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  1. Bad game culture at the moment

    The closest I have come to a moment like that in Squad was this one time when I managed to get my entire squad to actually hold fire for once, and we more or less crawled around an enemy infested area. We located their HAB, and everyone got into position in a hedgerow / treeline overlooking the enemy HAB. We had a good mortar squad on our team, so I marked the HAB and asked them to send one shell for confirmation. Perfect hit! "Perfect splash!! Give 'em hell boys, give 'em hell!!!" "Hold your fire boys until the shells start dropping" in local voice. Moments later the shells were dropping accurately and consistently and all of us opened fire simultaneously. It was an absolute slaughter. Memorable moment. It would have been even better if those ferocious 30-40 seconds of absolute carnage would have meant more than it actually did in the end. With the right set of rules and game mechanics implemented in Squad, this would not be a one time in hundreds of hours of gameplay-moment. I think most players simply fail to realize this. They don't see the big picture. They wanna spawn and shoot, not build up to that moment and have that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment wash over them. Maybe not because they "don't want to", but because they do not realize the potential.
  2. Bad game culture at the moment

    Those moments of respite are among my favorites. You and your squad have just accomplished your mission, to secure and capture an objective. A sigh of relief, and a hell yeah in local voice. "Alright boys, I want a 360 defense. Check your map, cover any vulnerable angle". Then you have a moment to chat a bit in local and bond with the guy next to you. Spit some USMC movie clichés, have a laugh. Keep an eye on the map, how things develop around the next objective, trying to come up with a plan for your next move, while the guys pick off a couple of stragglers, successfully defending the objective. It's a complete mind f*ck to me how often players lack the attention span to chill for 3-4 minutes before the next move, or the next incoming assault. (excuse me if I spam the thread, but I am at work and having a slow night)
  3. Bad game culture at the moment

    I guess I have found myself another brutha! Good to see "we" are still out there, even if a very small minority.
  4. Bad game culture at the moment

    @Nightingale87 I am going to paint a picture of a short scenario, one of many events that "could" take place during a match. You are leading a squad. You command a nine man squad and a logi-truck. Your objective is to push up north through an Afghani type landscape, with poppy fields, hedgerows, and small ridges dividing these fields. You have Bravo, consisting of six soldiers, pushing north slowly and in cover, as you, the logi-truck, and the remaining two grunts trail about 100-150 meters behind. Bravo tries to push through and over a field-dividing strip of elevated ground, they take fire from the north somewhere. "Cover, COVER!!!" is shouted in local voice, and Bravo retreats and takes cover. The FTL realizes that the enemy has a good fix on their position, so he commands two guys to push west along cover while the other four moves east, to avoid being hit by enemy artillery that could be dropping within 40-50 seconds. If their medic is taken out, their fighting capability is greatly reduced. Not taking any chances. The FTL radios back to you, informing you of the situation. You tell him to pin-point the enemy position as you find a good spot, throw up a radio and two mortars. The FTL orders the two guys pushing west to fire and maneuver, direction west-north west, to draw attention while they try to locate the enemy. You are set up, mortars directed in the general direction and estimation of the enemy position, ready to fire. It's pretty quiet, other than the occasional couple of rounds being fired. All of a sudden your FTL shouts out coordinates, marks on map, "Unload hell, squad lead". You relay given information, make sure mortars are accurate, and tell the guys to let 'em fly. "Sending 12 shells" you report back. Some time later, you hear the splashes, closely followed by small arms fire. A moment of silence. "Enemy squad wiped, clear to move up". Confirmation, pack up mortars, dig down radio, let's go. These types of moments were what I was hoping for, and expected. Those hopes and expectations are long gone, my friend. Long gone.
  5. Bad game culture at the moment

    Hey buddy, Man, I don't want to follow those threads. It would give me an aneurysm pretty damn fast, as the arguments to remove anything trying to simulate authentic combat never have any form of logical reasoning behind them. It's just the usual "waaaah... it's no fuuun!!" or "It's boooring to respaaawn!!". Yeah, I feel the same when I play, but as it's been a while I do enjoy the gunplay, sounds, and the odd crazy thing that happens every now and then. Give me another "weekend" with a couple of sessions, and I'll probably be taking another long break.
  6. Bad game culture at the moment

    Hear, hear! If I was the omnipotent ruler over Squad's development I'd remove rallies completely, only allow spawn at main and on a HAB, but only allow one HAB per team, and make it quite the effort to set up. Bring back instant death, only medics can revive, etc. The whole hardcore milsim advocate shebang. Make the game as unforgiving as humanly possible, to encourage true team work and coordination, "never leave a man behind"-mentality, making real life tactics as viable as possible within the limits of the digital world. But that's me... will never happen... ever, in any game. It's just not appealing to players for some, to me, very strange reason.
  7. Bad game culture at the moment

    I'm on EU servers myself. I jump around on whatever is available, now that most of the tried and tested servers usually have quite long queues. My experience is not as bad as OPs, but I do not have any tolerance for loudmouths, so it doesn't take much for me to straight up disconnect if the other squad leaders are cretins. In my experience it takes 2-3 matches on any given server for the rotation of squad leaders to end up with a bunch of, or just one (which is enough), absolute muppet(s). Then I disconnect and jump on another one that has recently started a new match (for anyone wondering, just join a server with 10-20 open slots as that indicates recent map change).
  8. Bad game culture at the moment

    Hahaha! Classic! I bet he was the one blamed for losing the game in unison by the other squad leaders. Story of my (Squad) life. Good post in general, mate.
  9. Bad game culture at the moment

    Another tip is; Always volunteer to back-cap. Grab a logi, and get going. Once you have arrived at the second flag, and maybe dropped a back-up FOB there using about half of your supplies, you can check the map and see where and how your team is screwing everything up, and you are in a good position to make some game changing decisions. Swoop around and place an offensive FOB, or reinforce the next flag. In 9/10 matches you will end up as both the first line of defense and aggressor when the other 3-4 squads have bumrushed themselves into a meat grinder.
  10. Bad game culture at the moment

    I have come back recently after quite some time away, and I have a somewhat similar experience. Not nearly as bad as you, but I can definitely relate. There are all kinds of issues with how people play, but the one thing that makes no sense whatsoever to me is mods on servers not allowing you to lock squads. I played this server for a while and a game of invasion loaded up. I created a squad and called it "small inf" or something similar. I did this for different reasons. I wanted to scope out the second to first flag on this particular map as it's a hot spot for enemy habs, but I didn't want to pull nine guys out of defending the first flag. I locked it after three guys joined, explained my intentions, and we started to make our way to the area between the flags. Mods told me to unlock the squad, I replied with my intentions, still got denied, so I unlocked my squad and five more guys joined and cried out for a rally. At this point we were pretty much in location, enemies started pouring into the first flag from where I had predicted they would. We started engaging and halting their progress. Unquestionably doing our part. How long do you think it took before command comms were nothing but full-blown screeching that my squad was in the wrong location? Blaming me for everything that is wrong with the world, their dirty laundry, that it's raining outside, and so on. I agree, play the goddamn objective, but the on-going "casualization" of this game is preventing much of the creative squad leading aspects. It's linear as hell, and then you get these squad members who feel they know better than the squad leader. They just joined your squad to get that LMG and bumrush the frontlines. The apparent and continuous development towards a more arcade and accessible experience is ruining it for player who want more depth. I am going to get flak for saying this, but that's how it is. I guess joining a community with modded servers is the only option left, but I have heard bad things about that too, like it's a toxic try-hard environment instead of a toxic manchild environment. Having all of that said, I do enjoy the game at the moment, and can't wait for when I have a couple of days off next so I can spend some late night hours playing this mess.
  11. I have more or less stopped playing Squad as I do not have sufficient tools to lead a squad my way, and the odds are not in favor of getting a decent squad leader when not leading myself. If I was given the option to limit comms in the Squad, I'd be on that shit day and night. I believe squad leaders should have more tools at their disposal when it comes to squad management. The SL should be able to lock and assign roles, and limit comms to how he/she see fit. The SLs are the ones to make or break a match. SLs that have control over their squads, and can communicate and coordinate with each other, will provide an interesting and fun environment / experience for the "grunts". If you join a squad and comms are limited, so you can't blurt out every little opinion or juvenile "joke" that comes to mind in squad comms, and that does not suit you, feel free to leave the squad. If you join a squad and are assigned the medic role, and you are not enough of a team player to fall in line and do your best with what you got, feel free to leave the squad. I do not want to play with you, and as I have taken upon myself the responsibility to logistically and strategically plan and organize this event, I shouldn't also have to play the role of kindergarten teacher and every 5 minutes tell you to stay off comms with your word-poo, or to get on the role I need to be able to lead my squad properly. This is the reason Squad has lost me, an otherwise devoted SL, for the time being.
  12. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    @Quadro Touché! I do appreciate a well constructed counter argument to my flaming. Good work! I have tried too many times to suggest and paint the picture of features that in my mind would bring players together on the battlefield, to work more closely as an actual unit, without using game mechanics that feel "forced". Maybe not as much as I should have in the Squad forum, but in other "hardcore" shooter forums. I am almost always met with "That's not fuuuuuuuuun!!!!!" or "it would drive the player base away" without any actual arguments as to why. So I am getting more and more bitter. You got a good post going here dude. I apologize for my hostile approach.
  13. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    Well, let's keep encouraging the devs to continue down a generic arcade shooter path then. That's the solution! When will you say enough? When you can spawn in attack helicopters and para jump into objectives, set rallies mid air, and unlock five kill streak strafing runs? Or will the same rhetoric be pushed then? "Players complain about the spawn delays on rallies, and instead of telling these hamsters (referring to the attention span) to go ask mommy for milk and cookies, we accept that we are now playing BF4 2.0: Titanfall" If players are giving up left and right, not playing objectives, not listening to SL orders, not understanding the basics of the game, these players should change. NOT the game. Why does everything in this world need to be dumbed down to a 12 year old's attention span and cognition? I can't for the life of me understand this devolving trend. You do realize the more of these casualizing implementations that does not receive major backlash from the community will lead to further degrading of the intricate and challenging features of the game? This game is supposedly still in development, right? Already it's going down this road?! I thought we were testing the game? Or is early access just a moden day accepted scam? Who would have thought... I know i hyperbole, but mark my words, you are actively supporting the change of direction in the development of "Squad - the spiritual successor to PR" towards a "Squad - The BF clone and new platform for the latest Battle Royale expansion pack".
  14. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    How about this; The ability to drag downed players. Everyone can revive. However, when you stop bleeding / revive the resuscitated player will not be able to shoot, or do anything else for that matter, until a medic has given him / her some love? You're a limping, moaning, and groaning mess, kind of like the knocked out state in all the battle royale games?! This should please both camps, right? You get shot and incapacitated. A team mate comes to your rescue. Now retreat back to the medic and have those wounds looked at before joining the fight, soldier. Edit; Also, it should take a regular grunt twice as long to stop bleeding / revive. Edit 2; Reinstate instant death when downed a second time within a shorter time frame.
  15. Time to give up the shovel

    I am sorry to say this, but I have come to realize a thing or two about these early access "hardcore" shooters. The relatively small click of gamers that truly enjoy these unforgiving, slow paced, tactical shooters are so loyal to the idea of a hardcore shooter, so when one is released as early access we all jump aboard and give these projects a really good head start. There are so few games out there that market themselves this way, and we are dying for more of them. Developers can probably quite reliably count on a certain amount of sales when they initially sell a concept like this. When sales stagnate, as we are only so many, it's time to look elsewhere for sales. That's when it all starts heading in a more casual direction. Why would they "release" a Squad that caters to the "hardcore" community, when all of us have already bought the game. Bad for business. I am never spending another cent on an early access game ever again. I am done with buying a concept that changes into something entirely different over time.