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  1. Thank you, Psyrus. I was not aware of that. Excellent clarification.
  2. [edit: realize now i was wrong, my old monitor had a resolution that was not compatible with the game (1920x1200). Thx Psyrus] Just want to let you all know, i used to have this problem with my old monitor seen in the video linked. I was using a Samsung Syncmaster T240HD 24 inch. Since i bought my new monitor (Alienware 25inch gysnc) with the same excact hardware, the issue has been resolved. So this may be an issue with some monitors. Hope the devs can work on a fix.
  3. This issue has been happening to me for months. My screen is cut off, and the squad menu and map overlap eachother. I cannot lock my squad, nor can i kick anyone out of my squad or promote anyone to squad leader, if i am leading a squad. It is really annoying to not be able to kick trolls or bad players out of my squad. Please fix this asap.
  4. removed post to start new thread; this thread is outdated and the problem is not solved