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  1. [TLR] The Last Rifles

    Hi Gio This is in regards to a matter that occurred on Kamdesh. 2 individuals began team killing at a friendly HAB that had just been built. 1 individual shot and killed our SL (whilst he was in the driver position of the techie) and then you shot and killed other 2 friendlies in the squad i was part of with no reason given. You were then banned on the suspicion of intentional team-killing. If you have a different interpretation of events, feel free to share.
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    TLR in Yehorivka AAS v3
  3. [TLR] The Last Rifles

    TLR IS RECRUITING! The Last Rifles continues to grow and we have a wide range of members. Most are based across Europe but we also have people in North America and Asia. If you're looking for a friendly community who are very active in Squad, come check us out. There are no minimum requirements for joining, other then being 18+, English speaking and willing to play as a team. We take part in regular organised events such as friendly matches against other clans and in competitive tournaments, but there's no expectation to take part if you'd rather stick to casual play. Enjoy Squad and Post Scriptum? Good news, so do we and we'll be running a Post Scriptum server too when the game launches! Our Squad server can be found at: [TLR] - The Last Rifles Gaming [EU/UK] Our Discord Can be found at: https://discord.gg/9rnY4qM Our Forum can be a found at: https://forums.tlrgaming.com/
  4. K/D RATIO

    Not enough information from the opening post to make a conclusion. On face value, you could say that he broke even and cost the enemy 1 ticket for each time he died himself. But what was he doing during the round? Some of those kills might have been enemies on a cap point, preventing a flag from being lost and therefore changing the outcome of the game. Some of the kills might have been a SL and his medics before they could put down a FOB/fresh rally, again potentially changing the outcome of the game. The nature of the kills he was getting may have outweighed his own ticket cost in deaths. Every time you kill someone in a round could have an impact on the outcome, depending on what that individual was about to do. So many variables. You'd need to see gameplay of him for the whole round to make a accurate conclusion as to how much he impacted the result (and therefore assess his level of 'usefulness'. On a personal level, i do use my KD ratio per game to measure my 'proficiency at killing', but i also know i was playing objectives and to my SL's orders (though you only have my word on that).
  5. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    I'm still playing V9 squad, but not as much as i was. Agree with some of the other comments regarding playerbase issues. More frequently then ever i seem to be in games where a lot of people just don't know the basics of how flag caps work. I know to a degree that this knowledge should be reinforced by the SL's, but even some of them don't know how it works. Personally, i'd like to see some more visual aids on the map reminding players of which flags need to be defended and which can be capped. Too often there are whole squads attacking flags that can't be capped whilst defence flags are left empty. I know the whole point is to have SQUADS working together and coordinating, but that often isn't the case at the moment and a lot of people (either intentionally or through not understanding the basics) do not play the active objectives.
  6. [Solved] High latency constantly.

    I've also been experiencing this on some EU servers but not others...
  7. Super sampling: 1.5x (i turn it down to 1.25 on some heavier maps) Effects: High View distance: EpicShadows: MediumFoliage: High
  8. Yep. I'm now pretty happy with performance and visual quality with my I5 2500k, 980ti and 1440p screen (about 60-90 FPS on average). Means i can hold off on a new system build whilst the game is further developed/optimised and also allows more time for the new range of CPU's to hit the market.
  9. Update after 9.9 I5 2500K @ 4.2 16 GB RAM @ 1660 mhz 980ti 1440p monitor Runs extremely well following the recent update. On most maps i seem to average around 60-90 FPS on full servers across various maps (drops if i'm sat in the middle of lots of smoke) Super sampling: 1.5x (i turn it down to 1.25 on building heavy maps) Effects: High View distance: Epic Shadows: Medium Foliage: High
  10. August 2017 Recap

    I've seen developers (i believe) saying that they want it fixed too and it's a cheap tactic, and i recall one post saying it'll be addressed by the new animation system. So it's looking good! From the animation we've seen, it looks like the player model takes one hand off the weapon to support him as he lays down, so hopefully that means you'll be brought out of ADS
  11. August 2017 Recap

    Has it been confirmed that this will fix the drop-shot issue? At the moment you can remain aiming down sights whilst you go prone, allowing people to drop and fire accurately at the same time. I hope the new animation to go prone will prevent you from firing with a short delay
  12. I'm OK with performance for now and upgrading my 760 to a 980ti has provided a decent enough boost so i'm holding off on a new build/upgrade. It wouldn't have been exclusively for squad if i did upgrade. I'm aware that people with much superior systems are reporting similar performance (sometimes worse sometimes better) so i agree it's hard to gauge what's worthwhile when the game is not yet optimised or close to launch.
  13. That was my rough average but of course it varies on map to map and i haven't really been tracking it in much detail. I'd say most the times i'm in combat it's around 45-50, then around 50-75 when out in the wilds or being driven to a point. Either way, perfectly playable for components that are mostly 6/7 years old. Only the GPU and some additional ram are the changes i made to improve squad performance, and i'm surprised i get the FPS i do when combined with the ingame settings.
  14. Thanks, though recently i'm having some more stability woes and having difficulties finding the source. I'm tempted to bite the bullet and do the new build sooner rather then later and i'm happy to buy something like the I7 7700k which will still be capable for years to come i imagine. I'm well aware that the majority of my components (except for the GFX) are nearly 7 years old, so they've exceeded my original expectations. Only downside of course is that it will be on a Z270 board which won't handle the new CPU's, so a future CPU will require a new MB. I doubt i would look to upgrade again though for a few years if i go down the 7700k route.