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  1. Improvements to vic system

    So just for clarity sake because I think i'm still confused about your suggestion. If you're in a match and a vehicle gets destroyed what happens in your suggestion? Does your suggestion influence this element like would there be a section of information on the map showing the vehicle had been destroyed or does your suggestion not influence this aspect?
  2. Improvements to vic system

    Are you suggesting that this information comes for free? With out any recon? Doesn't seem realistic to have access to this information unless I am misunderstanding your point.
  3. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    I agree that certain elements will benefit from having all the content in the game. But other elements won't and should not require all the content to be in before it gets examined like the current state of how boring the logi truck is to play.
  4. Climb-down hotkey, please!!!

  5. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Air drops would be for US, BRIT, and Russian and MAYBE irregular Militia. I discussed the drawbacks in my original post and agree that they should have some drawbacks. Insurgent and (Militia if not included in the above) should get something else that is comparable. The only thing I can think of that seems balanced and equal would be a LOGI reinforcement that would be on a 20 min timer a cross the whole team. This ability would be 2 extra logi trucks that a SL could choose the location of the spawn and a TIMER would be present to emulate reinforcements having to drive the truck to that location. The further the decided point away from main base, the larger the timer would be. 1 ACTIVE FOB would be required to perform this ability. So not only would their be a 20 min cool down timer but also a timer for emulating the logi being driven into the location. NOTE* These spawns would super seed what ever the logi truck cap was for that map on that team no mater if the the current logi's were active or destroyed.
  6. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    I appreciate your feedback but this zoom change doesn't make them any less or more soft of a target than they already are, it would just allow more interactive game play and the ability to avoid and keep the truck alive by adding an extra tool of recon for the driver. People driving the logi up to high ground to use the zoom feature and to scout MIGHT happen but I doubt this would really be the case. IF the logi was in a safe position and figuring out its route, it would simultaneously be gathering recon to relay to squad leader. TO ULTIMATELY fix this, if it was SUCH an issue (which I don't believe to be the case) you could just make the zoom half of whatever the real binoculars are. That way it helps the driver but isn't the most useful scout tool. I also disagree with the claim you make about a logi trucks main purpose. Their main job is not to quickly get up fobs. I believe their main purpose is to INSURE that ONE DOES get up, and the binoculars will help with that, insuring the trucks safety by adding a useful recon tool for himself, also you are still definitely going to rely on intel from your squad and the map too, it would just be an extra tool to help. Sometimes the map has incorrect markers so it's not something you can or should rely on for 100 percent result. Also targets move around so there is only so much accuracy to be had in verbal and map marking intel. If you see something with your own eyes that's the best recon you will ever be able to get. Fundamentally the logi just needs something more for the player to do besides mundanely driving around supplies, many people find it boring and this is a really small change that could help with that, maybe not a lot but it would certainly help a little in that regard.
  7. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    @Tartantyco This is an absolutely ludicrous claim and is easily solved by placing a timer on the airdrop or restricting only 1 air drop access for all SL's for a 20 min duration. Meaning each team would only have access to 1 of these every 20 min. That way its useful and addresses key issues but doesn't undermine anything, you'll still want to use the logi to get supplies. Considering it would take time for the air drop to descend to the ground, it gives the enemy plenty of chance to locate and so called "destroy the resource route" which makes it fair because the enemy could locate your fob and if you somehow were not able to secure the package the enemy team could destroy it. EVEN 50 cal fire or a well placed RPG WHILE it's descending could destroy it. embecmom I see you point about this and it's something to consider and i use this method currently but I am talking about binoculars that you would not have to leave the vehicle to use. You would be able to use them while you are sitting in the vehicle. To add more, if you had a scenario where there was 1 driver and 1 passenger, the passenger could use the binoculars while you were driving at full speed giving you intel.
  8. More Map commands for SLs

    I agree give SL's more map tools!
  9. How about not allowing sprint through bushes, just normal walk speed with no stamina penalty. Or if your moving through a bush you are forced to walking speed without the regen of stamina, make the stamina regen neutral so it doesn't go up or down but stays the same for the duration of movement through the bush.
  10. This suggestion really applies mostly to public games that are not organized within a clan setting. But typically logi trucks gets used once at the start of the game and then get left on the map. Resulting in frustrating games where there are logi trucks stranded and no fob up to spawn anywhere. It is a very real reality that public players do not want to be a logi driver as it's game play is inherently "boring". It's funny that one of the most important parts of the game (the logi) is also the most boring. I have 3 Suggestions to help this issue and then everyone can discuss what they think about it. 1. Logi truck drivers and passengers get access to binoculars / and or a zoom function while in the truck. This would provide slightly more interesting game play as the driver would be able to be his own recon of a sense, spotting the best routes to supply fobs away from enemy vehicles and what not. This is a small change that could add some flavor to the logi truck and could help the lack of interesting game play . 2. Air Drop supply: Once every 10-15 min a Squad leader can call in a supply via air drop. Friendlies and enemies would be able to see the air drop descend to the ground and Friendlies would need to secure the airdrop once it lands in order to add the supplies to the fob. This will also give clues to the enemy where the fob location is, as you would have to have the airdrop land within the fob zone to add the supplies. (i imagine this suggestion might be in conflict when helicopter supple runs become a thing but i thought it would be good to bring it up in case.) 3. Allow vehicles to carry a SMALL amount of construction supplies depending on the vehicle and its realistic caring size. (example: striker/warrior/BTR could carry 800 construction. MRAP/MTLB/ could carry 400 supply etc. numbers could be adjusted for what ever balance was needed.) This change addresses the issue of the logi having TOO MUCH emphasis placed on it as the only way to supply fobs. It's still a valuable asset as it would still provide the most amount of supplies in 1 given run but with this change you have some options if logis are stranded. EDIT* I forgot that vehicles already have this ability but just at lesser amounts than I suggested. Hope you like these suggestions, let me know what you think.
  11. V10 release February 5th!

    Anyone know what time it will be released?
  12. Teamwork incentive

    What the hell are these bonuses? Are we playing world of Warcraft? I like the idea of moral bonuses maybe but I think we should keep in the realms of realism. If you're a lone wolf you might also be SCARED SHITTLESS in real life so should we add a bunch of optic gun sway and jitter too?
  13. Teamwork incentive

  14. You must use the door(s) to enter in vehicule

    What about dismounting the vehicle while traveling 40MPH with no consequences
  15. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    What is so unbalanced about that? Are you afraid to use your eyes and search for a rally point? You're fine with the game just magically making the rally disappear if you come "close" to it but never actually see it or find it? You're OK with enemies driving in a vehicle and luckily running over your rally to "magically" make it disappear? Interactive game play is important and this facilitates interactive game play. While enemies are digging the rally you can have spawning disabled, there are many ways to so called "balance" this idea but i think you're just more afraid than anything This is simply just not true, Fobs are still the most important spawn point in the game.