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  1. Ammo Placement

    I hope, and fully expect, the devs will implement this right and not allow a ammo carrier to endlessly resupply his squad aka BF
  2. Classes you will never see

    A spy class. A Pres Trump class. Water filtration unit class.
  3. When are the British coming?

    When Paul Revere says so dammit!!!!
  4. AdminChangeMap

    While I've never had this happen to me in Squad, I obviously cannot say whether it's common for other players or not. I mainly play on the QFF servers (there's 2 of them), and they almost always have an admin online (whether actually in-game or in Discord ready to jump on to support) and none of them would ever do this...I've never even seen them do this win 1 team is steamrolling. The only time I've seen a premature map change was when the new map was a large map built for like 60-70+ players, and there was only like 20 people on. They change the map to something smaller at the very beginning in order to not kill the server. Like other have said, I would speak either directly to the owners/admins of that server or possibly just play on a different server. Come to QFF if you wish, always welcome!
  5. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    Hey man, I value your opinion and there's no need to be so hostile. It is just my opinion, hence why I started my sentence with "I too believe..." You think one thing, I think another. The world will keep spinning and Squad will go on. It's ok buddy, it'll be ok...I promise @Peerun, it's ok to have different opinions. Anyway, I'm dropping this - it turns ugly way too fast for me. I hope all is well, and hop to see all of you on the servers of Squad for a long time!
  6. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    It's funny to me how "up-in-arms" everyone gets about these subjects, but tis the nature of gaming forums these days...maybe it was always this way lol. At times it seems to go past the line imo, but I guess it shows the passion in the Squad community - which is a good thing I think. I too believe there should be something in game that alerts you that, for example, you can't actually shoot out a window you're looking out even though it seems perfectly suitable for shooting out. Whether that's an opaque icon or an in-game action that happens (my preferred choice), knowing that you're about to hit the window sill. I too find it ironic how angry people get about things that make the game less-realistic, yet completely accept other elements that are so blatantly unrealistic it's almost laughable. In the end, it's just a game. I love this game, I play it every freakin night now lol. I think it's a great middle ground from games like Arma 3 (which I played for years in a realism unit) and games like RS2:V imo. That being said, I don't think it's wrong for the OP to post his thoughts about the game, he seems to love the game and it's just his opinion, obviously the devs will do whatever they want to do in the end. I also don't think it's wrong to bring up other aspects of the game that do not denote "realism" either, as those are examples of what can be done here as well. IE: at some point, the devs wanted to show medics that they were "healing" an injured teammate. They came up with the large on-screen icon that turns from red to green as the player is healed. This is not realistic (I know I know @Peerun, you hate this comparison, but it's just my opinion), but it is useful to both players and is now just accepted as part of the game. Whatever the devs decide for this would be the same. No one is going to quit Squad bc there's now an on-screen opaque icon that shows you your gun is hitting a wall, if they do decide to use that tact. Again, I do not prefer that to be the solution, I just would accept whatever the devs decide bc I love this game, and something as small as that won't ruin the game for me. Anyway, just my thoughts - thanks
  7. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    I was about to say, as someone who's only been on the forums the last month really, all of Zylfrax's post are dumping on things lol - he's an angry soul I guess, he definitely looks intimidating in the pic
  8. Blocking bridges...

    Yea, the OP mentioned that and as you say it has been stated by the devs already, however I believe he's saying even that is an "exploit" since it'll put players exposed since they'll be out there digging...anyway, just his thoughts, not mine really.
  9. Blocking bridges...

    Well, I believe those types of rules would be server-by-server tbh. I see what you're saying, and I've never done it or really even thought about it, but it's not really "cheating" or "exploiting" since they are not altering the game to do it. Now, that's just my opinion, so I'm not saying you're wrong. I saw this come up recently watching this past weekend's NAS match on Al-Basrah, and even both admins said it's a usable tactic that is allowed. I believe they even said if you don't want the other team to block your bridges, then don't let them get there...i understand both points to be honest, but still believe that intentional bridge blocking might be hard to prove and should be handled server-by-server. Good thread though - I'm interested in what others say
  10. Low FPS

    Game is still in Alpha/Early Development atm...but if you're dead set on getting rid of it, if you've only played < 2 hours, Steam offers a refund I believe
  11. New Rig Incoming

    Well, with a $600-$1000 budget, I'm not sure how you'll get desktop #2, and I 100% agree with Zylfrax791 point. I hate laptops for hardware-intensive games like Squad, mainly due to the heat issues and the upgrade-ability options you don't have. Out of those options, I'd go desktop #2 if you have the money, and desktop #1 if you don't.
  12. Imo upgrading your PC just for Squad right now is not a good investment. You could spend $2,000 USD on a PC, and still get 50-60ish FPS. Until the game is fully optimized, I would suggest just wait to buy your parts since likely they could be cheaper or new versions of them come out before the game is complete. That's just my $0.02
  13. Very interesting topic. Yea, you hardly ever have a time where the SL doesn't want 2 LATs - obviously depending on the map and faction you're playing against. One thing that I believe is already confirmed and is in the works that will increase the number of people using the ARs is a gun deployment feature. Once you have that, the AR imo will become all the more important to a squad