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  1. New Revive ability

    Sure that is one opinion as the meta is concerned and is 1 strategy used at only specific times during a match. But you could approach that same tactic with medics that focus on rushing and shooting with the ability to heal themselves and one could argue that you could be just as effective if not more effective at accomplishing the same thing. I have used a medic in this way and killed many players because all you do is trade a few shots, bandage up and heal to full life and you have a higher potential to kill the next guy. Fighting enemy players who are potentially wounded ESPECIALLY if they are using the same strat as you are talking about.. would give the medic a significant advantage (purely speaking in the context of the "meta" you presented). There are many ways to skin a cat. Over the course of an entire match being able to save tickets surly would have an impact as I've seen matches where teams use the strategy you speak about, they control all the flags but one of them and still loose because the other team turtles and used their medics effectively to survive on the last flag. I don't think your example is evidence that a basic rifleman is more effective than a medic, or that the medic isn't impactful in its current stat, I think your example just proves that there are multiple strategies to playing the game which is a good thing.
  2. New Revive ability

    Would you say that being able to fully heal yourself up is not a special ability? I feel like it is, I also happen to think that that element makes the medic one of the strongest classes in the game. Do you also feel bored when playing insurgent and irregular militia with iron sights? The other downside you didn't mention for giving up is loosing a ticket and revive insures that the ticket is not lost which is also a very unique and strong aspect of the medic.
  3. New Revive ability

    Do those that find medic boring because lack of optic feel the same way when playing irregular militia or insurgent and using the iron sight? I would assume your answer might be yes. If that is the case one could argue that these factions are't usually seen with optics (in real life), but I think that could be up for debate. What about medics on irregular and insurgent do they get optics as well? To me where I see this discussion sort of heading to is, there are a lot of players who find not having some sort of optic boring. So is the problem really about just the medic? Or is it about all classes that have iron sights?
  4. Giving the l85A2 new iron-sight

    I really like the Irons on the L85A2.
  5. Removal of marksmen from the game

    I think the Marksman can be useful in situations and should defiantly not be removed from the game no matter how much you dislike it. There are plenty of ways to counter the the marksman and personally as a squad leader that likes to play Recon i will often tell someone to pick marksman if the situation calls for it.
  6. New Revive ability

    I am very sorry I totally misinterpreted your message my bad!
  7. New Revive ability

    Might as well give all classes some form of optic then.
  8. New Revive ability

    The more I think about this change, the more I like it. Thought experiment that made me like this change: You're downed, friendly non medic class revives you, you have low health and stamina, you need to limp to medic on battlefield to heal your health and stamina back, seems slightly more realistic especially with the fact that all players will be able to sort of "stabilize" a downed player and the medic will still be the only class that can heal. Not regening stamina is somewhat realistic too as you would be limping around with your wounds until the medic could patch you up. I think this is a pretty interesting and good change. This probably will never happen, medics are actually one of the strongest classes in the game imo with the ability to self heal so having any sort of zoom option would make them way over powered and undermine some of the other classes that have zoom optics.
  9. Too "realistic"/Slow?

    I would agree that a slight buff between some of the weapon switching and reload times should be reduced incrementally. Start with a small buff at first and see how it goes, i believe only small tweaks are needed here as it feels pretty good but does feel a bit slow.
  10. Improvements to vic system

    So just for clarity sake because I think i'm still confused about your suggestion. If you're in a match and a vehicle gets destroyed what happens in your suggestion? Does your suggestion influence this element like would there be a section of information on the map showing the vehicle had been destroyed or does your suggestion not influence this aspect?
  11. Improvements to vic system

    Are you suggesting that this information comes for free? With out any recon? Doesn't seem realistic to have access to this information unless I am misunderstanding your point.
  12. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    I agree that certain elements will benefit from having all the content in the game. But other elements won't and should not require all the content to be in before it gets examined like the current state of how boring the logi truck is to play.
  13. Climb-down hotkey, please!!!

  14. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Air drops would be for US, BRIT, and Russian and MAYBE irregular Militia. I discussed the drawbacks in my original post and agree that they should have some drawbacks. Insurgent and (Militia if not included in the above) should get something else that is comparable. The only thing I can think of that seems balanced and equal would be a LOGI reinforcement that would be on a 20 min timer a cross the whole team. This ability would be 2 extra logi trucks that a SL could choose the location of the spawn and a TIMER would be present to emulate reinforcements having to drive the truck to that location. The further the decided point away from main base, the larger the timer would be. 1 ACTIVE FOB would be required to perform this ability. So not only would their be a 20 min cool down timer but also a timer for emulating the logi being driven into the location. NOTE* These spawns would super seed what ever the logi truck cap was for that map on that team no mater if the the current logi's were active or destroyed.
  15. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    I appreciate your feedback but this zoom change doesn't make them any less or more soft of a target than they already are, it would just allow more interactive game play and the ability to avoid and keep the truck alive by adding an extra tool of recon for the driver. People driving the logi up to high ground to use the zoom feature and to scout MIGHT happen but I doubt this would really be the case. IF the logi was in a safe position and figuring out its route, it would simultaneously be gathering recon to relay to squad leader. TO ULTIMATELY fix this, if it was SUCH an issue (which I don't believe to be the case) you could just make the zoom half of whatever the real binoculars are. That way it helps the driver but isn't the most useful scout tool. I also disagree with the claim you make about a logi trucks main purpose. Their main job is not to quickly get up fobs. I believe their main purpose is to INSURE that ONE DOES get up, and the binoculars will help with that, insuring the trucks safety by adding a useful recon tool for himself, also you are still definitely going to rely on intel from your squad and the map too, it would just be an extra tool to help. Sometimes the map has incorrect markers so it's not something you can or should rely on for 100 percent result. Also targets move around so there is only so much accuracy to be had in verbal and map marking intel. If you see something with your own eyes that's the best recon you will ever be able to get. Fundamentally the logi just needs something more for the player to do besides mundanely driving around supplies, many people find it boring and this is a really small change that could help with that, maybe not a lot but it would certainly help a little in that regard.