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  1. Squad is currently my favorite FPS game, I have never played such an addictive and epic game game as Squad in my 19 years of gaming. But there are two features that I think would improve the game tremendously. First a reload system rework. You press R once for a reload. You keep the used magazine with the ammo still in it. You press R twice, it would be a speed reload, you loose the magazine and ammo, the reload itself would be louder (magazine falls to the ground) so easier to hear for other players. Advantage would be the faster reload, disadvantage would be the louder sound that it makes and losing the magazine. You press and hold R and a selection wheel would come up, and you could select which used magazine you want to load into your gun, so for example you plan on to go into a building and switch to full auto you can load in a fresh magazine, if you have good cover and firing at a longer range, you can decide to load and use a previously used magazine. Reloading and speed reloading would always load a fresh mag, or if you don't have any, then the next in line (just like now). If you resupply at a vehicle, only your existing magazines would be reloaded. You would not get back the dropped magazines. Resupplying at an ammo crate would give you the dropped magazines back, and reload all the magazines. Oh and I noticed that you need an approve from the SL to resupply at a vehicle. I don't know if it is intentional or not. It doesn't make sense to me, since when you play with randoms, someone may say that he only wants to resupply, then you approve, and then he wastes the vehicle. Making possible to resupply without an approve would prevent those situations, and also situations when I have to explain that I don't want the vehicle, I only want the ammo it has Second feature that I would like to see is that players could use your bandages to patch you up (any role not just medic, however the medic could do if faster, like now in v11.1). The time it takes to patch up a player with his bandage could be longer than patching yourself up, since you would have to find the bandage on the player etc. Even when you are down but not out. This would be helpful if the medic does not have bandages left, or has only one or two and maybe wants to use it on the SL, other medics etc. It could be done with the F key. The game would put a text onto a bleeding player saying "Press F to bandage the player".
  2. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    China is boring for me. I´d much rather see a modern German faction, since post WW2 games usually never have a German faction (PR had, but I can't remember any other game). Or a Czech faction. I'd love to see a G36 or a CZ805 Bren in Squad
  3. V11 Feedback

    Sometimes getting stuck when I am next to a tree. Happens on multiple maps, jump or stance change gets you unstuck. Crashes are seem to be fixed. No one crashed today.
  4. V11 Feedback

    THANK YOU OFFWORLD! V11 is awesome. I thought V10 was good. V10 is shit compared to V11 . Brits are very good (maybe even too good, but need more time to test it properly). Performance very good. On smaller maps I get 100+ FPS now, on larger like Al Bashra, Fool's Road I get 80+. In V10 my highest framerate was in the 80s. M4 reddot is good again. The new Bradley and Warrior IFVs are very powerful (not OP) which is good. They can really help the infantry with attacking. Only one issue I noticed that my clanmates started to complain because their game crashed and stopped working, and I noticed that when their game crashed, there is always at least 3 other guys who got disconnected from the server (probably they crashed too). I personally haven't crashed, during my 10 hours of testing. Some vehicles have a weird white particle effect around them, but nothing game breaking. In May we will get the "retail" version of V11 and maybe even Post Scriptum. Well, looks like May will be one of the best months in gaming this year . I almost forgot Kamdesh. It is a really good map. I like it so far.
  5. V11 Feedback

    Okay, I noticed another issue. The hitreg seems to be worse than it was before on 80slot servers.
  6. V11 Feedback

    I haven't noticed any latency issues.
  7. If there are 2 equally skilled players, then yes a guy with the optic will have more kills, just because most of the engagements happen at ranges which favors the guy with an optic. BUT, non optics are not useless, and you can be pretty accurate with them too. And irons are much better in CQB building clearing or on Sumari or OP first light in general. The optic non optic ratio is also very good in the game. On US RUS SL can have an optic, 2x Acog rifleman, Marksman, and one MG can have an optic. Which is 5 out of 9 members. INS and MIL will have less optics, but usually they have more tickets, scouts and heavy ATs to balance it out.
  8. I just said in my previous comment that optics are not OP, people just think they are because they are bad players. I see this in my community all the time, that new players spam click the optic slots because that is what allows them to get a handful of kills. While the best players don't really care about the acogs, and after each round they have the highest amounts of kills regardless of their sights. If you suck at the game you will suck with an optic too. I am not for simplistic shooting nor I am for allowing optics to dominate irons (for the 100th time optics are not much more powerful than irons, and they are certainly not OP) However, I am all about a skillgap, and balance over realism (RPs, revives, Radio comms for insurgents, etc are not realistic, but they make the game better). Those 3 players had a really good chance of killing the AK guy, however they can't aim, so they were unable to hit the guy. The AK guy wasn't even bleeding. Since Squad is a multiplayer game and you play against real people. The better player and team should always win. If there is no skillgap then what is the point of playing a PVP game? You could play singleplayer or PVE. Do you think those 3 players tried to suppress the AK guy? NO. They were trying to kill him. But the better player won the engagement. a Stronger suppression mechanic would have rewarded the players for missing. Shooting is super precise. But again so are the modern service rifles. I don't know what is the military requirement for the M4 or AK74, but lets say it is 3MOA (The HK416 is less than 2MOA BTW). A 3 MOA gun will shoot a 6 (19cm) inch group at 200(180m) yards, 19 cm circle is about the size of a human head btw. Most of the firefights in Squad are less than 200yards/180 meters. So yes your bullets will go pretty much exactly where you point them at those distances. As they would IN REAL LIFE. The US players did not miss because RNG. They missed because their aim was off. A suppression in that case would have prevented the better player to win that firefight, which for me is unacceptable in a PVP game. A small suppression is okay, but if it will prevent you from playing as good as you can, then it is not cool.
  9. Correct, bullets were pouring at him. However, of them even hit the guy. While he just put his sight on the enemy players and killed them one by one. I don't see anything wrong with that. It was even at close range so his optic didn't do much for him either. The US players had a fair chance to kill the guy, but they were unable.
  10. As you just said, the game is point and shoot (as it should be, service rifles are sub 4MOA rifles). In the first video the US players are just bad at aiming. The AK guy deserved all of those kills simply because he is a better shooter and had better position. He just won a 3v1 fair and square. Nothing wrong with that. Punishing the guy with the AK just because those 3 clowns can't aim is just wrong. I start to think that people want suppression to compensate for their lack of skill. The complaining about how optics are OP just confirms that. Optics are not OP, sure they are more powerful at 50 or more meters. but the irons and reddot is more then good enough to shoot at 100 or more meters. Tonight I just played with my clan. Our marksman had 35 kills, acog rifleman had 30 kills. and me as a medic with the aimpoint had 24 kills. Could have had more if I was playing more aggressively but as a Medic my job was to stay as safe as possible to be able to revive.
  11. Have you watched Gatzby's interview with game designer SgtRoss? SgtRoss says (assuming he has real world experience) that when you are under fire, adrenaline kicks in and you get into a "battle rhythm" and you are more efficient at doing things. So if they change it, then I hope it will go in that direction, and not preventing you from doing things. But they are hard to implement or impossible to implement in a video game. I would go with a veteran's way of implementing new suppression. He probably knows better than us keyboard warriors. Friesen's post is called "Why does Squad still doesn't have the suppression flinch like in HLL ??" He thinks it is perfect. And a lot of other people think including a game designer that it is not perfect.That is why Squad does not have a mechanic like that, and hopefully never will have a mechanic like that. Lets go back to your previous example, you hold down a corner with an MG, someone peeks, and lines up an ACCURATE shot on you. As said before, It is your fault. But maybe he will just do a quick peek, fire a couple of bullets in your direction. He may or may not hit you, you may or may not move back to cover. That is the video game equivalent of suppression. Not an invisible force messing up your aim when bullets come close to you.
  12. I would not peek that corner, or maybe I would only on Sumari. Simply because I don't want to watch the respawn screen for 45+ seconds, then run for minutes to catch up with my squad. And probably you would not be revived either since, the medic would be killed by the same MG. He likes Darkest Hour, he plays Darkest Hour. I like the suppression mechanic as it is now in V10.1, so I play Squad.
  13. I also explained this in one of my previous comments. If You are an MG or any other class and suppressing a guy, and then the guy peeks and kills you, then his kill is well deserved, since you had superior cover and position (assuming you have an MG with a bipod deployed and you are in cover). If he peeks and has enough time to line up an ACCURATE shot on you without dying then it is YOUR fault and his kill is well deserved. Your aim was off or you were not paying attention. Weapons in Squad are so accurate which they should be, since most service rifles are sub 4 MOA rifles, that if you miss, then it was your aim, and not RNG. I have thousands of hours in SWAT 4 and in BF games (pre BF4 games). Non of them has a suppression which messes up your ability to fire back accurately, and their gunplay is good. But it doesn't matter because they are not Squad. If you want a Darkest Hour suppression just play Darkest Hour.
  14. A game is always going to be just a game. If you can't implement something properly, then it is best not to try and find workarounds, and go for the mechanic that is more fun. Missing your perfectly lined up shot, just because someone shot in your general direction is not fun. The whole point of Squad is fun, soldiers probably don't have fun in Afghanistan/Iraq etc. I just go out and run for 20 minutes, after you are done running a 30 second rest won't restore your "stamina". You would need minutes or hours to get back to 100%, and that is without heavy gear. Squad would not be fun when towards the end of a match you would not be able to sprint, or if you would be shot in the leg, and now you would not be able to move. Or when everyone would only have one life.
  15. Returning fire too quickly? I am not in the military, never was. But common sense is still probably present during firefights. If I were in a situation when I was being shot at, the first thing that I would do, is to get into cover, second thing would be shooting back, or GTFO of there. Sometimes getting into cover is not possible, because you are crossing a field, so the first thing is fire back, even if the shots are not dead accurate, it will suppress the enemy with the current suppression mechanic. This also happens in Squad. People when being shot at seek cover in game, and their lives are not in danger. It happened to me multiple times that the enemy had superior cover and position, while I had pretty much nowhere to hide, so I shot back while I was on the move, and the guy who had better chances got hit/killed (more often if the enemy is in a superior position I die, but you still have a fair chance). If they will change the suppression I hope it will be something like the developer explained in the Podcast Gatzby linked. The developer said that when you are being shot at adrenaline kicks in, and you are better at some things. So maybe if they rework suppression, it should be the same visual effect as in V10.1, slightly increased sway for like the first 2-3 seconds, then adrenaline kicks in for your character and then less sway for 5-8 seconds, then everything back to normal.
  16. If you can't use irons or non magnified optics then the problem is with you. You should be able to reliably hit anything up to 100 meters without optics. 200 for stationary targets. As I said before, I see this all the time within my community. New players are quickly taking the kits with optics, yet our medics and LATs have more kills than the 2 acog riflemen combined. It is very rare that you have to shoot farther than 200 meters anyway in this game. Don't want to sound like a CoD kid, but if you can't use irons then you need to "git gud".
  17. The red dot sight on the M4 now is terrible. It is right on top of the front sight. Which only makes the sight effectively a wider rear aperture sight. In addition, the dot is huge and blurry/out of focus which makes it even bigger. It is so bad you can't see what are you shooting at, because the dot covers up the target. What is even worse, that you can't see the bullet drop because the front sight covers it up. The us team right now using only blind fire. Right now any weapon with any sight is better than an M4 with a Red Dot. Making it the way it was in V9 would be the perfect fix. With an option to set a preferred zero/ranging when spawning in. If you set an M4 red dot to for example 200m zero, it would be set to 200m, and the player wouldn't be able to change it on the fly, only when at ammo box, or respawning. For weapons with iron sights, the preferred zero would be the default zero, with the ability to adjust up and down, just like now. I am in a Squad clan, where every person has his role, now one of our medics asked our SL to change his role only on the US side, because he can't use the horrible red dot. So I am not the only one who think the red dot is bad. At least give an option for the US to have M4s with irons with any class. For those who are saying that the red dot is realistic right now, i disagree. When shooting with a red dot, people have both eyes open, so it is much different then what it is like in the game. Shooting with bot eyes open is impossible to render in games (maybe not with a VR headset). The red dot is now rendered as if you were shooting with one eye closed, which defeats the purpose of the red dot (easier aiming). I am a good player, but I have a hard time using the red dot. Example from yesterday night. I have played 4 rounds with my clan. 1st match, INS medic 12 kills,2 deaths,13 injures 2nd match US ACOG Rifleman 29kills, 10 deaths, 31 kills (we all died a lot because the other team was really good. especially for a team with public players) 3rd match US LAT 7 kills, 5 deaths, 8 injures. This is with the M4 red dot. 4th match RUS LAT 35 kills, 6 deaths, 40+ injures.
  18. ****en exactly. People should not be rewarded for missing their target. You can keep shooting at a cover, the enemy either stays there, or tries to peek and kills you (which is your fault, so his kill is well deserved). Or you kill him, and he can watch the respawn screen for the next 45 seconds, and then run for 2+ minutes to catch up with his squad, third option is pop some smoke and get out of there. Messing up your aim, spread and vision is a huge reward for being bad at aiming. Close range firefights would come down to who shoots first, because even if the first shot misses, the other guy will have no chance to react, because his vision and aim will be messed up. Supression in HLL and PR is stupid. Supression in squad as is in V10.1 is perfect.
  19. For me the supression is fine as is in V10.1. I hated the "getting shot at, better close my eyes" supression in PR, and the HLL supression looks just as bad. Optics are not much more powerful than irons. Especially when you consider the average engagement distance in the game. It comes down to your skill. A good player wont have a problem hitting someone with irons up to 200 meters. I am in a squad clan, and the best players within the clan, always have the best KD after a match, regardless of their kit.
  20. Sounds good. More weapons and more variety is always good. I´d much rather see some factions that are rarely seen in games. Like Germans. There is no post WW2 german army in any game that I am aware of. It is always USA vs RUS vs Talibans sometimes china. The modern German army has cool equipment and weapons. We need HK weapons in the game And the current German service rifle is the HK G36. They are using the flecktarn camo which is also rare to see in video games. My second most wanted army would be the Czech army. CZ has also some cool weapons, and the Czech army "recently" adopted the CZ 805 Bren as their service rifle.
  21. The whole point of this thread was literally the opposite. The red dot is not only slightly better than an iron sight on any weapon. The Red dot is unusable. The irons are better. Which would be fine if all of the classes would get an Iron sight option. Not just the rifleman. If you are a medic or a LAT in the US team you ar stuck with an almost unusable weapon. As of V10 I would take a 5.45 AK with irons anytime over an M4 with a red dot. EDIT: OK unusable may not be the best word. Lets say that the M4 with a red dot has a lot less precision, and blocks your view too much.
  22. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Because it's still morning here, and my squad is offline.
  23. I really love AK's, and when I started to play Squad, AK's were my favorite weapons in game. Now after 150 hours I am starting to get sick of AK's since out of 4 factions 3 of them are using AKs as their primary weapons. After each round you switch sides so after playing as US on the blue sides, in the next game you will be in the red team (let's say Militia) with AK's, after that you get to the blue side again, which can be the RU army, with AK's again, and after that you get to the red team again to insurgents with AK's again. One round last on average an hour, so you can play up to 3 hours with AK's before you get something else. I think if the Russians got kobra sights it would be a quick and dirty fix, but it would work. The best and more expensive fix would be adding more armies to the game with interesting weapons. For example the German army with flecktarn camo and G36's with or without the dual optics (everyone having a magnified optic may brake the balance). Or the Czech army who recently adopted the CZ 805 rifle. I know that the British army is coming to the game, but the date is still unknown. And I don't know how it will be implemented. I know that the L85 was designed with the SUSAT optic in mind because on a bullpup rifle the iron sights are not that accurate since the front and rear sights are close to each other. Will every class with an L85 in the British army get a 4x Susat optic, if so will it brake the balance? Will be there maps which would allow the brits to play against the US?
  24. Sick of AK's. Suggestion

    I wasn't saying that the AK's are inferior. I was saying that depending on the map and layout rotation, you have to play with AKs for up to 3 hours before you can change to another weapon. The kobra suggestion was there only because it would be quick and easy to implement (at least I think it would be), and it would change up the AKs a bit. EDIT: Only one faction would get kobras. There would be still 2 factions with AKs with irons.
  25. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    V10 is awesome, most of the changes are for the better. I was able to find a few bugs on Belaya. First I got stuck between the bridge and the rocks near train tunnel. https://ibb.co/gxUoaR The grass clips trough the bunker entrance at train tunnel. https://ibb.co/dGDs26 The people who spawned on the rally point in this building spawned on the roof and fell down to the ground from there while the RP was inside the building. https://ibb.co/ktuoaR On Belaya inside the train tunnels in the area where are the train tracks we were unable to lean, and the machine gunner wasn't able to turn while his bipod was deployed. Now thanks to the vaulting it is easier to get stuck in between objects. I climbed a wall on Narva near the church control point and I got stuck between the wall and a car wreck. No screenshot on that one, but I imagine there are plenty of spots like this on all the maps. I also really like that teammates can boost you and can climb to even higher spots. The new optics are also awesome and that the drop calculator (i don't know how is it called) in the scopes are now accurate. Ranging the weapons is also awesome. The only negative change was the change of the US red dot sight. Now the dot is right on top of the front sight, so you still have to aim with the front post, if the shots are too low, you can't see how low the shots are because of the front post.. The red dot sight is basically just a bigger rear aperture sight which you cant range in, which makes the M4A1 with iron sights and foregrip a direct upgrade for a rifleman. Other roles are stuck with that worse red dot. There was nothing wrong how the dot was in V9, so I don't really know why they changed it, especially for the worse. The only thing that I can imagine that the dot has to be lower because of the new ballistics. Also the front sight on the AKM is blurry, and sometimes it makes hard to differentiate the front post of the AKM from the map. Remove the blur from the sights and it will be fine. Lastly, when I was a medic, then pretty much in every game once my inventory bugged and I wasn't able to switch to my primary from medic bag/bandages. Despite these issues V10 is great, and it will be hard to go back to V9 after the test ends.