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  1. Air Drop (suggestion) Ammunition

    I feel that in absence of helicopters, this is an interesting suggestion, however, once helicopters do arrive(whenever that is) they should probably be removed. I do feel that the supply flares should be a resource based per team rather than per squad. The team has say, one supply drop every 10(?) minutes with it taking about 1 minute to arrive. After being used by one squad, the supply drop would enter cool down simulating the helicopter or plane or whatever returning to base. However, I do think that the supply should have construction points enough to build a basic, spaw-able fob. The fact that you only get one of these every 10 minutes balances this out I feel, and better emulates modern warfare where supplies don't have to always carried by land. As for insurgency forces, finding a local ammo cache/ picking up junk off the street to build things with, sounds fine, and should probably be less cooldown for insurgent forces 5(?) minutes perhaps. This would emulate how insurgent forces don't rely on supply lines much. That said, if it takes too much work for the devs to implement this, they probably shouldn't even bother, and should focus that time on other more important things, helicopters that drop supplies being just one of those things. This system, in my eyes, is a placeholder for until helicopters come anyways.