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  1. Submit Your Battlecam!

    I didn't want to just upload all my videos straight up so I decided on a couple moments. I made a clip of one from one of Squad Ops' 1-Life events: I have a second clip from an event that's cool, but it goes even better when spliced in with another one of our guys' (thanks Doctor Kamikaze!) videos he took of it but via admin cam with our Discord chat open as everyone was dead except the last couple people. I would do a picture-in-picture but I don't have the source file for both videos unfortunately. My perspective: And the perspective from admin cam + Discord chat (I set the start time of this one to be roughly the same time the first one starts): The second clip is by far the craziest adrenaline rush I've had especially given that it was the end of a 1 hour-long 1-life event. Last one is just a really far shot I hit on Kohat!