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  1. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Scandinavian "militia". Even tho the following military units are part of the each country's defense forces, they primarily focus on guerrilla warfare. Danish Special forces / rangers (Jaegerkorpset in an archipelago setting), or Swedish rangers (preferably Kustjägare in a archipelago setting or Fjälljägare in an arctic setting), or Finnish rangers (Sissi troops, I think they are called, in an arctic setting).

    I think a lot of seasoned players, playing most hardcore shooters being developed at the moment, are looking for that truly hardcore experience. That almost masochistic DayZ-feeling when getting killed, which brings a hell of a lot more reward to when you actually accomplish something. I am one of those. I, for one, would not mind 5 min re-spawn delay, travel time, or having to do a lot of manual labor in game, as long as it is for the greater good of the team. But look at forum reactions when ideas like that are mentioned. A lot of players would lose their shit. "OOOOOH MYYY GAAAAAAWWWWWWD!!!!! This is soooooo boring!! Duuuuuh, now I have to wait for my turn to have fun again!!" The lack of commitment to anything, except K/D, loot, or progression awards, is a serious decadence in gaming today. If a game like Squad would have been released 15 years ago, when mostly "true nerds" played video games, gameplay would have been serious as f*ck. These days every other person has a gaming rig at home, sometimes just for the lack of other interests, and might not take the time to commit to what they are playing. It is just a casual thing for them. Hence the term "casuals". Me, I have a limited time to play due to work, exercise, trying to cook food and eat healthy, etc, and will therefore invest more of myself into whatever I am playing, when I finally have the time to do so. I am also looking for a truly exciting experience. The "casual" who spends 8+ hours in front of his/her rig every day is more likely to have a short attention span, and need a constant flow of awards (flashy things on screen) and whatnot to keep interest. (Hardcore and casual gamers are IMO not defined by time spent gaming. Other aspect come in to play here.) Just me writing off the top of my head. I have no studies backing this up, or have not given it much thought either. Just a feeling.
  3. Like mentioned before, some people just lack the social intelligence to be good SLs, and it doesn't matter if they are Squad Colonel level 3000 in terms of knowledge and time in game. I can get quite aggressive over squad comms at times, but only if another squad leader seems completely lost, and then it's usually personal numpad communication, and is more of a "Squad lead (no), do you have a mic, do you speak English, do you hear when we are trying to communicate with you? SQUAD LEAD (no), DO YOU COPY?"-thing. They usually respond, when I do my best pissed off Gunnery Sgt Hartman impression, and we can then establish some kind of communication, and sort out any misunderstandings quite efficiently, without cluttering the SL comms. I also always thank other SLs when complying, or loud and clear acknowledge compliance if asked to do something I agree with. Keep all radio communications short and simple, yet very clear. "Eeeh", "uuhm", "soooooooo...", etc, has no place in comms. Pressing B or G without already knowing what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it, is a big no-no in my opinion. The other SL's and your squad will do a hell of a lot better if they can focus on what they are doing, and not having to listen to your purposeless small-talk and stammering. When SL's feel the need to discuss a proposed idea or strategy over comms for a longer period of time, it is nothing but a nuisance, and is not helping the team in any way. Abusive SL's, trying to dictate the entire match, screaming and shouting at everyone and everything, are equally ineffective. I am at work, and have had to step away from this post like 7 times, so I have no idea what my point was...
  4. The best game you've ever had - (Kills)

    I rarely play as anything other than SL, and when I do I prefer to play as medic, so how I judge my own performance differs a little bit. As medic: I can not remember the final stats down to the decimal, but roughly 3-5 deaths, 12-15 kills, 25+ revives, in a squad that was leading an offensive rally point-fight the entire match. Got complemented for being an awesome medic. Felt pretty damn good.
  5. I am pretty damn tired of this argument in every single hardcore shooter forum... (video removed) Chest plate hit from a SVD (most likely). Anyone feel the need to continue the argument that getting hit by a 7.62x54 round doesn't make you flinch? Edit; Just please stop with the absolute horseshit that you walk around like it's a sunny summer day, eating ice cream and balancing an egg on your head when taking 7.62, even 5.56 or 5.45, for that matter, in your chest plate. I am, like so many others, just sick to death of that infantile argument.
  6. I don't know if my CPU loads the map slower than most, but in my experience it is never more than 120 sec, and quite often 30 secs or so before it is time to move out. Also, since I am usually first or second to create a squad, it does not only seem to be on my end. Edit; Sorry for spamming... 2 glasses of wine in to my day drunk. See you out there.
  7. This, however, is an interesting point. Not sure how I feel about it, but there is something to it. Though, the back cap part can often lead to victory or the demise of a team, and as Squad is supposed to be a game based on communication and tactics, it is also a testament to what team plays the game most efficiently.
  8. If only it was that simple. I don't know what servers you play on, but on the European ones it is a total shit storm in about 9/10 matches. I do squad lead, and I am usually the one who will have to repeatedly, and with a ton of authority, tell the other squad leaders to defend objectives, not waste everybody's time in utterly useless positions, that they should not set up a new FOB and build a HAB with 30 tickets left, etc. I do not know how many times I have called out my squad to cap the initial to objectives, but still have two other squads on those same objectives. I do not know how many times the SLs have decided on a FOB in a very specific location, just to have another squad set one up 200 m behind, ****ing everything up, for everybody. If you can not relate to this, then you must only be playing on clan and / or milsim servers. Most of us do not. Oh my gaaawd, have to wait 5 minuters since last match ended!?!?!?! What am I gonna do with ALL this time... I can feel life slipping through my fingers!! The horrror!!! THE HORRRRROOORRRRR!!!!! Edit; If you can not relate to this, but play on public servers, you do not squad lead.
  9. I truly hope we will se a major increase of time to get organized before match start. So often only one or two squads are formed at match start, so as you roll out, other squads form without you realizing, and them without being informed of current plan / strategy. A lot of time is wasted, and frustration is ensured, when squad leaders on point have to re-organize on the go. Also, it would give the SL time to really have control over squad roles, and giving specific orders to individual squad members. I believe an organized start of a match lay a foundation for better communication between both SLs and grunts. Other than that, I don't think there is anything else that I "dislike", except for getting shot in the face.
  10. Please Fix the visibility.

    Then your old 24-inch 1080p is way superior to my brand new BenQ 27" 1080p. Good for you. If you have a lot of textures behind the wall then no, you will not see a couple of heads bobbing behind that wall at 100+ meters, unless you hold completely still, stick your face up to the screen and focus on that particular wall. At a 100 meters in real life I would be able to spot a house cat in my peripherals, if I was paying attention to my surroundings. In squad you need to lean in towards the screen and squint to see anything past 100+ meters, unless enemies are running in the open against a monotone background. 100 m, 200 m, no need to nitpick, the point is still the same. Please stop insinuating things I have never said. It does not prove any point whatsoever, and is starting to annoy me. Also, if you do not understand what I have meticulously explained in several posts, there is no point in us continuing this conversation. Thank you for the chat.
  11. Please Fix the visibility.

    IMO, not being able to see heads bobbing behind a wall from across a field, not more than 100+ meters away with 1920 x 1080 resolution, without using binoculars, is not a "difficulty setting". It is just frustrating, from a game play perspective.
  12. Ego play - what you do ?

    I have been chewed out for staying back to defend the objective behind the last captured objective, as a precaution (we were also in an elevated position, picking off stray enemy squads with a BTR), when the captured objective in front of the objective I was defending was highly unstable and not in any way secured. This was in a situation where we held 3 out of 4 objectives. I explained to the SL giving me shit, that I have seen back-capping and matches lost due to carelessness in far less "dangerous" situations, and that we were already winning the game, but he was determined to give me shit. Unless you are doing something really stupid, or just are completely useless to the team, then a friendly reminder of the general plan from other SL's should be enough. No point in being an asshole, unless it is called for. Some people in Squad, as in real life, are just assholes. Tell them to suck a big fat ****.
  13. Ego play - what you do ?

    Last night I played a couple of matches as squad leader. Al Basrah; At the start of the match, me and two other squad leaders are active. I get on the radio, telling them my squad will push Gas Station, so please stay at Mosque and defend, and cap all flags behind us. No answer. I repeat my suggestion / intentions. No answer. Alright, **** it then. "Squad, we are pushing Gas Station". As the match starts and we move out, half way to Gas Station I notice one of the other squads is also pushing Gas Station, no one is at Mosque, and squad 3 have not even spawned yet. "Alright, one of those" I thought, informed the not so pleased squad about the situation, "let's make the most of it guys". It ended up with us pushing back to Mosque, and by some miracle things kind of turned out alright for our team. The opposing team was probably as unorganized as us. But just as we got our hopes up, we notice squad 2 leaving Fringe, which is one of the two front objectives that we hold. I get on comms to squad 2. Me: "Hey, squad 2! Can you head back to Fringe and defend for a while so we do not get back-capped?" SL 2: "I don't care if we get back-capped. I do not need a lesson in how to squad lead." Me: "Eeeh... ok... !?" Less than 10 minutes later we are back-capped all the way to Estates, and shortly after we lose the match. To sum things up, OP. You could more or less fart in the comms for an entire match, have your entire squad repeatedly spawn at main and just have them run to their death, just to do it all over again, and you would not be much worse than the regular standard in every other match.
  14. 60 Hours in Squad but only few good matches on EU

    That's the spirit!
  15. 60 Hours in Squad but only few good matches on EU

    As SL, I tend to take it upon my myself, and my squad, to defend (if needed), as I wanna punch a whole through the screen every time the entire team leaves the last captured objective undefended over and over, and over, and over and over and over, and over, and over again. I try to make it interesting, and fun, by having a laugh with the squad and at the same time make sure we got all or most of the entry points and angles covered. There will be an enemy or five showing up (if not a full-on assault), and to have a coordinated squad successfully defend an objective is rewarding for everybody. When the pushing squads confirm the next objective capped, we have done our job. Sure, I will tell another squad to defend whatever objective they captured every once in a while, and have my squad go on the offence (but only if we are in a geographically advantageous position in relation to the next objective). I have a look at the map 5 minutes later, we are getting back-capped, and my squad is pushing back again, while I rage over SL comms. If you want an action game at all times, like someone else said; Maybe Squad is not for you. Best role! Other than logi-run-rifleman, that is!