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  1. Edge Normals on the Landscape

    I could be wrong, but I dont think its anything to do with the heightmap res haha anyway good work guys
  2. Edge Normals on the Landscape

    http://imgur.com/4qFEG93 so with this, the edge normals are the culprit for the shadow and light baking issues, it cant be the texture because it tiles over the polygons due to uv's so thats fine. Maybe in a isolated build you could try exporting the terrain mesh as an fbx, softening all the edges and reimporting. Just my two cents, dont want to be a pain, just want to help out :3
  3. Edge Normals on the Landscape

    its the not the texture which is the problem its actually the edge normals here is an example: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/nyHZ--qIDK8/maxresdefault.jpg the polys in the middle have hard edge normals whereas the rest has soft edge normals. Im not really sure what you mean by glowing
  4. Hi, ive just watched the development build from Bluedrake42's channel and ive noticed that you guys have might have hard edges on every edge on the landscape model. If you just softened the edge via maya or 3dsmax then the landscape wont look so blocky and the lightbaking will look 10/10. Shoot me an email if you want to chat about the edge normals. liam.r.crowe@hotmail.com