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  1. Squad Leader 101

    @Vance I am with you, almost every step of the way. Sometimes the SL has to take point to get the pendulum swinging. As soon as the squad is doing what it is supposed to, then SL can retreat and keep a rally going. It's a delicate balance imo, but generally SL should stay back as much as possible. Too often you will see SLs running to their imminent death, and for no good reason. That's what the K/D king-rifleman is for.
  2. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    I think this is being a little too pessimistic, and I am usually the pessimistic type. I am not saying the percentages are way off, but look at it from a music industry point of view. 1% of the US market and you are a successful platinum selling artist. 5% of the global market is a big deal, and do we really need more? Make the best game, with the PR vision in mind, and those dedicated 5% is more than good enough to keep servers populated, and would probably offer a much better experience for everyone playing. Edit; This is not a micro transaction game. The "casuals" who buys the game still adds to the revenue, and if they choose not to stay... well, I could not give less of a sh*t.
  3. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    @MultiSquid, maybe new players just need a little time to adapt? The lone wolf commando types will not find Squad enjoyable in the long run, so I don't think we'll see them around in a not too distant future. I am trying to get some of my friends to start taking on the role of squad leaders, so we can create a couple of squads and effortlessly coordinate ourselves and the team. They are a bit reluctant tho, as being squad leader is a bit intimidating.That's what clan members should do. If they have a couple of natural born SLs that is.
  4. Mortars FTW

    I am not a mortar team type of guy, but writing it down on paper just seems more Rambo. Keep it up Comanche6 !
  5. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Hopefully the influx of players who just do random stuff without being asked to, or just out of pure disobedience, is temporary. As new players learn, and players who are just not cut out for Squad leave, I think things will change. However, I have mentioned this a couple of times; If you do a good enough job as SL, communicate with other SL's with respect and a bit of knowledgeable authority, you can change the pace and outcome of a game all on your own. I do not know how servers in the Americas are, but on the European ones it is actually possible to take on "commander role" in most matches, if it is needed. Like someone said in a recent new post, be the change. That's all we can do for now. I hope the devs won't try to balance, or change the roles too much in favor of "balancing" or an enforced type of gameplay, or whatever, to get the final product we are hoping for. Let's do it as a community!
  6. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I play as squad leader. In the beginning I dreaded the role, as I had no idea of what to do or how to do it, but once I figured out the basics it has been what I play as 9 / 10 matches. It was just too painful to follow a lost squad leader around, and listening to half the squad trying to direct said squad leader. I am pretty good at taking control of a situation, without being aggressive or condescending to my squad or other squad leaders (as so many are on EU servers, unfortunately). I also paint a bigger picture for my squad, letting them know the purpose of our actions, so if shit goes south I do not need to go ape shit over comms. The guys know what to do already. In the beginning it was quite stressful to play as SL. Now I find it more relaxing than playing as a grunt. If it gets too hectic I can just take cover somewhere and focus on strategy and communication with other SLs for a while. Often SLs do not communicate enough (sometimes way too much) and the team as a whole just fails miserably, as no one knows what is going on. Stepping aside and acting "commander" every now and then is usually helpful. If I join a late game, I sign up as medic. If you do a good enough job as a medic, you can actually tell the difference your actions make. Also, playing as a medic, staying constantly updated on your squad members positions, gives you a slightly different perspective on what is going on. It's just a little more purposeful and rewarding than playing as a grunt.
  7. As SL, at the start of each game I instruct the squad to more or less stay of comms completely, unless we are widely separated and it is an absolute emergency, and to use local voice communication only. This has a real game changing effect on how the squad works together. As you call out enemy contact, often you do not even have to call out directions as the guys around you will hear where you are, and where shots are coming from, and the brain will work the rest out by itself. It feels like there is more camaraderie in the squad, and more joking around between the guys without it cluttering comms. Even assigning logi runs and such is more intuitive and is not questioned or ignored as often when you are telling one of your guys locally, which I guess is making it more personal and therefore the player is not questioning my "authority". The best part about it is that the squad is working closely together as a unit, and this without you having you tell the squad to do so. They have to, as they need to be not more than 20-30 meters away from the next guy in the squad to be able to communicate. From my experience, the squad is performing a hell of a lot better this way. If, after some time, squad members start to use comms for small-talk again, just remind them to stay off comms and they will do so. I have on several occasions heard my squad members in local voice tell the guy on comms to stay off it, as they too see the benefits of not cluttering comms. Naturally, this also makes my job as SL a lot easier, as communication with other SLs is not disrupted by chatty squad members. Get on it, SLs. Edit; If you have two guys in a BTR or equivalent, comms with them and coordinating attacks is also much more effective, and it gives the comms a more purposeful meaning.
  8. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Scandinavian "militia". Even tho the following military units are part of the each country's defense forces, they primarily focus on guerrilla warfare. Danish Special forces / rangers (Jaegerkorpset in an archipelago setting), or Swedish rangers (preferably Kustjägare in a archipelago setting or Fjälljägare in an arctic setting), or Finnish rangers (Sissi troops, I think they are called, in an arctic setting).

    I think a lot of seasoned players, playing most hardcore shooters being developed at the moment, are looking for that truly hardcore experience. That almost masochistic DayZ-feeling when getting killed, which brings a hell of a lot more reward to when you actually accomplish something. I am one of those. I, for one, would not mind 5 min re-spawn delay, travel time, or having to do a lot of manual labor in game, as long as it is for the greater good of the team. But look at forum reactions when ideas like that are mentioned. A lot of players would lose their shit. "OOOOOH MYYY GAAAAAAWWWWWWD!!!!! This is soooooo boring!! Duuuuuh, now I have to wait for my turn to have fun again!!" The lack of commitment to anything, except K/D, loot, or progression awards, is a serious decadence in gaming today. If a game like Squad would have been released 15 years ago, when mostly "true nerds" played video games, gameplay would have been serious as f*ck. These days every other person has a gaming rig at home, sometimes just for the lack of other interests, and might not take the time to commit to what they are playing. It is just a casual thing for them. Hence the term "casuals". Me, I have a limited time to play due to work, exercise, trying to cook food and eat healthy, etc, and will therefore invest more of myself into whatever I am playing, when I finally have the time to do so. I am also looking for a truly exciting experience. The "casual" who spends 8+ hours in front of his/her rig every day is more likely to have a short attention span, and need a constant flow of awards (flashy things on screen) and whatnot to keep interest. (Hardcore and casual gamers are IMO not defined by time spent gaming. Other aspect come in to play here.) Just me writing off the top of my head. I have no studies backing this up, or have not given it much thought either. Just a feeling.
  10. Like mentioned before, some people just lack the social intelligence to be good SLs, and it doesn't matter if they are Squad Colonel level 3000 in terms of knowledge and time in game. I can get quite aggressive over squad comms at times, but only if another squad leader seems completely lost, and then it's usually personal numpad communication, and is more of a "Squad lead (no), do you have a mic, do you speak English, do you hear when we are trying to communicate with you? SQUAD LEAD (no), DO YOU COPY?"-thing. They usually respond, when I do my best pissed off Gunnery Sgt Hartman impression, and we can then establish some kind of communication, and sort out any misunderstandings quite efficiently, without cluttering the SL comms. I also always thank other SLs when complying, or loud and clear acknowledge compliance if asked to do something I agree with. Keep all radio communications short and simple, yet very clear. "Eeeh", "uuhm", "soooooooo...", etc, has no place in comms. Pressing B or G without already knowing what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it, is a big no-no in my opinion. The other SL's and your squad will do a hell of a lot better if they can focus on what they are doing, and not having to listen to your purposeless small-talk and stammering. When SL's feel the need to discuss a proposed idea or strategy over comms for a longer period of time, it is nothing but a nuisance, and is not helping the team in any way. Abusive SL's, trying to dictate the entire match, screaming and shouting at everyone and everything, are equally ineffective. I am at work, and have had to step away from this post like 7 times, so I have no idea what my point was...
  11. The best game you've ever had - (Kills)

    I rarely play as anything other than SL, and when I do I prefer to play as medic, so how I judge my own performance differs a little bit. As medic: I can not remember the final stats down to the decimal, but roughly 3-5 deaths, 12-15 kills, 25+ revives, in a squad that was leading an offensive rally point-fight the entire match. Got complemented for being an awesome medic. Felt pretty damn good.
  12. I am pretty damn tired of this argument in every single hardcore shooter forum... (video removed) Chest plate hit from a SVD (most likely). Anyone feel the need to continue the argument that getting hit by a 7.62x54 round doesn't make you flinch? Edit; Just please stop with the absolute horseshit that you walk around like it's a sunny summer day, eating ice cream and balancing an egg on your head when taking 7.62, even 5.56 or 5.45, for that matter, in your chest plate. I am, like so many others, just sick to death of that infantile argument.
  13. I don't know if my CPU loads the map slower than most, but in my experience it is never more than 120 sec, and quite often 30 secs or so before it is time to move out. Also, since I am usually first or second to create a squad, it does not only seem to be on my end. Edit; Sorry for spamming... 2 glasses of wine in to my day drunk. See you out there.
  14. This, however, is an interesting point. Not sure how I feel about it, but there is something to it. Though, the back cap part can often lead to victory or the demise of a team, and as Squad is supposed to be a game based on communication and tactics, it is also a testament to what team plays the game most efficiently.
  15. If only it was that simple. I don't know what servers you play on, but on the European ones it is a total shit storm in about 9/10 matches. I do squad lead, and I am usually the one who will have to repeatedly, and with a ton of authority, tell the other squad leaders to defend objectives, not waste everybody's time in utterly useless positions, that they should not set up a new FOB and build a HAB with 30 tickets left, etc. I do not know how many times I have called out my squad to cap the initial to objectives, but still have two other squads on those same objectives. I do not know how many times the SLs have decided on a FOB in a very specific location, just to have another squad set one up 200 m behind, ****ing everything up, for everybody. If you can not relate to this, then you must only be playing on clan and / or milsim servers. Most of us do not. Oh my gaaawd, have to wait 5 minuters since last match ended!?!?!?! What am I gonna do with ALL this time... I can feel life slipping through my fingers!! The horrror!!! THE HORRRRROOORRRRR!!!!! Edit; If you can not relate to this, but play on public servers, you do not squad lead.