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  1. Low FPS and CPU Usage?

    yes you can put different startup parameters in the steam properties for a game
  2. Low FPS and CPU Usage?

    Recently I downloaded CAM to see my usage and temperature in-game. For some reason the CAM overlay isn't working in squad. I have to alt-tab just to look at CAM but that's beside the point. My CPU is at about 74C at about 30-40% load, which I think something is not right. My CPU is an i7 4790k. My GPU is 61C at 50 to 60% load at around 1900 to 2000 MHz which seems normal. My settings are T+FXAA, Effects High, Shadows Medium, View Distance Medium, and Foliage Low. Everything else not mentioned is off. I usually get around 45-50 in a full server but sometimes in the 60s and 70s if i get lucky and depending on the map. My luanch options are -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -nomansky -maxMem=8000. Thanks.
  3. High End PC: Low Performance

    Haven't checked the CPU temps just because I thought there wasn't a need to but I guess I'll just download MSI Afterburner now. Thinking about getting a new PSU and CPU cooler and try to do some overclocking.
  4. High End PC: Low Performance

    100% I understand it is in alpha and is unoptimized, but my specs are higher than yours and I get nowhere near your fps. Were you in a full server at the time too? I can get great FPS in firing range no matter what settings, I understand that, I just can't maintain it.
  5. High End PC: Low Performance

    https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Sman_109/saved/yNqK8d This is everything in my current setup. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Sman_109/saved/D9GsYJ Here is what I am looking to upgrade to. Just assume that all the rest will be the same as the current setup if there is nothing there. So I am thinking about upgrading my PSU and fan and then venturing into some overclocking Edit* If i set my gpu to prefer maximum performance would I be getting too close to my PSU output?
  6. High End PC: Low Performance

    Ok thanks. Would you like to see my current rig and then a rig that I am looking to upgrade in the near future? Thinking about upgrading but I'm not sure if it will be fully worth it atm because squad is the only game that is struggling a bit and then again it is in alpha.
  7. High End PC: Low Performance

    So just allocating more RAM to about 8 GB for 1600 doesn't make up for lets say about 4 GB 3000 in squad?
  8. High End PC: Low Performance

    So there is no simple fix to higher cpu utilization? Would I solve the RAM problem if i just allocate more to the game?
  9. High End PC: Low Performance

    So while Squad is running in a match, my cpu is at around 35% to 40% utilization. The game is also using only 4.3 gb of ram. Does this sound about right?
  10. High End PC: Low Performance

    Sorry for late response, been busy the past couple of days. Still haven't figured out my problem. I play at 1920x1080. Could windows 8.1 be hindering my performance?
  11. High End PC: Low Performance

    I barely scrape 60 fps in most situations with heavy drops in fire fights. I wouldn't see why my cpu would be struggling with this game even in the state its in now. Never had an issue with this cpu so far. I just feel that something is wrong.
  12. High End PC: Low Performance

    TBH idk what brand my psu is because I got my pc from cyber power a couple of years back on a black friday sale and have upgraded the gpu thats it. Would like to get a nice corsair PSU and then upgrade from there.
  13. High End PC: Low Performance

    Ok thanks for the reply I might need to look into upgrading my psu then if it draws more power I'm not too sure about the oneIi have now.
  14. High End PC: Low Performance

    I recently have been playing Squad alot and I usually get around 50 fps on low in fire fights. I hear that setting Squad to "high priority" in the task manager boosts fps and setting your gpu to "prefer maximum performance" instead of "optimal power" helps aswell. My main question is that if using these settings are safe for your computor. I don't want to harm my computor in any way by using these settings but I want to get a higher fps. I have never had FPS problems with this pc besides this game. I know that the game is in alpha and is unoptimized, but i still feel that i should be getting better performance with my rig. After each update I clear my cache too. For a while now I've been thinking that something is wrong because I never have difficulty running a game with my setup. Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6gb of vram Intel i7-4790K 4.00 Ghz 16 gb of ram windows 8