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  1. Texas Tough is a newly created server meant to bring noobs and veterans together and enjoy the highly tactical game of squad. It's an 80 slot server out of Dallas, Texas, USA. The server rotation includes Kokan, Chora, Narva, Fool's Road, Al Basrah, Sumari, Yehorivka, Gorodok, Fool's Road, and Logar Valley in the game modes of AAS, PAAS, and Invasion. I am currently looking for good leadership to help me run and manage Texas Tough. Whether you are a clan or just a guy looking to call something home, you can find me on discord at @=TEX=SnazzLord#3228. Website - texastough.xyz Discord - https://discord.gg/aUMJUgQ Server - https://squad-servers.com/server/4212/
  2. Hey Squadmates. I am making a new server and I need some people or clans that play frequently with a good leadership mentality for possible co owners moderators and or admins