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  1. So I just recently bought squad and played one match, everything went fine. The next match though, after a minute or two it would kick me form the server and this message would pop up. EAC Kicked: Authentication Timed Out (1/2) I can't fin a fix, any suggestions/help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ello Everyone!

    So I just bought Squad (Keep in mind I am 13)And wanted to introduce myself and get any tips from you guys. I bought Squad because I wanted a realistic FPS, Arma 3 was the other option but it didn't seem as fast paced and fun as Squad. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks also thank you all for the feedback on my earlier topic, seems like a really nice community!.
  3. View on kids playing?

    @Super Sniper In my opinion TKing is scummy. If you have a problem with someone talk it out, be reasonable, hear there side of the story. Or, just join a different squad and move on, in the end your just hampering the progress of a victory. Squad is a team game, your supposed to communicate.
  4. View on kids playing?

    Wow, did not expect so many replies! Thank you all!
  5. View on kids playing?

    Thank you all for the replies!
  6. View on kids playing?

    @Gatzby Thanks for the reply! This was all I needed to hear! I can't afford it ATM but it's nice to hear that you guys welcome kids!
  7. View on kids playing?

    @_randombullet Thanks for the reply!
  8. View on kids playing?

    So, I am 13 and would like to know how the community of Squad reacts to kids. I am interested in the game but skeptical because kids are usually looked down upon. I do have a microphone and I like communicating. I'm not one of the insult throwing kids (Or whatever the stereotype is). I don't find that type of stuff useful, calling people things is not gonna help us win the game. I appreciate the feedback!