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  1. Yeh i remember you Yes also on the without ranking system 100% agree with you.... I really hope ( in its present form in other games) that it doesnt make it into squad, for padding reasons stats/ranks etc really do mess up team play a lot of the time. From my limited time & experience in Squad it seems i maybe picking the wrong squads as it happens to me 2 out of 5 rounds. One in 5 rounds are epic for me the others a lil meh but fun none the less. but agreed it doesnt happen that often that it ruins the game for me, i just move onto another squad. Just Irks me that some people feel the need to try humiliate people for not doing what theyre told etc, there really is no need for it imo.
  2. Only 133hrs into Squad so far... i guess you could be right.
  3. Yeh i think i recog the name....I ALWAYS play medic if possible & Thanks much appreciated for the offer.
  4. AASv(*)

    This may not be a popular idea but here goes. AAS in pub servers seems to have become "All about the rush" to cut off enemy movement, and to hell with the rest of the game. When it works it causes absolute chaos for the other team when it fails it causes chaos for the rushing team, all seems to be won or lost in those first 10 minutes of a game rather than concentrating on the objectives at hand. Now maybe some might see this as a valid tactic & i get that, but when vehicles start to camp enemy main bases or the battle is all centered around one flag with the rest of them left uncapped it becomes a little extreme and no fun at all. Might i suggest a "front line/taken territory" type of modification to AAS?...similar to how (graphically) Steel division does it then put some restrictions on movement? Then the enemy cannot move way behind enemy lines until the territory is dominated by one team of the other? Obviously it wouldnt be as simplistic as i suggest but i reakon it would help game mechinics some for AAS to stop the rush. Not sure if this would work or not just puttin my 2p out there maybe someone with more experience in game mechanics can take this or something similar and modify the existing AAS....Unless its working as the devs intended, if so ignore this.
  5. TY SHO-SHIN yeh i understand thats online play to an extent and i accept that, but i alas i have no friends and as for making my own squad, my wife says im crap at making command decisions & Im inclined believe her hahahaha. Ive done my time with clans tbh, So as a result ive resigned myself to chaotic play most of the time, probably 1 round in 5 im in with a good squad and leader & it makes those other 4 times seem silly. If I get one good round per evening im a happy bunny. I gotta say though Devs..... so much thanks for the medic class.
  6. Heh yeh "Make one myself"... hrm i know my limits im no leader but happy to work as a team & yes i usually jus move squad n carry on. Someone with not so thicker skin may find some SL's behaviour down right insulting and i cant say i blame them either the way some carry on. Been able to swear and insult louder than anyone else isnt really a good SL trait if you ask me not conducive to good teamwork at all. Yeh i was a huge bf2 fan back in the day so as a result i understand that random public servers can be an utter clusterF* but honestly? Squad is the first game i have ever seen that actually half works in getting a team of randomers to work together, maybe its the game design? maybe it just attracts those kinds of people who are tired of the random madness IDK. Works well so far though. As for CS:GO... well we all have our cross to bear heh....I played EVE for a year.
  7. TL:DR, some clan members/SL's are A-hats wahhhh. Hi all, Lovin Squad, Thanks to the Dev team....,what PR oughto have been? idk but its with a lil sadness i write this if you all care or not. Ive been around online gaming since 1998 or so, ive seen a lot of games and communities come and go from unreal to bf2/PR 0.09 to present day, Im a veteran gamer (no not ex-military lol) I gotta say im a lil concerned with the attitude of some "Expert" players in public servers. Seems these so called expert players have no clue how to handle random pubbers and just expect them to be able to play squad (in their words) "How it was meant to be played". Some ( I have to stress some as most are awesome ) are just plain asshats tbh and have NO skills in people management, I find that these people more often than not are clan based too! Ones that ought to know better. Soon as the game turns and we look like we are loosing it seems the pillock inside comes out and SL begins to take it out on their squad because somehow after 10 minutes of play they expect their squad are all experts not only in military tactics but people management. Its both cringy and darkly humorous but it doesnt make for a good game experience whatsoever. Sure its tough to get random pubbers to work together but dont have a cow when you expect it to all turn out good and it doesnt, then squad cohesion starts to rot and fall apart. However this is the first game for a long time ive actually seen randomers pull together the best they can. Im no snowflake i dont mind banter n a lil foul language for the lols & understand things get intense but when a clan member who is squad leading starts to rip a strip offa someone and kicks them from the squad it makes them looks like utter gits and it doesnt reflect well for the game experience either. It just reflects their own failure to manage their squad. Just a heads up for wannabe leaders in this game (not me lol).....There are real people at the other end of the mic, NO you are not leading an elite force into iraq, Its just a game. Its not about how loud you can spew your vitriol to make yourself sound more authoritarian, This is NOT a real military training camp, you are NOT entitled to shame people publically because you lost your precious virtual FOB. If your not in the same grid as the rest of your squad then i think you oughta be looking at your organisational skills not make it an excuse to scream profanities over the mic. You want that level of play? stick to clan matches and stay off public servers. That said my overall experience of Squad (even though its in alpha) has been wonderful may there be many more good SL's and many more good matches win or loose its an awesome game and really makes a damn good go of bringing random people together to work as a team. Great Work Devs!!!!. & Kudos to those squad leaders who rock, ive had many a great match with random people. If you managed to read all of this then id be happy to be your squaddie n watch your virtual back