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  1. West Coast Servers Delema

    Is West Coast Tactical not around anymore?
  2. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    Keep in mind: it can take a lot of research to fully investigate these types of complaints, and it'a often a he-said/she-said type argument. There are plenty of times where the disgruntled player that was kicked from a server files a complaint, however the server admin was within their full rights to do so based on server rules - which can vary from server-to-server. Not saying this is your case, just that it's a possibility.
  3. Voice Chat mute button not working?

    Strange, I've never had that issue that I can remember, but I do not often mute people. Does it happen to be after a map change or once you leave/join a new squad when you can suddenly hear them again? Can you only hear them in local chat but not in your squad chat or vice versa?
  4. What happend to ticket bleed

    Nice - I mean if it works, it works, albeit a little boring for a squad-tactic-based game like Squad. But I'll never poo-poo an effective strategy if it's effective, that's the point of the game. However, imo, the flags should be worth more than an initial 20 ticket boost - makes holding 4 outta 5 flags worth it - but I'm not on the dev team and I still love Squad either way lol
  5. People who played v12 !?

    I too have had some game-breaking bugs in v12 on my setup (I run v11 fairly smoothly at or above 60 FPS on moderate-to-high settings), but v12 is a pre-release to a game in Early Access...you're bound to have issues in a pre-pre-release lol. I will say that v12's UI and character changes do make the game look slightly more arcade-y, but maybe that's just me or possibly what they were going for in the end. But yes, having "full texture load" turned on completely killed the game for me in v12 - console wouldn't open, textures were in complete Minecraft mode even though everything was on High, loading into a vehicle kept me locked into the spot where I initially loaded into the APC and I couldn't get out or see anything (had to force respawn or since the console wouldn't open, change teams lol). My suggestion: just go back to v11 for now and wait for v12 to officially drop. New releases usually bring some performance-based tweaks, but we all know that the Unreal Engine can have some interesting performance issues on certain hardware
  6. What happend to ticket bleed

    Although, I do agree it's weird to hold all but one base and still lose. What is the purpose of the flags if they do not mean anything? I guess you get 20 tickets for capping neutral flags and 20 for capping enemy-held flags, but if the opposing team just sets up a super FOB on their first flag and just plays defense they can still win. In a way, I kinda like it - sometimes real-life battles can go that way - but it is strange in Squad I feel for the team with 1 flag all game to win. GG on them lol
  7. M4 burst mode

    The M4A1 which the Army upgraded to some years ago uses a semi and full-auto system (upgraded from the M4's 3-round burst), however in my time I never saw anyone use full-auto in any meaningful way. Only in an ambush or something would I ever imagine you'd open up. You either shot in semi controlled pairs or in short manually-controlled bursts in full-auto mode. While the upgraded heavier barrel on the new M4A1's do allow much more frequent rapid fire, but save the the full-auto for the SAW gunner or the m240's in a suppression fire role =]
  8. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Yea, Squad locking can be an issue, although there are times/reasons to do it...armor section, mortar team, etc...the pro-clans steamrolling is definitely an issue too imo. If it's not a scrim, they should spread out to keep the game fair. No one likes getting rolled over 3 maps in a row, and can even lead to server numbers dropping. Most decent servers with active admins do this though, they dont want it either from what I've seen/been apart of.
  9. Welcome Grunt, Squad is a great game - just make sure you have a mic and use that teamwork and you'll do fine. Discord is most definitely the best way to hook up with people and to join squads
  10. IF

    So really, the topic should've been titled: all things being equal, which game engine do you prefer - Frostbite or UE4? Hard to say to be honest, bc all games I see on Frostbite are your standard run-of-the-mill AAA shooters (excluding games like FIFA which is on the Frostbite engine now too)...I love Squad as is now, but understand the UE4 hatred out there
  11. I might be wrong, but won't the addition of modding to Squad make this all a moot point or have the Squad Devs said that mods won't be able to alter character appearance? While I like the idea, I am on the side of "this doesn't matter enough to me and would rather the devs spend time on other improvements". I don't really think that the characters should be SO different looking that you know which class they are (obviously the guy carrying the LAW is the LAT class and the guy with the AR is the AR class), but you aren't always trying to advertise who the SL is to your enemy lol..no?
  12. Any ETA on V10?

    I for one don't really stress over it, I love Squad now already and have fun playing the game lol...it'll come out when it's ready - don't worry people
  13. Ammo Placement

    I hope, and fully expect, the devs will implement this right and not allow a ammo carrier to endlessly resupply his squad aka BF
  14. Classes you will never see

    A spy class. A Pres Trump class. Water filtration unit class.