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  1. Welcome! Looking forward to having you join us in 6-8 weeks
  2. 20-30fps is almost playable because you havent seen 60fps for so long with that GPU As I said on facebook, just get a 970. That'll fix all your woes <3
  3. It definitely doesn't look like the sexy Thrustmaster Warthog, but then you're paying 1/20 of the price or something stupid like that xD It does it's job and fills it's niche rather well
  4. The 3D pro is actually a really good starter stick - it's got a decent base and a load of buttons to boot
  5. This joystick is $19
  6. Maybe they don't know how? Try nudging them gracefully with which button to press
  7. It was always T for me in the test builds, unless they changed it? Never mind - just tested it and they have changed it... Derp. Have you tried editing the configs? Squad -> Config -> Default Input -> "+ActionMappings=(ActionName="Interact",Key=F,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False)" change that to what you want and save.
  8. New vid! <3 Taliban Overwatch (Closed Pre-Alpha launch)
  9. That's the G+ account associated with the official youtube. Everyone on youtube has a G+ account like that!
  10. It doesn't have a "*" next to it so it's not essential? Hence, leave it blank; PM Iron/Lit/whoever later with your in game name if it really bothers you that it's empty?
  11. This. Game. Is. Amazing. Brb, gotta go finish thrashing some peasant online!
  12. Horses for courses with the video length really. I don't mind the longer video personally, depending on the subject matter of course But yes, must admit I do enjoy your videos too Paul
  13. Maaaaaaaybe...
  14. Haha, you were SL, we need a talkative SL! And no, I checked but apparently I wasn't recording that I was going to put that in as a small section pre-credits but I didn't have footage
  15. A video of my first night map experience: Not quite as tactical as some of the other videos, but you get a good look at some of those pretty pretty lights (dat smoke effect under the street light <3) - there are also a few questions answered by devs and some of the more experienced testers