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  1. [ USA ] Firestorm Server

    Also hertz upon reading your post again I would like to stress that I was not hiding so I couldn't "see main" lol that's just ridiculous people try to exploit that and If that was the case I should have been kicked right away.... I strongly disagree with camping mains I hate it that's why this kick upset me...... My situation I wasn't near the main I was closer to the second cappable point nilrem village just wanted to clarify that further.... as for digging up the ied I placed right before I saw the chat yes I should have dug it up understand that now just didn't wanna die lol as I said I could have got shot by enemies in nilrem village because I was close to it anyways no biggie thanks again though I appreciate the response see ya on server soon!
  2. [ USA ] Firestorm Server

    Thank you xXhertzXx for the professional response you represent your server very well nice to see. My whole reason in bringing this up was so that maybe y'all could discuss this is issue especially on the op first light map as its configured a lil differently then most with village cap and us main. Maybe y'all could indentify a grid square as the kick square on that road from main to nilrem village as kind of a defined uniform border for kicks of this nature just an idea might not be practical I dunno. I'll give yalls server a try again sometime soon and thanks again for your professional response it makes me want to visit yalls server again! Thanks and happy holidays
  3. [ USA ] Firestorm Server

    I was in this server earlier today placed a mine as scout behind nikem village (I could see the village not main, closer to village than main us base) on map op first light as I had observed a logi making several runs down the road then dip into woods behind nikem village. I watched a us vehicle blow up on my mine then ran out to place a ied even closer to nikem village on the road as I did the text chat lit up saying we were putting mines at main which was completely false then one said that if I placed any explosives near that road I would be kicked I then just resigned myself to not blowing my ied and walked away as I did I was kicked from the server.... I'm not here to throw a fit or whine just askin for the server admins to clarify their rules on this as is stated above it says "don't place a mine when you can see main base" I couldn't see the enemy main they had multiple routes to take to avoid where my explosives were I could see the second cap point not main! Could have been easily shot from nikem village as I placed explosives. I tried hopping on firestorm discord link above right afterwards to talk to Admin about this but link above opened discord but not firestorms. Like I said it is what it is but I would like rule clarified and to be enforced as it should be. I have over 500 hours on squad and this is the first time I have ever been kicked from any server and feel that the admin (not sure who it was think name started with a K) that did kick me acted unfairly and didn't give me a chance to right any wrong I did or to reply and have a cordial discussion. Also they should use the admin discord banner chat not the regular all chat for teams as this isn't always watched by people in server. Anyway that was my experience I'm here to help not be a ***. Any questions let me know thank you had a good time on this server till this happened thanks.
  4. Server list

    So I have been playin for a few weeks no problems then today I get on for a full day of fun and there's like 4 servers on the list in Europe Russia and Australia.... And that's it.... Looked online all the servers I usually play are online it says.... Now here's the weird thing every time I refresh it or go to the custom servers tabs i get different servers and more or less of them.... The majority all being overseas servers think I got one us one the whole time I messed with it.... Sometimes I'll have 10 servers on list and then refresh and I'll get 5 then do it again I'll get 2 then again I'll get 14???? I mean what the hell and they are almost all over seas servers that I can't even play because of language barrier and/or ping getting really frustrated tried a few troubleshooting tips I found but nothing is working just did a complete reinstall.... At first I thought it may be and update or something but I find nothing about that and the sites say the servers are online and have people in them..... And advice would be appreciated it's driving me nuts need my squad fix....forgive me if this has been posted seems server list is an on going issue but my problem seems different than what the issue is most of the time or at least what I can find.......