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  1. Sniper / Breacher Class

    The sniper is useless as is,just like the marksman, a rifleman can do 95% of what a marksman can do while having extra ammo for resupplying yourself or your mates. The marksman might require one less hit to kill a player, but a rifleman is able to shoot faster with decent accuracy. I never use the bipod since I don't really stay in one spot longer than absolutely necessary to avoid getting my head blown off. The biggest issue with the C14 is that the average squad player can't really aim, and that weapon requires very precise shots. Hell I've only seen a handful of players who can use the marksman to its full potential, and only in the hands of such players the marksman is capable of doing that 5% what a rifleman can't do. One of those players is my clanmate and can consistently onetap headshot a sprinting enemy at 300+ meters. But players who are that good with a marksman is few and far between and he only uses the GB and US marksman since the SVD is easily beaten by any rifle for its low ammo capacity.
  2. CAF Eotech reticle

    How things work IRL is irrelevant, it's a video game, but since we are at real life, you can shoot an eotech easily with both eyes open, so you can actually see what you are shooting at.
  3. Now with the CAF in the game, I had the chance of playing as a CAF medic and the EOTECH sight is just horrible, the reticle is right in the middle of your front sight post, blocking your view on the target. You can't see where your shots are landing, you don't know when to stop shooting because the enemy is not there anymore or its already dead. But you did the exact same thing with the US red dot back in V10. In V9 the red dots were very similar as they are now in V15, but for some reason you decided to increase the dot, make it blurry and move it down right to the post. People obviously didn't like this, they were vocal about it, and you reverted the changes. Now you did it again with the eotech, are you just trolling us at this point? I get that it was a mod, but you probably tested it before making it live.
  4. Im fine with it as is, in my opinion V11 was the best, v12-14 sucked, and now V15 is fine, sure it has some dumb shit (mostly the epileptic seizure which they call suppression), which probably won't be removed, but its not bad. And OWI has no reason to drastically change anything, just look at the numbers, Squad was never as popular as it is now. So people who want a "true PR successor" or hardcore mode, are just the vocal minority. Since most people don't come to the forums when they have nothing to complain about.
  5. It's not that the games looks worse. Imho the game looks the best in V15, but adding a crappy fog is just stupid. I've seen on reddit a guy showing off a new map, idk if it was an official map or a mod, but the fog was so bad that you can't see shit beyond 50 meters. If that is a new map it will take its rightful place at my Alt+F4 list right next to Talil (fine if you are in a tank, horrible for infantry).
  6. More C4 or increase the damage

    Okay, then let me rephrase it, risk and reward. Until the nerf you just went to a fob placed a C4 and it was 99% of the time gone, I rarely seen the other team destroying the C4 before it exploded. Now you have to place the C4 dig and dig for 10secs. If you are alone you are exposed, but if you pull it off, then the enemy fob is gone. Or you will need a couple of mates to cover you for those 10 seconds. Also you can prevent enemies to throw nades into compounds by not letting them close to the compound by scouting, patrolling and killing them before they get to your compound. But by that the "defenders" are not in cover, I rarely get killed by grenades, simply because we are always on the move and not grouped up in a compound, even if we are in the capzone, we are still patrolling inside. Firefight is always risky, since you have to expose yourself, so the enemy has an equal chance of hitting you. If you can hit the enemy, the enemy can hit you too. Solo destroying a fob is a high risk high reward action and I don't have a problem with that.
  7. More C4 or increase the damage

    The combat engineer still shovels quicker than a regular grunt, go in place a C4, dig for 10 secs, and you still have plenty of time to get out of the danger zone. Now it is just more risky to solo a fob, or you can have some of your mates covering you while you dig. Either way, the combat engineer is still the most efficient role to take down a radio, so I don't see why would this nerf make it a useless, for me it's more balanced.
  8. More C4 or increase the damage

    I like the new mechanic, it takes more skill to destroy a radio, instead of the place and forget, now the you have to dig it a bit, which the engineer still does faster. I rather have a balanced fun to play game, than hurr durr cus IRL its not like that so it shouldn't be like that in the game. Squad was never a simulator, and ARMA is always an option.I mean the devs literally said that their goal is to bridge the gap between Arma and BF, taking the best things from both games. Edit: This is copied directly from the steam store description of Squad: It seeks to bridge the large gap between arcade shooter and military simulation.
  9. V12-V13-V14 feedback

    Some maps have stuttering at the worst times. Narva and Al Basrah are the worst for me, but other maps are also stuttering but not as severely or as frequently, and maps like Logar, Mestia, Chora and Kokan run stutter free. Recorded on narva, the blackness is a rendering error, in the recoreded file and in game i see a frozen frame. Recorded on a GTX 1080, 16GB RAM, i7 7700K, @1440p+1,25 render scale, Effects medium, view distance high, shadows medium, textures high, everything else is off except fully load textures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmRrXFL2jzQ
  10. V12-V13-V14 feedback

    Kokan no stutter, Kohat some stuttering, Al Bashra is the worst so far. The game freezes for 5-10 seconds. This is a new one.
  11. V12-V13-V14 feedback

    I noticed today that the stuttering depends on the map, some are worse, some are okayish and some run without the FPS stuttering. Today I played 4 rounds on the same server. First match on narva, stuttered like hell, second on logar no stutter at all, third round mestia no stutter at all, fourth on skorpo and it stuttered, but much less frequently than narva. An answer from the devs would be also nice. Like they are aware of the issue, and working on fixing it, or they just couldn't care less since the tanks are already in the game.
  12. With the release of V12 for me the game started to move downhill, and I find myself getting frustrated every time I play which rarely happened in V11 and before, and I have 750 hours in the game. V11 had decent performance, and the hitreg was still bad, but at least it was good enough, and in V12 I started experiencing headshots not being lethal, I see an obvious hit to the head, I see blood, yet nothing happens to him. And if a headshot registers on the first try by some miracle, then in some cases the time between I see the hit and the time before I see the guy collapsing can be at least a 1/3rd of a second. There were other instances where I hit the guy 3 times in CQB before he even fired his weapon, and he one taps me and the best case scenario is a trade. There are also instances where I kill a guy and he shoots back a burst at me AFTER he died. V12 also introduced a server lag, where all players on the server lagged for a second at some times, which was fixed in V13, but now instead of the server lag, I get FPS stuttering at the most inconvenient times and I have a 7700K and a GTX 1080 so not like Im tryin to run the game on a potato, and this didn't happen in V11 or earlier versions. Talil is one of the most boring maps ever, but to be fair Skorpo is one of the best maps in the game, Destruction is also good, but invasion and especially random invasion is exactly what I predicted it to be, defenders go to the second flag, and play minecraft, then they just camp their superfob which is in the capzone. Not fun at all. Random AAS has potential, but the execution is horrible ATM. First the capture zones should be marked (physically, not on the map), so if you scout, you can find and identify where the next objectives will be. By marking it I mean a simple stuff like a flag like in BF Conquest, or some kind of a radio/HQ or something, so you know when you found it. The biggest Issue with RAAS is however that it doesn't care about map design, I noticed this on Gorodok when basically we steamrolled the enemy team, and we attacked 2 objectives I think they were (but Im not sure) boar hunter's and western spy farm where we had no cover on concealment whatsoever. They have seen us coming from far away, and we had no cover to work with, apart from some very thin trees. And yes we had mortars firing smoke at us, but it didn't help much, and yes we were pushing from multiple directions. Lastly V14 didn't fix the FPS stuttering and the hitreg, but it didn't break anything else either, which is nice I guess. To me it feels like Offworld released V12 in a hurry to get the tanks into the game as soon as possible, and didn't care how many other stuff the update breaks in the meantime, and it has been over 7 months, and the issues introduced with V12 are still in the game.
  13. Suppression

    You can only compensate bad positioning with good aim, if you are playing against a bad team, a better team will onetap you, giving you no chance to react. So if you play against a team that has good players, positioning is even more important. I'd say you can compensate bad positioning with good aim in pub games more. Competitive games are faster, because everyone has a job, and everyone does their job, and you don't have to waste time with useless crap like asking a rando to take the medic instead of a marksman etc, or do a logi run. Its like a well oiled machine, faster because of the more competent players, game and it's mechanics are still the same.
  14. Suppression

    I play squad as a competitive game, I am a part of a competitive team, I participate in competitive matches on a weekly basis. I played squad with and against the best teams out there (and also some of the worst). While hitting your shots is very important, much more important than missing... sorry I meant to say suppressing your targets. However tactics matter more in a competitive game, much more than in a pub game, I think I can safely say that I experienced more teamplay in Squad than some of the commenters here ever will. @Phoenixstorm HLL has the blur on top of increased sway and aimpunch, yes I didn't had the skill to see in that game, doesn't matter, I got my money back, maybe I will spend it to learn to read Braile, probably will enjoy it more too. In pub games MGs are more common than in comp games, fortunately headshotting an MG is easy, especially if you are not suppressed. But as I said, before, MGs and Marksmen are very situational kits, so they aren't that common in higher level games, because you can choose a different kit which has usefuly utility and still can do 95% of what an MG or a Marksman can do.