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  1. EAC Kicked - Connection timed out

    Same problem here! Windows 10 64x, i5 4570, but gigabyte mobo tho... Edit: So this is what worked for me... I verified game files, closed steam, cleared cache, restarted my PC and problem was gone. Played for +2 hours without any troubles what so ever. I've read the problem might comeback so I post again if it f***king does.
  2. Guys post only the FPS u get on an avg full server. We all get way more on the firing range -.- GTX 1070 + i5 4570 3.20ghz + 16gb Ram at 1080p resolution = 30-50 fps on a full server. Highest or lowest settings don't matter, I get the same either way.
  3. Low FPS

    I started having this same problem after the last update. I'd doubt it's a bottleneck problem cause on my i5 4570 I get arround 60%-70% cpu usage (with a gtx 1070 as well). And only if it gets too crazy I get just 1 of the cores above 80%, and still doesn't reach the 90% cpu usage... Plus I gotta mention that before the last update I didn't have this problem at all. Game performed fine. So I do believe is the Squad optimisation... I've read a couple of guys saying that turning off the HPET or the EIST like Virtualevil said helps. So I'm gonna try that and see how it goes.