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  1. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    And here's our newest update. (please pardon the wonky formatting) G E T H Y P E
  2. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Hey all. We've been working on constructing a dedicated website for showing off our work, but because the actual modding is our priority, the site isn't really done yet. But I'll share it here anyway, because our newest updates are on it. Once we get the site working, I'll still pop in here to respond to questions and comments, and share more content. WIP #6
  3. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Hey all. More English updates coming soon. Yes, this is correct. I'm unable to pinpoint where we got the Sept. 1st date from, but now the word on the street is end of September. We've discussed OPFOR but haven't made any conclusions. I don't have any media to show. We'll likely ship initial releases with vanilla INS units, probably modified in some way to make the gameplay and theater believable, and we might play with the loadouts (give them more G3s, fewer AKs, etc). I myself would like new OPFOR units based on real-life factions, but don't take my wishes as promises.
  4. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

  5. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Hey friends, I've been away for a while, but here are some more updates. Just as a reminder, you may find more frequent updates here (in French).
  6. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Thanks all, I appreciated the plastic joke.
  7. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    As I was composing this thread, I was informed of another WIP update from our French overlords. Here's our WIP #3:
  8. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    I'd like to formally introduce the forums to the SquadFrance.fr mod project: OPEX SERVAL. An official website will be coming soon, but in the mean time you can check up on old updates here. Our mod is built after real life Opération Serval. We plan to introduce operators from the French Foreign Legion, arming them with French small arms in addition to French armored vehicles and helicopters. This content will all be playable on a map based in Mali. I'm Involutory, an American working on the team, and I'd like to share a recent WIP update: