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  1. Fatal Gaming - Seeking Veteran Players

    Still searching for Veteran players to assist in kicking off our new Squad division.
  2. Hey Squader's Fatal Gaming is seeking veteran, skilled players to help develop our Squad game division. We are also looking for one special person to Lead this game division. Come introduce yourself, if you have that leadership ability or just want a place to call home. Overview: Fatal Gaming is a multi-gaming community, with support for PC, PS4, and Mobile gaming. We have decided to branch into this intense, realistic, and challenging game called, Squad. If you are interested in the support of this endeavor, then please visit our website and discord server. If we can grow this branch of our community, we have plans to run our own game servers, which opens opportunity for new staff positions. That could be you! Fatal Gaming Website Discord Server Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield! Stay Accurate, Correktd