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  1. Many players I know are using 90, however most of the best/competitive players are generally using more.
  2. Suppression

    You can only compensate bad positioning with good aim, if you are playing against a bad team, a better team will onetap you, giving you no chance to react. So if you play against a team that has good players, positioning is even more important. I'd say you can compensate bad positioning with good aim in pub games more. Competitive games are faster, because everyone has a job, and everyone does their job, and you don't have to waste time with useless crap like asking a rando to take the medic instead of a marksman etc, or do a logi run. Its like a well oiled machine, faster because of the more competent players, game and it's mechanics are still the same.
  3. Suppression

    I play squad as a competitive game, I am a part of a competitive team, I participate in competitive matches on a weekly basis. I played squad with and against the best teams out there (and also some of the worst). While hitting your shots is very important, much more important than missing... sorry I meant to say suppressing your targets. However tactics matter more in a competitive game, much more than in a pub game, I think I can safely say that I experienced more teamplay in Squad than some of the commenters here ever will. @Phoenixstorm HLL has the blur on top of increased sway and aimpunch, yes I didn't had the skill to see in that game, doesn't matter, I got my money back, maybe I will spend it to learn to read Braile, probably will enjoy it more too. In pub games MGs are more common than in comp games, fortunately headshotting an MG is easy, especially if you are not suppressed. But as I said, before, MGs and Marksmen are very situational kits, so they aren't that common in higher level games, because you can choose a different kit which has usefuly utility and still can do 95% of what an MG or a Marksman can do.
  4. Suppression

    And we are back at the fact that suppression rewards you for being a crappy shooter. How can you overcome suppression by training, when the game literally takes away the control you have over your character by increasing sway and adding the "aimpunch". It is literally out of your hands, you can't train to overcome that. If I have my back turned on you, you shoot me from the back but miss, and I 180 onetap you, then I don't have a problem with that. You had the advantage, you messed it up by missing, and the other guy still had a fair chance to fight back.
  5. Suppression

    Yes, and you can conveniently prevent that by not missing and shooting me into the head first, so I don't get the chance to do that.
  6. Suppression

    Yes, doesn't change the fact that it rewards the guy who shot first but missed. There is no fear in game. You are comparing an actual firefight or a war to a video game. War is fought out of necessity, game is played for fun.
  7. Suppression

    I can flip this around and say that a guy who sticks his head out when he shouldn't, then he should be punished with a headshot. If you have superior positioning and firepower with an MG, and a rifleman peeks and kills the MG who had the advantage to begin with, then that kill is more than deserved in my book especially if the MG tried to kill the enemy but missed. I approach Squad as a competitive PVP game. For me if a PVP game is not skill based then I don't really see much point in playing it. Just a few days ago I refunded HLL because if you get suppressed there, you have no chance to react, because the screen gets so blurry that you can't see what is directly in front of you. If someone shoots at me, misses but at the same time he prevents me to shoot back, then I really have no interest in playing such a game.
  8. Suppression

    I agree, Squad was better without it. I personally play Squad for winning not because I wanna feel like a soldier in my comfy chair, and I can't help it but I see the negative effects of the suppression as rewarding a noob for missing their shots. If I see an enemy I shoot with the intention to kill the enemy, not to miss intentionally and suppress him. Fortunately with V14 there is even less reason to get an MG kit. SL, 2 Medics, 1 Combat engineer, at least 1 LAT, 1 grenadier and the rest are rifleman with ammo crates. There is really no need to have an MG in a competent squad.
  9. Random Invasion (fog of war)

    It would make invasion which is already boring even more boring. Currently invasion plays something like this: Give up the first or maybe the first two flags for the attackers, build a superfob on the third and camp it, one small squad proceeds to fortify the rest of the capture points. If the defenders are INS/MIL then expect an IED on each radio, which is blown up when they start to dig it down. This is every single invasion ever. Now you want to make it that attackers won't know the next objective but the defenders will? It would be even bigger campfest than it already is. If anything then nor the attackers nor the defenders wouldn't know the next objective. Or capture points should be clearly marked (even in RAAS) so when an enemy team stumbles into a capture point, they would know that is a capture point even if its not marked on their map yet. Something simple like a flag like in BF Conquest, or maybe putting antennas on to buildings as and "HQ" or something like that.
  10. Squad + FreeSync = tearing

    I have a GTX 1080 with a 144Hz 1440p Freesync monitor. Since Nvidia allowed freesync to work on their cards, I use freesync and I don't have any issues in Squad or in any other games. Monitor is an Acer XF270HU. Is freesync enabled on your monitor and/or GPU driver?
  11. GunPlay and Damage Rework?

    Gunplay is good. I don't see a problem with full auto dominating CQB. The gunplay for me has two different flaws. One is the hit registration. It was kinda OK in V11 and before, but since V12 and now V13 some of my shots are not registering or at least not properly. Just a few days ago, there was an enemy GL lying in the grass next to me and I was behind him, i shot him in the head, I see the blood splatter, and he survives somehow. I had to shoot him in the head twice. Okay he was US and I was RU, but a LVL IIIA rated helmet won't provide any protection from a 5.45 from 5 meters. And there are multiple occasions that I hit the guy multiple times, I see blood multiple times, yet the guy just runs away, or shoots me. With CQB the player movement is simply too slow to clear rooms properly. However Squad rewards pray and spray, but in a different way. Suppression. This also happened recently to me. I was US against RU. There was a russian about 50 meters from me. He dumped the whole mag in my direction, and I don't know how can someone be so bad at the game to miss all 30 shots from 50 meters, but still I wasn't able to shoot back at all because of the stupid suppression so my weapon sway was all over the place. That rewards spray and pray. Not CQB. In a way AK is more powerful than an M4 because AK has full auto, while (most) M4s have only a 3 round burst. Not that it matters to me, because I only use semi because I can place the bullets where I want to, unless a noob "suppresses" me. Suppression is just a fancy word for being a bad shooter.
  12. customization / ranking

    Im against ranking too, the only stat I need is my hours played on Steam :D. For customization, I don't really care, but if they do it, soldiers should still look like soldiers from the same unit, so same uniform, same camo, same weapon same everything, while also being able to distinguish certain roles, like the radio on the SLs back, medic should have a medic bag, etc. One "customization" idea that I had in mind is having a one smaller special forces squad in each team. Lets say one Squad of 6 people are SAS on the British side, Seals on US side, Specnaz on RU, and some other elite fighters on INS/Mil. They would have access to more gear and the customization would be more lenient, however I don't know to implement it correctly into the game, since this should be valuable, and the first come first served rule would ruin it IMHO, it should be reserved for the "elite" players.
  13. Yes I played PS. Airstrikes are annoying AF
  14. No role specific squads and definitely no commander abilities that can kill players. Clicking to a particular area on the map and then killing players in that specific areas are just annoying. If I want BS killstreaks I play CoD. I would be fine with intel based abilities, but if Helicopters are coming, then it should be player driven. Same with supply drops. Would be cool with it, but if helos are coming then supply drops should be left for them. One of the best things about Squad is that everything is done by the players, and not shitty abilities like click here and profit.
  15. 1. No, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever, since the increased speed wears off quickly, as your stamina depletes. The less stamina you have the slower you sprint. However it makes it is useful when you quickly need to get into cover. Sprinting and its speed is fine. 2. And how is the gameplay faster? By that 10% speed increase for like few meters? Squad is still pretty slow paced, and in CQB speed and aggression always dominates. So yeah. 3. Whatever, doesn't make that big of a difference, I'm fine with it and I'm also fine if they remove it. 4. Its not. HABs are still a thing. Unless your team sucks you have a HAB at an ideal position for attacking or defending. 5. Doesn't make any difference at all. Irons were still pretty accurate until 200m, now bad players will suck with an ACOG instead of an iron/red dot. Weapon accuracy is also fine, just look up how accurate modern standard issue rifles are. They are more accurate than WW2 sniper rifles. Suppression sucks and rewards players for spraying and praying instead of aiming. If you know the enemy is behind cover and you hold that cover, if he peeks shoot him, instead of "suppressing" him. 6. The meta with that was press tab after being revived for time, wait 60seconds, move on. Adding back this feature won't make any significant difference, so whatever. 8. Refer back to point 2 or "Git Gud"
  16. Things we like about v13

    Much better hitreg than in V12 (still not perfect but a huge improvement) Increased running speed Sapper Neutral with the buddy rally. Some people seem to hate it, Im fine with it. My issue with v13 is that I get A bit higher FPS but it feels like more stutters. In V12 the stutters seemed to be server side, since me and my mates stuttered at the same time, now it is client side.
  17. For me the it doesn't really matter. And no a simple running speed increase doesn't make the game arcade. However, what is definitely a nice change is the stamina recovery speed. In V12 it took ages for your stamina to refill, I think if the running speed goes back to v12 speed, the recovery should stay, or implement a canteen system like in PS or some variation of it. But what should be increased is the standard jogging speed while you can still point and shoot. It is too slow for CQB room clearing, you can't sprint since then you can't shoot. Maybe like a half sprint, that depletes the stamina slowly, but you are running faster than the standard jog, and you could still shoot. The accuracy penalty wouldn't matter much, since in CQB ranges pointing and shooting without ADSin is accurate enough to get the job done.
  18. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I also like the new sprint. My biggest issue with squad is the bad hirtreg and that the game is unnecessarily slow. Your stamina depleted after like 30m of sprinting and then it took ages to refill. So im fine with it now, or if it gets toned down, then finding a middle ground between this and v12. V12 movement felt way too slow. Or make the default sprint only 5% faster and keep this 10% faster sprint for a higher stamina cost if you really have to get out of somewhere. Increased reload speed and a bit faster non sprint speed would probably make cqb fun. Currently the movement is just too slow for room clearing. The buddy rally should be gone. And im fine with the optics. Now bad players will suck with an optic and will have one less excuse the increased visibility is also nice. So i quite like v13.
  19. Marksman Changes.

    They can buff the marksman all they want. Higher magnification won't matter since most of the engagements are within 200m or 300m. Further then that not worth shooting, since you will probably miss anyways and its not worth giving away your position. Within 200-300m an M4/AK74/L86 gets the job done. Even if they buff the marskman, most SLs will still prefer AT/Grenadier over the marksman, especially in v13 when everyone gets an optic. I never said git gut, I just said that the weapon is capable of hitting long range shots as is. If you cant, well that is not the games fault, and even with a bipod you (me too) will miss a long range moving target, and pretty much every target is moving. As long as an other class gets the job done, a dedicated long range class for those few engagements will not worth the one fire support role.
  20. Marksman Changes.

    I just don't see why the bipod is needed. I never miss it, and I have 3 confirmed kills over 600m (one with M4+Acog), and plenty of kills over 400m. My favorite thing in the game currently is to headshot bipodded MGs . And I generally prefer the AK74/M4/L86 because of the lower recoil while the stopping power is about the same, they only bleed quicker after a 7.62 round, and a 5.56 or 5.45 can usually kill with 2 hits, and the lower recoil allows for faster follow up shots. The sway is not an issue. If you have a tiny bit of stamina left, you can hold breath for long enough to hit/kill an enemy. The only reason why should be the marksman buffed, is because in v13 almost everyone gets an optic, so the marksman will be kind of useless. And a bipod and a higher magnification won't change that. 4x zoom is plenty for 400 meters, and most of the engagements happen within 200m anyways. Usually a 400m target doesn't know where you are, so I don't shoot, I wait or flank rather than giving away my position, especially because hitting a 400m+ moving target is will require more shots.
  21. Since V12 Squad has become very frustrating for me to play. The hitreg is just so messed up in v12. I hit a guy in the head, I see blood. But the guy just walks away, or one shots you. There was also an instance that a GPMG was sprinting towards me, i shot him, he fell to the ground, and after he died he started shooting at me, and even suppressed me. I also came across a video that shows how bad the camera for the players view is placed. Getting these issues fixed, before v13, and releasing v13 only when it is ready and doesn't break important things such as the gunfight, would be nice. For me the hitreg is bad since v12, before it it was fine (but definitely had much room for improvement), and the hitreg is fine in Post Scriptum, but as far as I know it is still based on V10. Quality over quantity. I don't care if we don't get a new map, faction or a new version of Squad for years, the content right now is more then enough to keep me entertained. However the shooting has to be on point since it is a first person SHOOTER. Higher tickrate would also be nice.
  22. Iron Sight Rifleman Buff

    The ammo bag saved my ass more times then I can count. Giving yourself ammo, bandages or grenades whenever you want to is great in my opinion. It also makes them one of the best CQB roles. You can also give the medic or ATs supplies if they need them, and kill the vehicle, or revive your squad. I don't mind playing the rifleman. On the US and Brit side I prefer red dot or acog, because I don't like the irons, with AK I prefer irons over the non magnified optic.
  23. Iron Sight Rifleman Buff

    Since persistent ammo, riflemen are more important then ever, since they have ammo bags, and the non optic ones also get sandbags. It is enough.
  24. The Italian Armed Forces!

    Having more factions in the game is great, but I don't want the devs spending too much time on new factions. Especially because there is modding, and if there is a mod that meets their standards they can agree with the modders to put it into the game. However this introduces some "balance" issues, mainly because people think that scopes are OP, while its not necessarily the case. For example the CAF Mod gives every role a scope, and some people might think it would be OP, while it wasn't in the playtest in summer. In V13 many roles had scopes in the test build, which might hurt some faction mods without magnified optics, because some people won't want to play against optics. However, it's not the optic, its the player who makes the difference, in Post Scriptum, majoirty of the players think that marksmen are OP, which they are clearly not, as I am usually in the top 3 players on the servers kills wise, with a medic or a rifleman. They just can't aim, and blame the kit. So that is why I'd rather have the devs focus on improving the core game itself. Like better hitreg, higher tickrate servers, better ragdolls, better vehicle physics, helicopters and fast ropes, better optimization etc.The current factions in the game offer plenty of variety to keep the players entertained and come back. These are more important than new factions. If the core game is bad (which Squad is not, but has plenty of room for improvement), then the whole game is bad, regardless of the quantity of the content, but if the core game is solid, the game will be fun with less content.