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  1. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    Yes the hitreg is not as good as it can be, I made a thread about it when V11 launched. But this video is the case of: Mad cuz bad. You were aiming at the doorframe, saw him, adjusted your aim, and then you maybe hit him once, by that time, he just sprayed you down. Edit: Watched your other video, where you sprayed a guy with a m249. You wrote that you hit him in the head, the video shows (at .25 speed) a hit in his right shoulder, and the rest of your shots missed. Again, I don't deny that the hitreg or the netcode has some issues, Squad is my favorite game, but I am not a fanboy. I'm just saying that in your videos the "BS" is not the hitreg or the netcode.
  2. I get that there will be penalties if you don't get healed by a medic. My concern is that a you wipe a full squad and their rally. Then a random rifleman revives the medic, and the medic revives and heals the rest of the squad. Planes would be cool, but I don't see them working properly in Squad. The maps are just too small for dogfights at (or close to) supersonic speeds. The only way I could see them implemented in Squad is a commander ability like in Post Scriptum, but I hate that method, basically click here and enjoy your free kills. I am in favor of everything being player controlled in a multiplayer game, and don't like killstreak type stuff.
  3. For me: 1. Proper anti-aliasing or a whole graphical rework. 2. Better optimization, since V11 it is pretty good, but I think it still could be better, and eliminating server stutters, when all of the players experience a stutter at the same time. 3. More factions, or high quality faction mods would be easily playable, maybe even included in the base game if possible with an update. 4. Better iron sights. In my opinion pretty much every iron sight in the game other than AK style iron sights are useless at longer distances, the front sight are just too thick to be precise with. What I don't want to see: Mostly two things from the previous recap. 1. All classes will be able to revive a dead player, but not heal them. Lets keep reviving and healing the medic's job. 2. Aimpunch style suppression. Increased sway with decreased hold breath time is fine.
  4. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    Please no stat tracking. No need for KD whores. I like the current system. You get to see your stats after the round, then they are gone forever, unless you make a screenshot. Being the change is all easy on paper. But when it comes to the practice, it is hard. When I am playing with my mates, I am usually a rifleman or grenadier since I am good at killing the bad guys, and since we are a clan, everyone knows the game's mechanics, maps, objectives and how the game should be done. But when playing with randoms, oh my god, I can ragequit in seconds. There are 4 rifleman and 2 AR's in the squad, 0-1 medic, everyone is crying for a medic, no one wants to be a medic, but when the SL tells someone to pick up the medic, they just leave the squad. But by far my favorite thing is when you tell your squad (as an SL) to move to the objective, you place a marker, say it in the squad chat, you go there, but your squad won't go there, start dying, and then the brains of the squad says this "We need a rally point". Yes we need a freaking rally point, but I can't place one when there are no squadmates around me. But when I am playing with my clan, all of a sudden everyone is where he needs to be. When random players use up the last rally point, when you say no one spawn at main, since we are taking a logi which can only fit 4 players, and then at least 2 will spawn. The list just goes on. You really need a clan or a community to play this game properly, since randoms are usually useless at best, and a handicap at worst. Maybe because of the language barrier in the EU. I only play on US servers when there are no populated EU servers, and most of the time, when I am an SL on a US server, people are doing what you are telling them to do.
  5. According to Steam spy, there are 500k-1Million owners. https://steamspy.com/app/393380
  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but militia gets one less optic than the brits, and the minimi with susat is bad anyways. Militia gets 2x optic rifleman, Marksman and SL. Brits get 2x marksman, 1x optic rifleman, SL and AR. And the AK has the best iron sights in the game. I really don't think optics give you a huge advantage. Sure it is more useful at longer ranges, but a bad player will be bad, and a good player will be good regardless of their sights.
  7. Current Priority #1

    Anything on fixing the netcode/hitreg? Since the Brits it is very bad.
  8. Aim Punch like Post Scriptum

    Because complaining is easier than getting good.
  9. Aim Punch like Post Scriptum

    Yes lets reward players for their bad aim. WOOOOOO
  10. I liked the Spawn Truck idea, and I also like the rally point system. Spawn trucks keep the whole team together, and you work as a team. In squad with rallies you work together as a Squad . The one thing that I dislike about the spawn trucks, that if one person is dump and places it at a bad and/or exposed position, it really can hurt the whole team. But if people know what are they doing, MSPs work great. I would be happy to see a gamemode or layer in Squad, where there are no rallies, only MSPs.
  11. Field Bandage Glitching

    I found a workaround for bandaging yourself. When you start to bandage yourself, simply double click the right mouse button, and hold down on the second click until the animation is finished.
  12. Squad is currently my favorite FPS game, I have never played such an addictive and epic game game as Squad in my 19 years of gaming. But there are two features that I think would improve the game tremendously. First a reload system rework. You press R once for a reload. You keep the used magazine with the ammo still in it. You press R twice, it would be a speed reload, you loose the magazine and ammo, the reload itself would be louder (magazine falls to the ground) so easier to hear for other players. Advantage would be the faster reload, disadvantage would be the louder sound that it makes and losing the magazine. You press and hold R and a selection wheel would come up, and you could select which used magazine you want to load into your gun, so for example you plan on to go into a building and switch to full auto you can load in a fresh magazine, if you have good cover and firing at a longer range, you can decide to load and use a previously used magazine. Reloading and speed reloading would always load a fresh mag, or if you don't have any, then the next in line (just like now). If you resupply at a vehicle, only your existing magazines would be reloaded. You would not get back the dropped magazines. Resupplying at an ammo crate would give you the dropped magazines back, and reload all the magazines. Oh and I noticed that you need an approve from the SL to resupply at a vehicle. I don't know if it is intentional or not. It doesn't make sense to me, since when you play with randoms, someone may say that he only wants to resupply, then you approve, and then he wastes the vehicle. Making possible to resupply without an approve would prevent those situations, and also situations when I have to explain that I don't want the vehicle, I only want the ammo it has Second feature that I would like to see is that players could use your bandages to patch you up (any role not just medic, however the medic could do if faster, like now in v11.1). The time it takes to patch up a player with his bandage could be longer than patching yourself up, since you would have to find the bandage on the player etc. Even when you are down but not out. This would be helpful if the medic does not have bandages left, or has only one or two and maybe wants to use it on the SL, other medics etc. It could be done with the F key. The game would put a text onto a bleeding player saying "Press F to bandage the player".
  13. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    China is boring for me. I´d much rather see a modern German faction, since post WW2 games usually never have a German faction (PR had, but I can't remember any other game). Or a Czech faction. I'd love to see a G36 or a CZ805 Bren in Squad
  14. V11 Feedback

    Sometimes getting stuck when I am next to a tree. Happens on multiple maps, jump or stance change gets you unstuck. Crashes are seem to be fixed. No one crashed today.