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  1. Almost 11 GB at 1440p 1.5x is nutty. I've heard of people running fairly demanding titles at nearly 8k res for that much, Squad definitely eats up the VRAM. Do you notice any difference in FPS/VRAM between your custom settings and the presets? IE if you go all low/off in Custom then select the low preset? If you have a 1080 Ti with 11GB then that makes me even more curious..
  2. Looked through my settings today and noticed that while my GPU usage was only 80% and CPU usage was at 35% my VRAM was maxed out. I have a 970 and know that using the full 4GB VRAM causes issues, so I wanted to get it under 3.5 GB. I had my 'optimized' settings with some high, some medium, some low, and most 'off', and when I turned it down to even the lowest settings on "Custom" my VRAM stayed pegged at 4GB and frames hovered at 40-50 even though it looked relatively awful. It was only when I used the "Low" preset that my VRAM more than halved down to 1.7 GB and my frames shot up to a steady 80-90 with a full 78 man server on Gorodok. Even though it looked the same (I wait until it re-renders on each change but effectively they are both the same settings) the frames nearly doubled. After testing out Medium and High I found that I can run the Epic preset with my little 970 and still hold roughly the same frames as my custom settings and the game looks FAR better. "High" looks alright but I kind of questioned when people called this game beautiful until I played Gorodok on Epic. It really does look amazing. There is a catch - if you want to run Low/Med/High/Epic preset you must run them as is. Changing any settings reverts it back to custom and can increase VRAM, which in my case causes issues. Despite dipping into the 30s and 40s occasionally, which still occurred on my lower custom settings, the game not only looked much better, but felt better and my shots landed more often (likely due to clarity of target). It may have been a placebo effect or simply due to no longer being at 4GB VRAM but I'll take it either way. Setup CPU : 4790k 4.00 GHz clock GPU : EVGA 970 SSC RAM : 16 GB Res: 2560x1080 Custom (All low/off or medium/high) : 35-50 frames on large maps, 45-60 on smaller maps Low : 80-90 on large maps (Gorodok only tested so far) Medium : 60-75 Gorodok High: 50-65 Gorodok, 65-75 Sumari Epic: 35-55 Gorodok, 60-70 Sumari Cliffs: If you are running "Custom" settings, monitor your VRAM and watch how it changes with the graphics presets. If you can live with things like motion blur, you will likely have a much better looking game at similar FPS. Alternatively you could gain some frames at a similar quality with medium or high presets. 970 owners use the presets only. This may be old news but I have about 300 hours in the game and haven't seen anything about it in any optimization topics. The benefits may be isolated but I still feel like it's useful to bring up. I would also like to poll those with GPUs that have more than 4GB VRAM to see where the ceiling is on "Custom" with all Epic and everything turned on and see how they change with presets. Some people have tested this and noticed no difference - but I can finally hold 60-70 frames on the smaller maps at the highest settings with just a 970. It may seem pretty simple.. "why didn't you just try it to begin with you derp" but I believe the default is High.. then I turned off preferences like Blur and Bloom, and it snowballed from there. I wanted to hold 60 before I realized it wasn't really possible on all maps.. and assumed I wouldn't be turning settings up to get the best experience before I found out about this custom settings issue.
  3. Please implement some system based on merit (note: nothing to do with kills - cap points, revives, heals, etc) that allows a player to become a squad leader after putting in time with support roles. Quite often there are squads with a leader who created it simply because after 20 seconds in the lobby there were no others. This issue has been compounded with locked squads. Some ranking system that emphasizes medics would be best in my opinion. If this system could also be tiered so that highly desirable roles such as LAT, HAT, or Scout - or the least desired by a squad such as marksman - could be locked to new players it would be greatly appreciated. I would like to extend this to vehicles so that a Stryker/BTR/NTLB could only be driven by someone experienced with a logi, transport, or Humvee, but I know this would be more complicated. I essentially want this to be kit bound - I understand in some cases there may be 4-8 new players and they need a squad lead. They would be able to create a squad, but not select the kit, encouraging them to wait or hand off to a more experienced player as soon as possible. Basically - the first 5 games you are locked to medic or rifleman, as if it were a small squad even though it isn't. You might need a certain number of cap points/revives/full games to progress to the next tier which is fire support. I'd like marksman to be after the first 10 games, but the final tier would be squad lead. I know there are a lot of conflicting opinions on a ranking system but some way of measuring games could bring better gameplay. No more asking for medics, no more "we don't need a marksman." An additional system that signifies an experienced squad lead/member I believe would also retain the veteran players. I know people who have played for well over 1000 hours and yet still need to argue the general direction of the team (IE which flag to be at and where to place FOBs) to rookie squad leads and members. Some way of indicating "hey I know what the f*$& I'm doing" would alleviate this. Yes time doesn't always indicate skill, but it's a step in the right direction. If nothing else, make the marksman kit "on SL approval" or improve the accuracy/optics, give them 1 claymore/trip mine, and limit them to 1 per team like the HAT. I like the idea of marksmen but currently they are ineffective and used almost exclusively by new players who just want to lone wolf. Thanks and keep up the great work!