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  1. The Wrench, July 2018

    No offense, but how is Canada going to be any different in-game than USA? Just new skins basically, right?
  2. Increase penetrative damage for explosive weapons

    Shrapnel is a must in any realistic game. That is just how explosives work. Not adding them to a game is comparable to not adding bullet penetration. As for the explosives on buildings, I think Red Orchestra Darkest Hour handled this situation well. There was no destruction there either, but rockets did penetrate walls and created a cone shaped area of effect on the other side of the wall simulating fragments and force. The rocket artillery is the worst. Me and my brother have tried so hard to use it. One time we spent the whole round firing rockets at "Fortification" in Mestia. The enemy had a HAB there. We were very close to Millitia main, just far enough to fire. By the end of the round we had 2 kills and 7 enemies downed. I saw the rockets land 2-4 meters beside infantry and they kept running. Rocket arty is useless at this point, it takes at least 3 well co ordinated people if you want to fire indirectly. There is no way to tell how high you are aiming and even if you hit the target the explosive force of the rockets is just meh.
  3. If modders keep working at this pace we will soon see a Chinese faction imo. I really hope devs and modders find a way to efficently work together to make mods easy to access or even be featured in the base game.
  4. Mine version is not overpowered if you read everything I wrote there. It requires an FOB to be close, costs construction points, can be spotted from afar and can be destroyed from afar. Meanwhile your version would allow the big bangs to happen anywhere if I understood it correctly. Also if it is a version of the IED I think yours would end up looking smaller in size, therefore harder to spot than a fuel barrel.
  5. The thing is, I really don't care ifs specifically mine is worthwhile, though I tried to make it worthwhile. I just want a to see a new irregular faction in the game that does NOT use AKs, this is all I want. I don't care who makes that faction or what guns they end up using as long as those are not AK variants. I just wanted to start the conversation and decided to provide a decently formulated example of what I am thinking of. The problem with such a faction is that it would take minimum 1 year to implement, realistically 2 years. The Brits have been in the making for at least a year now. I tried to come up with something that can be implemented within months.
  6. I would rather have something like this in game officially, even if it is not exactly this version of the idea. We already have many mods and almost no servers running them.
  7. As I said large IED would be a very defensive, ambush type item that can be built only nearby FOBs. It would have a 20m blast radius destroying every kind of vehicle (currently in the game) in the first 10m. It can not be hidden compared to other IEDs due to it's size and could be deactivated by few shots if spotted from afar. What I also meant but did not mention that this should be a Insurgent only weapon to make the teams more asymmetrical.
  8. Meanwhile the only reason I stopped playing Project Reality is because it has the most horrible gunplay ever. It was straight up disgusting to shoot guns there, and note that back then PR was my only option if I wanted a game like this, because I had a bad PC. I was playing PR from 0.8 something version. Suppression in Project Reality was also one of the worst versions of it I saw in a game. Random bullet spread, please........ I love that PR had so much more content, but that is the game's only upside towards Squad at this point and that can be fixed over time. You just have nostalgia goggles imo.
  9. Project Reality (father of Squad) has the Bundeswehr in it just as you say, we even had dual sights on most guns, iron sight+acog if I remember correctly. While I love the idea and would love to see them in game, with this tempo it would take minimally 1 year from now, in best case. Here I tried to make up a faction that can be implemented within the next few months even before the Brits. This new faction of mine needs only about a handful of new assets: New skin for US soldiers, just a new camo pattern New skins for some vehicles AC556, MP5, (maybe that M60 if it is included) weapon+animations New skin for G3 to make it look like FAL And the completely new C4
  10. I would not have any problems with that either, and I am pretty sure some modders will make a layer like that sooner or later. I honestly believe that a game like this does not need to be authentic in every way to be enjoyable. At the end of the day the point of this game is teamwork and firefight, and who cares if I am shooting at a guy who has M4 with a L86. Though I think you will agree with me on this, the more variety we have the better it is, and this faction I suggested mostly uses models that are already in the game, except for few new items and weapons.
  11. The game will need more nameless factions like "Insurgents" and "Irregular Militia" but it would be a shame to see one more faction that is based all around the AK variants and other Eastern weapons. I would really like to see for example USA and the upcoming Brits fight against a faction that is similar to them, like we have Russia vs Militia maps now. The whole idea is to have one more irregular faction so we can pit them against any other faction. My idea is to base this faction around weapons that are, so to say, PMC-ish (not the right way to describe them though, but you will get what I mean) like the Mini-14 or AC-556. When I write more than one weapon per role ↓below↓ I don't mean that classes should have a selection of all. They are just suggestions that fit the scheme/game. Rifleman, 4x optic Rifleman, Medic, SL: AC-556, variants of ironsight, holographic, 4x scope, foregrip DMR: could be an M14 variant or PSG, G3 or FAL. Grenadier: M16M203 variant, current M4M203 or AK GP-25 to save some resources or maybe a SIG556 with M203 if we really want something new. AT: Both LAW and RPG with 4 rockets available, same way currently Russia works. Rifle could be M4 or AC-556 Automatic Rifleman: FAL with bipod, has less ammo than RPK (30 instead of 50) but larger caliber. Scoped Automatic Rifleman: An RPK or M249 to save resources, or a 5.56mm variant of the HK21 with 50 drum mag. Galil with drum mag could work as well. I would not give a FAL with bipod for this kit, not even with 20rnd mag, because that would be a DMR with bipod basically. Medium Machine Gun: Classic M60 or PKM to save resources. Scout/Raider/Flanker (this is just one class was not sure about the name): Has 2 smokes, 1 grenade, 1 C4 (different than IED see ↓below↓) and a MP5 as an armament. Binoculars included as well. No AT mine at all. C4 would work differently compared to IED to make it more balanced and unique. It would have a little bit smaller blast radius, but players could throw them (as C4 is safe to throw anyways) to some short distance instead of placing them. Upon death they could NOT BE DETONATED anymore ( in case of a phone detonator the phone number can be shared, not in this case). Vehicles: Stryker as light APC 30mm MTLB in few cases MRAP and US Trucks as transport, *no CROWS system available for them at all US supply truck: and supply techie maybe Motorbikes, with a better look than current Insurgent versions *No technicals and no BRDM either, this faction would not have a scout vehicle, instead they would get 2 extra MRAPs on maps where there should be a recon. They would rely more on MRAPS for transport than on trucks. Remember these would all be open top. With extra vehicles and motorbikes this would be a very mobile faction and it would make them a bit unique. If this is seen as bad idea it can be thrown out and just give them CROWS as usual. Buildings would look mostly the same as US and Russian buildings, HESCO based. Emplacements: M2 and M2 bunker, Russian Mortar, SPG-9 (no TOW later) If I missed anything please try to help me build up this faction. I think you all much rather would see this than one more group of AK warriors.
  12. Good idea as well. I would not mind if there were separate scout and bomber/engineer classes. How I use the scout currently is one of these 3 ways. 1st, I get a bike and pick up one more scout then do AT mining runs until both of us place all 3 mines. 2nd, I separate from the squad and play very passively, I give info and watch flanks, sometimes go for IED vehicle kills, in these cases I use my weapon only when I am spotted at close range, and I sometimes place my IED at a nice place and watch it with my binocs from afar. 3rd I stick with my squad, give info and help spotting, in these cases I don't often get to use the IED. It happened a dozen times that I managed to sneak up on a whole squad or multiple vehicles (one time 2 killed out of 4) and deal some pretty nasty damage with the IED and frags. What I would really like to see is a bolt action rifle (scopeless Lee Einfield, Nagant) instead of the SKS at least for one of the 2 irregular teams, I would rather have a gun that is reliable on at least long range than something that is realiable only on 40-100m range.
  13. Half of the game experience in Squad depends on your actual squad, you can't judge the game because you had one salty boi squad leader who can't handle getting teamkilled. Sure, the game does have UI glitches and many other kinds of glitches, but really, today even some full release game are more bug ridden *cough* Siege *cough* . I just hope you give this game one more chance one day, maybe if it enters Beta.
  14. Opinion on vaulting

    Solution could be to make the "higher than shoulder" vaults much longer. Also to reduce max climbing height by about 15cm (0.5ft) to kind of force players to use a buddy for boosting in these situations.
  15. M4 Acog

    We need to be able to swap Red Dot for iron sights at least. At the moment Red Dot is a downgrade as it covers more of your screen and the dot itself is huge even on my 1440p 27" display. At the moment I prefer iron sights over red dot.