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  1. Since V12 Squad has become very frustrating for me to play. The hitreg is just so messed up in v12. I hit a guy in the head, I see blood. But the guy just walks away, or one shots you. There was also an instance that a GPMG was sprinting towards me, i shot him, he fell to the ground, and after he died he started shooting at me, and even suppressed me. I also came across a video that shows how bad the camera for the players view is placed. Getting these issues fixed, before v13, and releasing v13 only when it is ready and doesn't break important things such as the gunfight, would be nice. For me the hitreg is bad since v12, before it it was fine (but definitely had much room for improvement), and the hitreg is fine in Post Scriptum, but as far as I know it is still based on V10. Quality over quantity. I don't care if we don't get a new map, faction or a new version of Squad for years, the content right now is more then enough to keep me entertained. However the shooting has to be on point since it is a first person SHOOTER. Higher tickrate would also be nice.
  2. Iron Sight Rifleman Buff

    The ammo bag saved my ass more times then I can count. Giving yourself ammo, bandages or grenades whenever you want to is great in my opinion. It also makes them one of the best CQB roles. You can also give the medic or ATs supplies if they need them, and kill the vehicle, or revive your squad. I don't mind playing the rifleman. On the US and Brit side I prefer red dot or acog, because I don't like the irons, with AK I prefer irons over the non magnified optic.
  3. Iron Sight Rifleman Buff

    Since persistent ammo, riflemen are more important then ever, since they have ammo bags, and the non optic ones also get sandbags. It is enough.
  4. The Italian Armed Forces!

    Having more factions in the game is great, but I don't want the devs spending too much time on new factions. Especially because there is modding, and if there is a mod that meets their standards they can agree with the modders to put it into the game. However this introduces some "balance" issues, mainly because people think that scopes are OP, while its not necessarily the case. For example the CAF Mod gives every role a scope, and some people might think it would be OP, while it wasn't in the playtest in summer. In V13 many roles had scopes in the test build, which might hurt some faction mods without magnified optics, because some people won't want to play against optics. However, it's not the optic, its the player who makes the difference, in Post Scriptum, majoirty of the players think that marksmen are OP, which they are clearly not, as I am usually in the top 3 players on the servers kills wise, with a medic or a rifleman. They just can't aim, and blame the kit. So that is why I'd rather have the devs focus on improving the core game itself. Like better hitreg, higher tickrate servers, better ragdolls, better vehicle physics, helicopters and fast ropes, better optimization etc.The current factions in the game offer plenty of variety to keep the players entertained and come back. These are more important than new factions. If the core game is bad (which Squad is not, but has plenty of room for improvement), then the whole game is bad, regardless of the quantity of the content, but if the core game is solid, the game will be fun with less content.
  5. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    He was dead, he had an M240B which is a limited weapon, and the sound of the burst came from his corpse, and it wasn't an M4 or am M249 Saw. After one 5-8 round burst he "stopped" shooting. Basically what actually happened is that he was sprinting and then he stopped and shot at me. But that actually never happened on my screen. He went from sprinting into the ragdoll. Not sprint, stop, aim, shoot and then ragdoll. And again he was fairly close to me, it wasn't someone else.
  6. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    He died. It he was within 20 meters, and I saw him collapse. He was also out in the open without any cover or concealment in front of him, so his body was just there.
  7. V12 Feedback

    I know V12 is playable for a couple of months now, but I was playing other games and was taking a break from squad. During the Christmas holidays I started playing again and I have 30 hours in V12 and 550hours in total. My biggest issue with V12 is that I feel it was rushed and not ready to release, I know it is an early access game, but it doesn't mean that a new update should be a step back. Don't get me wrong, I Squad is still my favorite FPS. The persistent ammo system currently is bad, and just looking for any excuse for taking away your ammo. I think there were 3 times when I joined the game, and on my very first spawn, I spawned with 3 magazines, and no other equipment, just because I changed my kit from SL with a red dot to an SL with an Acog. Or regular rifleman to rifleman with an acog. I think you should never lose equipment when changing a kit, just not get the special equipment. For example when you change from rifleman to grenadier, you will have the same amount of magazines and equipment as with the previous kit at the time of change, but you will not have any rifle grenades until you resupply. Same if you change to AT etc. If the weapon uses the same cartridge there is no reason losing it. I think giving your mags to teammates would also be awesome (Pls Offworld ). Other issue is that in V11 the games performance was awesome, now in V12 it drops again into the 40s, on the same settings on which in V11 i had 100 or more. (GTX 1080, i7 7700k, 16GB RAM). I also prefer the old medic system, where only the medic is able to revive. It makes the medic more important. I made this suggestion before, but I think rifleman and non medics should be able to help with the reviving, not straight up reviving dead players. If they could use the bandage of a downed (or a bleeding teammate) to patch them up, then the medic will just come, and heal them, without the need of bandaging every single player. I think V12 was rushed in order to have tanks in the game asap. I would be okay if the new content and patches would come later but they wouldn't reduce performance, and the new systems would be properly tested and adjusted. Having helicopters (with fast ropes), 100 players, new maps and factions is all good and I am excited on what comes next, especially when new maps and factions can be released with the help of talented modders, but only release them when they are ready, and will not take a huge hit on the performance of the game. One last thing completely unrelated to this topic: In my opinion a breacher kit with grappling hooks would be awesome to see, since they would make attacking superfobs way easier.
  8. Anti-personnel mines

    No AP mines please. I prefer skill. Squad is a game, game is supposed to be fun (inb4 hurr durr milisim). So yeah.
  9. And you think that Squad's playerbase, most of the players can't hit shit without an ACOG. Would choose HAT with a pistol over Marksman or ACOG rifleman? When I am playing with randoms, there are countless times that I have more kills as a medic then the two ACOGs combined, while also having 10 revives. Squad is at a great place now in my opinion, skill based realistic shooter. Basically arma without the boring military roleplaying stuff. When I come home from work, I just want to sit down, go to a server, and have fun. Not to micromanage 1000 things.
  10. V12 Feedback

    Other things I noticed. Hitregistration seems to be worse. Imho the best hitreg was in V9, and it seems to be degrading with every patch. I had countless occasions, where I hit someone multiple times, see blood, but he takes no damage. I've even seen headshots with blood go unregistered. The reworked yeho area has some invisible walls and ramps. It happened multiple times that all of the sudden I am walking in the air, because there was an invisible ramp in front of me. Or I am walking in one place, because there is an invisible wall in front of me.
  11. Snipers

    Bipod would be nice, but not necessary. They are pretty stable and the recoil is fine as well. The British marksman with the L86 has a bipod, but I don't remember using it. Mobility is king.
  12. Fuel, Food & Water

    Please no.
  13. V12 Feedback

    That I play with a community, doesn't mean I don't play on public servers. We play on public all the time. But there is nothing wrong with the new medic system, I just prefer the old one. We just have a difference in opinion, which is fine
  14. V12 Feedback

    For the persistent ammo kit change I meant that if you are a rifleman with 5 magazines, and you decide to change to a LAT, you would spawn with a the exact same amount of ammo as you had before, but you would spawn without rockets for your launcher. You would need to resupply to get the rockets. I don't want to mix the kits either. I was never screaming to get V12 released. These people just should be ignored. If they are bored of Squad because there no new content, they should play some other game, and come back when the new content is out. I don't know if the army or grunts normally carry flashbangs, I want the breacher because of the grappling hook, so if all the doorways are blocked by HESCOs, then he can throw the grappling hook over the wall, or in the case of a building to the first floor, etc. Now the only way to get inside superfobs is to dig down their fortifications.
  15. V12 Feedback

    I don't play with randoms, and when I do I am usually a SL. Squad has plenty of small national communities in EU, and I am part of one. We played 2 rounds yesterday. I was a medic the whole time in the first one, and in the second I switched to the medic in the second half of the game when the original medic left. I don't mind playing the medic.
  16. For me: 1. Proper anti-aliasing or a whole graphical rework. 2. Better optimization, since V11 it is pretty good, but I think it still could be better, and eliminating server stutters, when all of the players experience a stutter at the same time. 3. More factions, or high quality faction mods would be easily playable, maybe even included in the base game if possible with an update. 4. Better iron sights. In my opinion pretty much every iron sight in the game other than AK style iron sights are useless at longer distances, the front sight are just too thick to be precise with. What I don't want to see: Mostly two things from the previous recap. 1. All classes will be able to revive a dead player, but not heal them. Lets keep reviving and healing the medic's job. 2. Aimpunch style suppression. Increased sway with decreased hold breath time is fine.
  17. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    Yes the hitreg is not as good as it can be, I made a thread about it when V11 launched. But this video is the case of: Mad cuz bad. You were aiming at the doorframe, saw him, adjusted your aim, and then you maybe hit him once, by that time, he just sprayed you down. Edit: Watched your other video, where you sprayed a guy with a m249. You wrote that you hit him in the head, the video shows (at .25 speed) a hit in his right shoulder, and the rest of your shots missed. Again, I don't deny that the hitreg or the netcode has some issues, Squad is my favorite game, but I am not a fanboy. I'm just saying that in your videos the "BS" is not the hitreg or the netcode.
  18. I get that there will be penalties if you don't get healed by a medic. My concern is that a you wipe a full squad and their rally. Then a random rifleman revives the medic, and the medic revives and heals the rest of the squad. Planes would be cool, but I don't see them working properly in Squad. The maps are just too small for dogfights at (or close to) supersonic speeds. The only way I could see them implemented in Squad is a commander ability like in Post Scriptum, but I hate that method, basically click here and enjoy your free kills. I am in favor of everything being player controlled in a multiplayer game, and don't like killstreak type stuff.
  19. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    Please no stat tracking. No need for KD whores. I like the current system. You get to see your stats after the round, then they are gone forever, unless you make a screenshot. Being the change is all easy on paper. But when it comes to the practice, it is hard. When I am playing with my mates, I am usually a rifleman or grenadier since I am good at killing the bad guys, and since we are a clan, everyone knows the game's mechanics, maps, objectives and how the game should be done. But when playing with randoms, oh my god, I can ragequit in seconds. There are 4 rifleman and 2 AR's in the squad, 0-1 medic, everyone is crying for a medic, no one wants to be a medic, but when the SL tells someone to pick up the medic, they just leave the squad. But by far my favorite thing is when you tell your squad (as an SL) to move to the objective, you place a marker, say it in the squad chat, you go there, but your squad won't go there, start dying, and then the brains of the squad says this "We need a rally point". Yes we need a freaking rally point, but I can't place one when there are no squadmates around me. But when I am playing with my clan, all of a sudden everyone is where he needs to be. When random players use up the last rally point, when you say no one spawn at main, since we are taking a logi which can only fit 4 players, and then at least 2 will spawn. The list just goes on. You really need a clan or a community to play this game properly, since randoms are usually useless at best, and a handicap at worst. Maybe because of the language barrier in the EU. I only play on US servers when there are no populated EU servers, and most of the time, when I am an SL on a US server, people are doing what you are telling them to do.
  20. According to Steam spy, there are 500k-1Million owners. https://steamspy.com/app/393380
  21. Correct me if I am wrong, but militia gets one less optic than the brits, and the minimi with susat is bad anyways. Militia gets 2x optic rifleman, Marksman and SL. Brits get 2x marksman, 1x optic rifleman, SL and AR. And the AK has the best iron sights in the game. I really don't think optics give you a huge advantage. Sure it is more useful at longer ranges, but a bad player will be bad, and a good player will be good regardless of their sights.
  22. Current Priority #1

    Anything on fixing the netcode/hitreg? Since the Brits it is very bad.
  23. Aim Punch like Post Scriptum

    Because complaining is easier than getting good.
  24. Aim Punch like Post Scriptum

    Yes lets reward players for their bad aim. WOOOOOO