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  1. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Oh, it has become too gamey you say? Those small changes that most of the community could "live with", as they made the game more accessible and drew a larger playerbase, are now so many that they can't be ignored? The fast pace, everyone can revive, and infinite rally has turned the game into a lone wolf CoD vs BF simulator? Wow... who could possibly have seen this coming? It's not like this has ever happened to an early access shooter before... right?
  2. Iron Sights

    @Chewy I am with you, my iron sighted brother. IMO the AK iron sights in particular are preferable over any Russian scopes, unless you expect the majority of engagements to be at long range.
  3. In the matter of fall damage

    Intentionally used four times in the second chunk of text as the former and following explains why you should never... Victimized? Also, explain how what I wrote is emotional appeal...? Actually, don't bother. Or do. I don't give a sh!t. Want some victimization? Another forum I am done with. The cognitive malfunction is just too overpowering. Just as well. I am moving, and selling my rig anyways, so why should I spend (waste) another second of my life in this sub-par envitonment. Good luck to all of you who try to turn this ship around. I'll probably buy another rig in a year or two. I'll check out the result then. Out...
  4. In the matter of fall damage

    Ok. So you basically want players jumping off two story building rooftops. Because what you are proposing is more or less the same penalties that we have now for jumping from some 2,5 meters, but from 5 meters instead. So it's got nothing to do with the actual penalty itself, bandaging and damage, but rather the height. You want a more BF4 - arcade - jumping around on rooftops - type - game. Understood. This right here is why you, developers, or anyone for that matter, should never, under any circumstances whatsoever, listen to someone proposing even the most minor change in a more casual direction. Because there never is a rational thought behind it. It has never been, and will never be, anything other than emotional appeal. When you start breaking down ideas and suggestions that argues for a more forgiving game, and I literally mean every single idea and suggestion that has ever been presented, you can apply the very same rational dissection as I just did and the result will always (again, I really mean always like in no exception - every single time - always) be that it's nothing but emotional appeal. I don't know why this is so difficult for so many to grasp. It's similar to the flat earth conspiracy. You could present a million infallible examples and practically testable scenarios, but the answer would still be the same; "But it wouldn't be fun and drive the player base away". You ask why, and the answer would be; "Because emotional appeal." I made a post about his some time ago. How developers shouldn't listen to the community, and why player feedback (other than bug testing) is a very bad idea. That thread got shut down with... well guess?! You got it... emotional appeal
  5. In the matter of fall damage

    I would look at it this way... Realism will not be achieved either way. We are simply not there yet. Scale, physics, ballistics, damage model, health and medical treatment, etc in Squad (or any game for that matter) is at a "monkeys cracking nuts open with rocks" - stage. As developers are decades upon decades away from creating realistic experiences (we are talking the Matrix here), they will have to resort to trickery, smokescreens, almost a magician's approach with deception and cunning "sleight of hand" methods, to suspend the players' disbelief to the point where they feel engaged and immersed. So what we are looking for isn't realism, but maybe a somewhat authentic visual and audible representation of a modern battlefield. There are so many different ways, and already so many available mechanics, to achieve this "authenticity". IMO, the game could be released right now, but with an entirely different set of rules and tweaks to existing game mechanics, and it could probably pull off simulating an authentic experience. The game really doesn't need much more in regards to content. The potential for extraordinary gaming experiences, that would suspend your disbelief beyond anything you've experienced before, is already there. However, it would require real engagement from all players. You know, sh!t, if someone made a mod of the mod Brutal Doom in which they slowed down player movement, created some sandbox type maps, added some CTF type of game mechanics, and just threw the right type of people into a 40 player Team-CTF-Deathmatch, they could probably immerse themselves into this very crude, pixelated environment to the point where they suspend all disbelief. It's more in the hands and head of the actual player than in the game itself. Our imagination is what creates the experience. Even the best looking games today would not even fool a 12th century peasant it was "reality". We are the ones to willingly and actively immerse ourselves into these experiences. So what does Squad need to stick out more than it does? To live up to its fullest potential? It needs a very strong incentive to utilize all the available tools given to squad leaders, medics, and grunts alike. When you spawn in you need to feel a strong connection to your avatar, the role you have been given, and your task at hand. You need to feel like you are part of something bigger. You need reason to invest yourself in this experience, and the people you play with. Being able to jump off rooftops will do absolutely nothing to incentivize this engagement. It will only encourage more lone wolf Rambo-type gameplay. This game is already on a runaway train heading for the arcade shooter section of Steam's 2020 summer sale. Why implement a mechanic that will do nothing but chuck more coal into the locomotive's burner? What we need is an unforgiving game. Brutally ruthless for those who wants to solo-rush to the firefight and get a couple of kills. Sadistically merciless towards those that do not understand the concept of teamwork and communication. Anyone who joins a server to snag a marksman kit and run off in to the woods should not want to play this game. I am sorry for going off the rails here... not sure where I am going with this. I guess what I am trying to get to is; The least of our concerns should be graphical and physical gimmicks. They are just that. Gimmicks. So what if it's a little silly needing to bandage when you've fallen from a high structure? Again, suspension of disbelief. Maybe you hit your face on your weapon's stock when you hit the ground. The reason for that mechanic being in place is to discourage players from trying all kinds of BF4 moves in-game, because it has no place in Squad. I am sure it's a placeholder for something else in the future. Maybe an animation, an updated damage- and health model, whatever. End rant...
  6. In the matter of fall damage

    I disagree. I would not want to encourage jumping off of rooftops in Squad. I do agree that the bandaging is a bit silly, but I wouldn't mind seeing an increase in fall damage (without the bleeding) when jumping from a certain height. Leaping off a 2,5 meter high object, strapped with military gear, should be discouraged as much as possible. You would never see real life soldiers do stupid shit like that, as a sprained ankle would mean an incapacitated soldier.
  7. Bad game culture at the moment

    That's actually a good summary. Every single spawn needs to be transported, in one way or the other, to the front lines. The munitions, or whatever is supposed to be the cost of a ticket spawned outside of main, might at first be delivered to a FOB intentionally positioned far back from danger, and transport trucks and apcs would carry most of the assaulting manpower from there. Later on, if your team pushes through and makes progress, logis might drive between the first FOB and one placed further up. But still, every single ticket is initially transported from main. With such a system in place, these transport routes could essentially be the most important aspect of the entire battlefield, worth protecting with patrolling apcs (simultaneously transporting troops), and possibly stationed troops in ambush hot-spots. If the logistics are compromised, the front lines are compromised. (remember that this goes both ways, so before we start screaming that we don't want to protect logi-routes, remember you could just as well be on the other side of the coin ATTACKING logi-routes) At the moment Squad, a modern military shooter, is being played as a war of attrition, which has not been a thing for about 100 years now. Ok, so be it, it's a game. Killing and dying should be a big part of it. But if we are playing a war of attrition, then let's play a war of attrition in which effective logistics is the difference between winning and losing.
  8. Bad game culture at the moment

    Either you have not fully comprehended how the suggested "mobile spawn" would be implemented (without rallies etc), as it would definitely slow down game play significantly, make each ticket more valuable, necessitate much more thorough and comprehensive communication both between SLs and squad members, etc etc etc... or you will have to explain further how you believe it would speed things up in comparison to something else... !? I think if you just sift through those posts again, you might read them differently and see the intention. There is nothing mediocre about it. Bring back instant death, 50 cal+ instant death, medic revive only, all that jazz - yes, all day long, and I think the majority of posters in this thread feel the same. I think in this case you are preaching to the choir. Or barking up the wrong tree, depending on how you look at it.
  9. Bad game culture at the moment

    I would like to see, or at least try, that system in a game where there are no rallies and limited spawn capabilities on FOBs (maybe just one HAB per team). Like @pinko said in one post; "Movement across the map should look like an RTS game capped at 50 supply" However, I do understand that this will probably never happen, so it's just food for thought.
  10. Bad game culture at the moment

    Yeah, he's spittin' dat good shiet at the moment. I really like the idea of having mobile spawn points, as in a transport truck with set amount of uniforms in it. To restock uniforms, drive back to main or nearest FOB and collect munitions, maybe 20 per ticket or something like that. A system like this would encourage to set up hidden supply FOBs in tactically advantageous positions, and truly encourage a constant logistics detail in order to keep the troops close to the front line. Some find it hard to believe, as they are only viewing things from their own personal preference, but I for one would find it pretty damn exciting to efficiently deliver and transport munitions or manpower around the battlefield for an entire match.
  11. Here come the girls part 2

    Hell yeah! I still find it quite refreshing to hear a female voice in-game every once in a while. For an "old" gamer like me, who didn't see a single girl in a multiplayer game for about 10-15 years (maybe they were there but in disguise), running into a girlgamer in-game is a welcome addition. I try to behave as neutral as possible, almost overcompensating in neutrality to balance out the occasional "ArE yOu A gIIIrl, hihihi!?!?!" - thirstboy encounter they might have. Had a girl in my squad the other day. Seen her around a couple of times. Best K/D in the squad. As @pinko said, support women in gaming! It's got nothing to do with feminism, gender fluidity, or whatever it's called these days. I do the same with squeeky voices, as long as they "behave". Good guy SL - "In my squad you are all equally worthless"
  12. Bad game culture at the moment

    The closest I have come to a moment like that in Squad was this one time when I managed to get my entire squad to actually hold fire for once, and we more or less crawled around an enemy infested area. We located their HAB, and everyone got into position in a hedgerow / treeline overlooking the enemy HAB. We had a good mortar squad on our team, so I marked the HAB and asked them to send one shell for confirmation. Perfect hit! "Perfect splash!! Give 'em hell boys, give 'em hell!!!" "Hold your fire boys until the shells start dropping" in local voice. Moments later the shells were dropping accurately and consistently and all of us opened fire simultaneously. It was an absolute slaughter. Memorable moment. It would have been even better if those ferocious 30-40 seconds of absolute carnage would have meant more than it actually did in the end. With the right set of rules and game mechanics implemented in Squad, this would not be a one time in hundreds of hours of gameplay-moment. I think most players simply fail to realize this. They don't see the big picture. They wanna spawn and shoot, not build up to that moment and have that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment wash over them. Maybe not because they "don't want to", but because they do not realize the potential.
  13. Bad game culture at the moment

    Those moments of respite are among my favorites. You and your squad have just accomplished your mission, to secure and capture an objective. A sigh of relief, and a hell yeah in local voice. "Alright boys, I want a 360 defense. Check your map, cover any vulnerable angle". Then you have a moment to chat a bit in local and bond with the guy next to you. Spit some USMC movie clichés, have a laugh. Keep an eye on the map, how things develop around the next objective, trying to come up with a plan for your next move, while the guys pick off a couple of stragglers, successfully defending the objective. It's a complete mind f*ck to me how often players lack the attention span to chill for 3-4 minutes before the next move, or the next incoming assault. (excuse me if I spam the thread, but I am at work and having a slow night)
  14. Bad game culture at the moment

    I guess I have found myself another brutha! Good to see "we" are still out there, even if a very small minority.
  15. Bad game culture at the moment

    @Nightingale87 I am going to paint a picture of a short scenario, one of many events that "could" take place during a match. You are leading a squad. You command a nine man squad and a logi-truck. Your objective is to push up north through an Afghani type landscape, with poppy fields, hedgerows, and small ridges dividing these fields. You have Bravo, consisting of six soldiers, pushing north slowly and in cover, as you, the logi-truck, and the remaining two grunts trail about 100-150 meters behind. Bravo tries to push through and over a field-dividing strip of elevated ground, they take fire from the north somewhere. "Cover, COVER!!!" is shouted in local voice, and Bravo retreats and takes cover. The FTL realizes that the enemy has a good fix on their position, so he commands two guys to push west along cover while the other four moves east, to avoid being hit by enemy artillery that could be dropping within 40-50 seconds. If their medic is taken out, their fighting capability is greatly reduced. Not taking any chances. The FTL radios back to you, informing you of the situation. You tell him to pin-point the enemy position as you find a good spot, throw up a radio and two mortars. The FTL orders the two guys pushing west to fire and maneuver, direction west-north west, to draw attention while they try to locate the enemy. You are set up, mortars directed in the general direction and estimation of the enemy position, ready to fire. It's pretty quiet, other than the occasional couple of rounds being fired. All of a sudden your FTL shouts out coordinates, marks on map, "Unload hell, squad lead". You relay given information, make sure mortars are accurate, and tell the guys to let 'em fly. "Sending 12 shells" you report back. Some time later, you hear the splashes, closely followed by small arms fire. A moment of silence. "Enemy squad wiped, clear to move up". Confirmation, pack up mortars, dig down radio, let's go. These types of moments were what I was hoping for, and expected. Those hopes and expectations are long gone, my friend. Long gone.