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  1. When are the British coming?

    27-09, date for V10.. Hope so
  2. Alpha 9.9

    I too want to know agree
  3. Official Squad Forum Alert Level

    We're about to have animation update.. So...
  4. SQUAD In-Game Terms List (Glossary)

    Hey, You might wanna add "MSR" term.. It stands for Main Supply Road, i think.. Heard it alot on Karmakut videos
  5. Just a sugestion, if you're looking for well and friendly clan or such, try search squadops.gg . I've joined their community and discord. Gosh they're great!
  6. Heeey.. Anything new lately??
  7. I think all of this issue, could be solved JUST by adding specific crewman kits. Seen in PR, worked well
  8. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Nice work devs!! Just some thought, maybe equipping the actors with some heavy gears-like-weight, would improve the animation realistic feeling much better. Example when you going prone, jump over walls, and so on. Overall still good job!
  9. Asset Rules

    Implementing Crew Kits into the game would help. So that only people with crew kits that allowed to drive APCs
  10. So the commander role, can be taken by one of SL (after voting) , with their members (9 people), and charged to command all of the squads on the team? Doesnt it makes him harder to control both his squad members, and all of the SL's in the team, in terms of strategy? What im seeing about commander role is, they only consist of 3 man (squad) ;while this SL becomes the commander; and could just really focus on the strategy for the team, and not really focusing on his squad member (because it's only 3 member squad) Therefore, commander could be beneficial to the team, in terms of managing strategy. Just my opinion, and sorry for bed england..
  11. I like this idea
  12. I just wanna hear thoughts and opinions from you guys, since squad has already become a great game. Slowly, but steady..