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  1. Your distances are off for rally mechanics in PR. It is two large grid square from a fob or APC, so depending on the map it can be 150m(1km), 300m(2km), 600m(4km). The added distance makes it really useful to extend the operating range from a fob, but still keep the requirement of fobs as a key piece in the spawn and reinforcement system of the game. I would also reduce the overrun radius as 125m in PR is a lot larger than it is in squad, and 125m overrun in squad will have every rally instantly overrun. Keep the rallies for your regroups(60seconds) or permanent spawns that are extensions of your team's foundation. You're going to have to explain your re-addition of instadeath and what exactly you took from PR.
  2. server order list - filters??

    I would just like a server browser that consistently showed all of the servers, not some appearing and not appearing the next refresh or not being able to find the server my friend is on. The search function to work cleaner and act as a filter of the already searched, not requiring a brand new query of servers. Favourites that stay when selected as favourites and don't randomly unselect themselves. Without being too negative the server browser is still very frustrating to use and usually has servers missing and drastic different results per search.
  3. Hate the buddy rallies, but unsure of the proper implementation of dead-dead, and honestly I kinda like the current system of reviving and healing. Want your kills? Go in and clear the position out, don't just sit back and shoot all day as they fall back behind a ridge to heal and revive. The two main different areas/topics of dead-dead that I see are 1)type of weapon/shot placement and 2)time after revive. I think these should be looked at separately. 1)Head shots, headshots, headshots...No I don't want them to be dead-deads, they are completely random at some points and can be the most annoying/****y kills. Behind a wall that you can't see over, or even close to seeing over? Too bad the enemy can see half your head and you have no way of knowing that. CQB spray? Whelp better hope they hit your chest before accidentally hitting you in the head to dead-dead you. The only time I'd say headshots should dead-dead is from .50cal and up, PR style. As for explosives, and all the people saying I just hit a 125mm HE-FRAG round right beside them, they should be in a million pieces. Its a game and if you need your kill so bad then camp it or completely clear the area. Wounds and knocking someone down already hurts the enemy team and gives you a massive advantage, use it. 2) Dead-dead after revives. I'm not a fan of the arbitrary time restriction after a revive that if I get shot 58 seconds after it I'm dead-dead, but if I get shot 61 seconds after it I'm good to go, and ready to be revived. I think a better system, that also gives players the option of how much risk they want to take is, to make it so you will become dead-dead if killed after a revive before you are brought back to full health(or possibly a lower number like 75% or 90%). No medics and just running a squad of patch revives? Too bad you've only got one chance if you can't heal them after a revive. Got a bunch of guys down and enemy still in the area? Make the choice of risking dead-deads but having more guns and bodies alive by reviving and not healing, or revive and heal slowly one at a time at the risk of not having the manpower to hold out.
  4. Instead of squad having this imaginary blue circle that transports ammo through the air to whereever its needed inside that circle, there would be physical ammo crates dropped from vehicles that anyone could get kits or rearm off of(teamlocked). To rearm emplacements you would need a rifleman to bring ammo from the crate to the emplacement, through the use of an ammo bag. The same as PR. I've always disliked the imaginary teleportation of ammo, and the fact I can't make a quick ammo dump without a radio. Why can't my M-ATV or apc drop a quick cache of ammo for my engineer to use and lay mines? Why do I have to stay there the entire time. Emplacements can come with ammo when built, and from there more can be loaded up. Possibly even making it so that emplacements auto draw ammo from crates within a close proximity to reduce the amount of microing.
  5. Rally point that contains ammunition

    Theres this amazing thing called rifleman that have 100 ammo in a bag in addition to all their own ammo and kit. Maybe if there average squad stopped consisting of every special kit known to man, they would be able to operate independently and free for more than 10 minutes. And its part of the game: Stay near your teams logistics lines and be mostly set for ammo, or push off the line and risk being cut off and dry. Its really not that hard.
  6. Just keep it super simple stuff if it's at all possible by someone like bots walking/driving at all ranges on a firing range for targets, bots that you can shoot/get shot for medical purposes and super simple stuff like that. Anything else you can learn on the fly once you know how to shoot move and heal.
  7. Solid point there, without making too many custom distances for certain objects/actions it would be good to have the drop off radius for supplies smaller, but the useability and building radius larger. Right now it just feels like you're very confined with your building and the 400m distance between radios means they can't support eachother.
  8. Coming from the pr world, and not having a huge amount of experience with squad asset building. I would say 200m between fobs and 200m build radius around fobs. If you can't build replacements at a point, you should be able to deploy a new radio and put some down. This would allow fobs to support each other with 1 in a flag and 1 on overwatch/backup. Instead of now where you can really only have 1 fob in support of a flag. You could keep the ban and maybe mortars within 50m of the radio, but the rest should be able to spread out.