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  1. V10 release February 5th!

    Anyone know what time it will be released?
  2. Teamwork incentive

    What the hell are these bonuses? Are we playing world of Warcraft? I like the idea of moral bonuses maybe but I think we should keep in the realms of realism. If you're a lone wolf you might also be SCARED SHITTLESS in real life so should we add a bunch of optic gun sway and jitter too?
  3. Teamwork incentive

  4. You must use the door(s) to enter in vehicule

    What about dismounting the vehicle while traveling 40MPH with no consequences
  5. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    What is so unbalanced about that? Are you afraid to use your eyes and search for a rally point? You're fine with the game just magically making the rally disappear if you come "close" to it but never actually see it or find it? You're OK with enemies driving in a vehicle and luckily running over your rally to "magically" make it disappear? Interactive game play is important and this facilitates interactive game play. While enemies are digging the rally you can have spawning disabled, there are many ways to so called "balance" this idea but i think you're just more afraid than anything This is simply just not true, Fobs are still the most important spawn point in the game.
  6. I really don't understand this whole "magic rally" label. If enemies come close IT DISAPPEARS.... or wait magic... RP's do not UNDERMINE fobs, FOBS are still the most important spawn point in the game. In my opinion rally points feel really good, they provide fluid game play at the cost of some realism and there are serious penalties if you place one in a bad position. As I said before in one of my earlier replies there should be some interaction from the enemy if they want to terminate your rally point, simply driving over rallys with vehicles is annoying and I think it would provide some excellent game play if enemies were required to dig rally points or do some sort of interaction to make them disappear. Lastly I fail to see those of you trying to compare the rally point system to project reality? If you like that system why not just play that game? Why make squad like PR when its a completely different game?
  7. What about if the whole squad spawns at main base and they all jump in the vehicle? When they arrive it will be no different than if they had just waited for a rally to spawn.
  8. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    I agree with you, this is a cool dynamic in the game. In my personal opinion I think the enemy should have to actually find the rally point and interact with it in some way for it to disappear. Maybe some shoveling or hold down a certain key to dismantle the rally.
  9. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    You lost me right here, I don't understand what you mean by disable it? Can you elaborate on this? Will the rally disappear? When does the rally disappear? Give me the steps it takes to make the rally completely go away.
  10. Please no shovel melee

    Ya but you need some way to "build" things and its a good solution, sometimes you have to give up realism to incorporate game play that flows nicely. I see what you are saying though, maybe they will improve the realism of building and dismantling enemy stuff in the future.
  11. Please no shovel melee

    I understand your perspective but I am under the opinion that the whole point of building defenses is that your teammates are supposed to cover you while you build it. That is the risk you take by building these defenses. Even though I understand it could be frustrating if you don't have teammates doing this for you, but your solution is centralized around 1 man being about to so call "defend himself" while building things, when I believe there should be multiple people helping you defend by pointing their weapons at the enemy while you shovel. Adding shovel melee won't do much to solve this dynamic even though you think it might be "fun". I enjoy the riskiness of shoveling things when i know the enemy is close by, and its also fun to me being the one covering my teammates as they shovel. I'm not so sure your unrealistic analogies connect all that well either, digging enemy fobs is part of the game and to me feels very realistic, if you have a teammate with you covering while you dig that's also realistic, to compare that scenario to "is it realistic/an effective method to kill a solder with a shovel" are 2 very different things.
  12. the Outposts (small FOB)

    I REALLY like this outpost idea.
  13. Please no shovel melee

    I think the point is that the knife is small enough and sharp enough to attack someone in other places where the tactical armor doesn't cover, you have options to point and stick with a knife which a shovel doesn't really give you. Making the knife or a bayonet a bit more effective overall.
  14. Please no shovel melee

    I still don't see how beating someone with a shovel to kill them is a effective method/realistic? Especially if they are wearing any sort of armor and helmet. Sure you could beat someone with a shovel 10-20 times and that could do the job, but do solders in real life rely on their shovel as their main primary melee weapon? I don't think so.
  15. Please no shovel melee

    Well that is a matter of your opinion, My opinion is that it is comical, gimmicky, slightly unrealistic, and other melee weapons/attacks should considered first and are better suited, just my opinion.