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  1. Worth a buy in august 2017

    thank you for your fast replyes :). I think i will buy and try it. i really really hope you are right cause i like softair and games like battlefield were good but i want more realism. see you in game!
  2. Hi there, Is the first time I write on a forum so please be patient if I make some mistakes xD. I was interested in the game but I have a few doubts: 1)I see that there are not many people playing the game (~1600) I'm Italian do you think I will find always people to play with ? 2) the game was published in 2015 are you sure will last longer considering the price of 36€? 3) is there any free week end planned? 4) there will be any sale? ( I ask this just because wasting 36€ is a shit but 5-10€ is not such a big problem)