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  1. Just for your info, i have a I5 2500K still and i've only got it running at 4.2 ghz. I've recently added a 1440p monitor and upgraded the GPU from a 760 to a 980ti. This has given me considerable improvements in graphics and FPS and i'm happy running the game at about 50-60 average FPS with high/ultra settings and super sampling at 1.25 (considering it's a old CPU). I was considering a new build but the game is now perfectly playable so i'll just see what happens with optimisation.
  2. The upgrade seemed to be the right call for now. A used 980ti has drastically improved the look of the game (and FPS) along with a fresh reinstall of windows. My ageing I5-2500K is now on a modest overclock of 4.2ghz, with 16gb of ram and the 980ti. Put through a new 1440p monitor with mostly high/ultra settings and sampling at 1.25, i'm averaging 60fps which is fine with me for a old system.
  3. Picked up a used but excellent condition 980ti on ebay and i have replaced my old monitor with a 1440p screen. The 980ti will tide me over for a while and will eventually put it in a new build in 6 months or so.
  4. Interesting thought. I didn't have a 9 series card on my radar to be honest, was initially just looking at a 1060/1070 but it seemed like it would be bottlenecked by my ageing CPU.
  5. FPS 40-50 i5 2500k @ 4.3ghz 760 GTX 2GB 16 GB DD3 1920X1080 Settings are high view distance, medium foilage, high effects and low/off for most other things Ok for a system 6 years old.
  6. I'm still managing to get 40-50 FPS during games so that will be OK for now. I'll hold off a upgrade or replacement for a few months and see how prices change for certain graphic cards and how optimization of the game goes. Thanks for the advice all
  7. Thanks for the input dude, I'm currently gaming on a 26" at 1920x1080. So nothing fancy there. I do see the attraction in a new monitor but i think i can live with what i have for now. Further research online seems to suggest that the I5 2500K (when overclocked) is still a decent workhorse and there are many who have combined it with a 1060 or 1070 with good results. i'd probably be more inclined to look at a GPU upgrade to tide things over for another 2 years or so before a fresh start. Could even look at a 1070 to use as the basis for a future build.
  8. Hi all Been reading through the hardware section and i'm currently in two minds as to whether upgrade part of my current system or look at a new build entirely in the near future. What i have is about 6 years old now and suits my needs still as i haven't done much PC gaming since Battlefield 4, but i'm thinking the graphics card is causing me some issues with Squad (and likely any other new games). Off the top of my head, most settings are on high but things like shadows and foilage are set to medium, view distance high, bloom etc are off and i can't touch super sampling without massive FPS hits. I observe about 50-70 FPS in the firing range but i think around 30-50 in multiplayer. Would there be value in just upgrading the graphics card to something like a Nvidia 1060, or would i be pairing a graphics card with a CPU that is just getting too old to keep up? I guess i could always try a Nvidia 1060 6GB Graphics card and if it doesn't make a difference, put it into a new build. I5 2500K OC @ 4.3ghz Gigabyte P67A-UD4 Motherboard 16GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM Nvidia 2GB 760 GTX 120 SSD Windows 7 Only playing in 1080p atm My idea for a new build is something along the lines of the below, which i'm pricing around the £1100 region. Intel 7600k CPU with OC 16 GB Ram Nvidia 1060 6GB Graphics Any input appreciated
  9. Cheers guys! Definetely have a mic. Forgot to add, am UK based.
  10. Hey everyone Just a quick hello, i'm UK based and been following progress of Squad for a while and i decided to finally purchase it. Been playing FPS games for many years solo, squad based or competitive clan vs clan and i love the look of Squad and the teamwork element. Done a bit of the firing range but need more practice before jumping in and trying to find a squad leader who is happy to have a new guy on their team!