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  1. Serious V12 Problems

    im not talking about squad as a whole. I am talking about the new update alpha 12. The AK sighting shoots a bit high compared to the sight reticles. I have to compensate by putting my target ABOVE my reticle or ironsight.
  2. Serious V12 Problems

    Sights for AK rifles are a bit off and shoot a bit too high.
  3. Serious V12 Problems

    I strongly disagree with you. As a squad leader, it's absolutely essential to be able to engage the map quickly and exit out. Not centering the map on the player delays this process tremendously and is very bad for flow of the game especially when in battle. As far as the above comments on ammo being fine, I still think there needs to be some change to allow for better flow and a more dynamic aspect to rearming. Maybe allow riflemen ammo bags to resupply on death but keep everything else the same. Or allow rally points to serve as ammo bags with a limited amount of ammo as well (say 50-200 ammo per rally point depending on squad size, etc).
  4. Serious V12 Problems

    Hi, i have been playing squad since March 2016. I have 1500 hours played and I wanted to provide some necessary feedback on the new alpha 12. Vehicle torque is absolutely terrible. Many Vehicles (Logi trucks, MRAPS, armored vics) can no longer go up hills. The new "gearing" system doesn't work and is unrealistic. Instead of fixing the problem with vehicles going up hills, the problem is actually now far, far worse. Please allow us to downshift gears in order to go up hills, and make it so vehicles actually have enough torque to go up hills. Right now it's just pitiful to be holding down shift in first gear and rolling backwards in an MRAP. That would never happen in reality. These vehicles have horsepower and can haul themselves up steep hills. The same with tracked vehicles. Pressing enter to see the deployment map no longer centers the map on your player. The main reason this is an issue is that, previously, i could quickly press enter to open my map, right click on the map to mark enemy targets, or hover my mouse over friendlies to see who that guy is to my east, or who is in that logi truck, etc. Now, i need to spend an extra few seconds figuring out where i am in reference to the map. It may not sound like a big deal, but when in a firefight, those extra few seconds can be very costly. The new way the map works just hinders the flow of the game especially when squad leading. Being able to quickly open the map and mark target locations or communicate to specific players by figuring out who's who is huge. Also referencing key locations in reference to yourself makes it much easier. Please bring back centering the map on the player when pressing enter. New ammo system just doesn't feel right. There should be more dynamic ways to get ammo if you want to keep the current system of not respawning at full ammo. Perhaps allow rally points to also serve as ammo bags which have say, 50-200 ammo depending on squad size. Currently, there are too few methods to resupply. Respawning does not refresh your ammo. So if you are an attack squad in enemy territory, and a vehicle is between you and your objective, and your LATs are out of ammo, there is very little that can be done and the advance is halted almost indefinitely. Refleks Guided Missile doesn't work on T-72. The missile dissapears and doesn't hit it's target if target is less than 500m away. Sights for AK rifles are a bit off and shoot a bit too high. This is true for both the ironsights and optics. I will continue to provide feedback on this thread as i play the new alpha. Thanks
  5. Thank you, Psyrus. I was not aware of that. Excellent clarification.
  6. [edit: realize now i was wrong, my old monitor had a resolution that was not compatible with the game (1920x1200). Thx Psyrus] Just want to let you all know, i used to have this problem with my old monitor seen in the video linked. I was using a Samsung Syncmaster T240HD 24 inch. Since i bought my new monitor (Alienware 25inch gysnc) with the same excact hardware, the issue has been resolved. So this may be an issue with some monitors. Hope the devs can work on a fix.
  7. This issue has been happening to me for months. My screen is cut off, and the squad menu and map overlap eachother. I cannot lock my squad, nor can i kick anyone out of my squad or promote anyone to squad leader, if i am leading a squad. It is really annoying to not be able to kick trolls or bad players out of my squad. Please fix this asap.
  8. removed post to start new thread; this thread is outdated and the problem is not solved