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  1. Teabagging bodies? Disruptive behavior?

    no harm in teabaggin all in good fun.
  2. New Powerline component

    this is a pretty cool addon can't wait to mess with it when i get some time off.
  3. You Throw Like A Girl

    Nade out! ohhh Sh** BAD FRAG BAD FRAG! Run's around like meh hair is on fire.
  4. RallyPoint ► SquadCast Ep1

    Great cast guys!
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone!

    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!
  6. Alpha 3.8 Released

    sweet update! thanks guys!
  7. Sure wish i could be here for this!
  8. Friendly or Foe?

    after awhile u will get use to what the other team looks like, on a side note welcome to Squad my Kanetown Brother!
  9. Squad League Release Party

    I have free time on Tuesday
  10. Trainee squad leader name

    Learn 4 Free
  11. Arma 2 still worth it?

    Yep u can still have fun with arma 2.
  12. Squad League Round 2

    ohhh my this thread...
  13. "Squad League" goes live

    sweet made a account!
  14. The First Vehicle in Squad!

    Looking good u do any tricks?
  15. Performance Update

    I have this card and it runs great