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  1. Project Wolfpack Server Up And Operational Location: Chicago, IL 72 Players, All Maps, Most Modes Except Night, Narva Invasion, Infantry, Insurgency, Conquest Website - http://www.projectwolfpack.net/ Discord - https://discord.gg/9GNdYcB Server Conduct While operating on Project Wolfpack servers we encourage teamwork. Those who stray from the team put themselves and those in game with them at a disadvantage. Win or lose, all players must maintain good sportsmanship. We encourage everyone who joins our servers to do their best to hold a positive attitude and be respectful to one another. Server Rules Spamming, trolling, or abusive text/voice chat will not be tolerated. Squad Leaders may kick anyone from their squad for any reason. Squad Leaders must have a microphone. Squad Leaders must speak English. Players must acknowledge teamkills in ALL chat. One man, locked squads, will not be tolerated. Racism, sexism, or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. AFK players will be kicked after a period of time to allow active players to join. Use assets appropriately. All players must join a squad prior to spawning. Maintain server balance, no team-stacking. Ban Lengths Players will be warned for minor offenses. The following is the general expected outcome for breaking a rule. 1st Offense - 1 Week 2nd Offense, Teamkilling, Ghosting - 1 Month 3rd Offense, Hacking, Gross foul behavior (Racism, sexism, etc) - Permanently All reports, ban appeals, and/or complaints are handled through our discord. Contact a Clan Founder or Staff Member for administrative help.
  2. Project Wolfpack

    Still actively recruiting any mature, 18+ individuals who want to have coordinated, tactical team play. We are daily working on improving ourselves and the structure of Project Wolfpack. Don't Be A Lone Wolf, Join The Pack Today! http://www.projectwolfpack.net/