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  1. v13 crash

    This v13 release will probably be have alot of issue after updating it, since it's basically a migration from UnrealEngine 4 (4.16) to (4.21)
  2. Regarding V.12

    Glad to hear that
  3. PR Vets, vote here.

    Definetly, but with some little change would be better also.
  4. Lol Got me thinking that somewhere, someone, is already working on SQUAD BATTLE ROYALE mod. .....
  5. V10 weapon muzzle control

    I liked the V10 gunplay mechanic better. Just my opinion.
  6. What Type of Squad Player Are You?

    Mortar Operator Combat Medic LAT
  7. You guys are the best. And i like how you guys put threeweekslater as the Beta code. It tells us that you aware of the meme
  8. The Best Moments from v10

    Haha yes
  9. What server were you on? Have you tried on another server? The Message Server Timeout is something about internet connection, not a ban status. And occasionally, the server condition itself -Videda
  10. "I'd like to help, but sorry i dont know how.., Hope someone will bring a correct solution for you " (Speaking for behalf of the people who just read this thread and didnt reply) -Videda
  11. Yes agree. Since the ability to only make the 'zoom effect' aplied for the optics only, is already tried on earlier closed alpha version, but it seems squad can't manage to handle it at that time bcs of performance hit. It happen because the feature force the PC to 'double render' the environment. One for the zoomed scope, and one is for surrounding, which is not performance friendly. So, the only solution for this at the time around, is just to zoom everything when aiming down sight. That's why, i'd love to see the effect of blurriness outside the scope is improved, so players can't exploit it. Cheers, -Videda
  12. Spotting enemies?

    I have a laptop with i5 6200U and 940MX 2GB VRAM graphic card. I only play it with 1336*768 Resolution. At the start of playing this game, yes i have problem with spotting an enemy in the distance, bcs not only the resoultion that i have, but also the FPS which only around 25 - 40, AVG is 30. Then, after 300 Hours into Squad, now i can tell you that spotting an enemy is quite easy. All you had to do is: -Awarness of the 'Map Environment' itself (expect enemy coming from that direction, and not other direction) -Sit still, and wait. Often you will see 'silhouette' or 'shade' movement behind the treelines, or other object in the map. -Try to locate where the gunfire sound coming from. It's easy to distinguish between US and INS gunshot bcs US have M4 and INS have AK. Which, when you play as US, you can hear 'AK Gunshot' towards this direction., therefore, observe that area. You will likely see the enemy movement. That's what all i got for you, hope this tips will help you guys also. Cheers, -Videda
  13. Seeing player like you is what most of us Squad players want. About looking for guides about this game, you can ask by creating a thread about specific thing that you want to talk about, or use the forums search function to find what you want. Alternatively, maybe you can go here (Squad Boot Camp) Good luck and welcome to this community, -Videda
  14. What is this post about? Adding females character in the game? Or is it our opinions about when females plays squad? Well, when females plays squad, we treat females no different from males. I once played with a females on my squad, and we're all just fine, no weird attitude from males also. It's probably because many of us is a mature player, not some CoD or Battlefield playerbase kind of 'behaviour' (which you know, 12y/o kids and stuff) . She was a medic, and i can say that she's pretty good at it since she cared much about her teammates, and aware who's needing to be revived. I dont see any different from females or males player on this game. Only good and bad player that i can see