stupid behavior. It should be forbidden that SL can kick someone!
  14. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    It's all marketing.. They are consciously slower in time so that we must always buy new ones. I've ever had a 8800gtx from 2006, where I've been able to play the latest games for 8 years, with the right drivers.
  15. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    Why do you play above 70 fps and setting low? You have a 144Hz monitor? Your screen is way too big. That's not nice to play. You are too far away from the screen and it spoils the fun of play. Like console players with big TV screens. Even people who were used to 60FPS for a while, then go to a 144Hz monitor at 144+ FPS and can't tell the difference.. A game is very good to play from 40 fps. Better a wonderful game and gameplay than a big screen at pc games.