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  1. The game is becoming unplayable for some of us.

    Update: This is getting so frustrating that I laughed my ass off, literally rolling on the floor. So this happened: I selected full screen mode and the highest possible resolution. And the game froze. Not only the game froze, it unplugged the monitor from my computer, making the monitor go into sleep mode. So I had to roll on the floor (since the laptop is under my desk) trying to figure out wtf happened, and laughing the whole way. A few restarts, and the monitor is plugged in again. I just cant. When the game updated to v10, I could play it for 1 day, and after a good nights sleep, its not working again. Not only that its not working, its starting to f*ck with my PC.
  2. The game is becoming unplayable for some of us.

    This is what alpha 10 looks like at my place... I just saw your post.. I gave up a moth ago... Tried all of this and this is what I get: As you can see, it has reset to windowed mode (that happens every time I delete the game cashe), but the funny thing is - max resolution is 1920x1080. Again...
  3. The game is becoming unplayable for some of us.

    Aaand I give up.. I can't do this anymore. I hope devs are going to fix the issues players are having, instead of just adding new stuff on top. I may try it after a few updates, but then again, Im really worn out of trying to get it to work. I just hope it will not end up like war thunder did... being 5 years in beta stage, releasing the game the 6th year with almost all the bugs and problems it had the first year it was in development. See you guys.. thanks for trying.
  4. The game is becoming unplayable for some of us.

    First reinstall didnt cut it, lets see if its gonna work after the second one..
  5. The game is becoming unplayable for some of us.

    Time to reinstall the game again. Yesterday after the second reinstall it was fine, and I only got kicked twice because of the EAC acting up... Today, I have to reinstall it again... So, I have to reinstall it pretty much every day now...
  6. The game is becoming unplayable for some of us.

    Thank you. For a second there I thought I was loosing my mind. Have you ever seen a small game called Ark? Runs smoothly at 80 fps on my 38" ultrawide. No hickups. On pvp servers. With bih af man made forts, thousands of AI dinos, and 50 players doing their own thing on a big ass map. Theres no need pointing out that I run all possible games without any hickups. So, please. Stop telling people to buy hardware, you're not helping. If anything, you're making people want to stop playing with those suggestions. And yes, this is not a peformance thread. But since you have to know obviously, I get solid 50-60 fps on high settings whithout bloom, ambient oclusion and motion blur enabled. On all maps. When it works, ofcourse.
  7. The game is becoming unplayable for some of us.

    I forgot that I've created this topic, until the problem happened today again. This is the third time I'm reinstalling the game to make it work, the first two times I had the same issue. It has no problems running anything else except Squad. I've played a bunch of games on it, from TF2 to ARK, and I had exactly no problems with it. I've even played Project Reality on this config... Yes, its still the same. Do I really need to explain myself? If so, I'm a 30 year old music producer, and all of my laptops are made especially for audio use. I'm not gaming 24/7. This is a portable solution that I also use for surfing and games. It is a gaming laptop. It can handle everything except Squad. No, Im using only the external monitor. Windows is fine, it recognizes the monitor, and it is set to the same resolution. When the problem occurs, when I enter the settings/graphics there is no resolution in the little box. Nothing is showing in it. But, when I click on it, the drop down menu informs me that the max resolution is 1920x1080. And I can't even set that resolution, because the apply button is off-screen. Is there a way to upload a screenshot on this forum? P.S. I do need to clear the cache on EAC kick, that's the only way I can make it run again.
  8. Hey guys, I've been playing PR on and off for like 5 years. And since I switched to squad I'm getting nothing but problems. Most of them I could of solve, but there are a few that are either unsolvable or take too much time to solve, since they are reoccurring. Now here are the issues: 1. EAC kicking. After a long day, I want to kick back and relax, play a few games.. I queue up on my favorite server, wait for like 5 minutes to connect, just to get kicked by EAC. Well, you've told me just to clear my cache. But the thing is, it happens on and on. It happens a lot! Literally every other time I play, I first get kicked, then clear my cache, and then I have to set all of my settings back to the way I want them to be, just to get EAC kicked again tomorrow. 2. Ultrawide problems. I've got an Asus ROG 751J, hooked up to a LG 38" ultrawide (all of my drivers etc are up to date). I can play for about 3 days in a row without having any issues, but the third time (like today when I had an EAC kick and then this bug) the resolution gets all ****ed up and I cant see 3/4 of the game screen. It's off-screen, even though the fullscreen option is selected. The resolution the game starts in looks like its 1080x720, but I'm not sure. Therefore, I can't reset the cache, can't apply the new settings etc. And the max resolution in the settings menu becomes 1920x1080, but I cant switch to it because I cant hit the apply button. I've tried editing the game logs, and doing all of that stuff that is suggested on the forums and in the FAQ, but I just cant make it work. I know that you're doing your best, but those two issues are a problem for a few players that I've encountered in-game. And the only solution to that problem (in most cases) is to reinstall the game. But sometimes, even the fresh install doesn't work (starts up with 3/4 of the game off-screen), and doesn't have 3440x1440 in the settings menu. It only goes up to 1920x1080. I've stopped playing for 5 months because of that, and returned to see if the newer updates fixed that, just to see that the game still suffers from these issues. This is the 4th time I'm reinstalling the game in the last 3 days. Please, tell me what to do, or fix those problems if you can. Please. Lots of love from Belgrade.
  9. Latest update really killed it for me

    yes it is. Both of my diskds were defragmented. And I defragged them again today. The problem started after the last update. I And now, I've got EAC kicked AGAIN. I have played 2 hours yesterday... Today, after at least 15 minutes of waiting - I guess the map changed since I connected - I got kicked again. I cleaned the cashe and tried to start the game, and after 5 minutes got a crash report that I've just sent to you. I have a screenshot but I really dont know how to link images on this forum. And, there is an loginID, so Im unsure if I should share it or not
  10. Latest update really killed it for me

    Since I'm a music producer and an artist I use this laptop for mobile recording and arranging (when Im not in the studio). I keep it pretty clean, but Squad is pretty much the only thing installed that is not meant for music. I dont even know what Ccleaner is. Anyway, I've said that Im using an ASUS g751J... The specs are these: Processor: Intel Core i7-4710HQ Processor OS: Win 10 (upgraded it) Chipset: Mobile Intel® HM87 Express Chipsets Total System Memory: DRAM DDR3 8GBx2 Video Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M (N16E-GT)
  11. Text way too small in 4K

    I have a 38" 21:9 PC screen in UHD 4k. The chat text is too small to read.
  12. Latest update really killed it for me

    Well, I did everything you told me, but the load times are still around 5 minutes (5 minutes to load the game, around 5 minutes to load the map when you connect to a server).. I didnt get EAC kicked yet, though...
  13. Latest update really killed it for me

    Yes I did. Ok, I'll try that. Thank you.
  14. So I updated the game (after a break of a few months), and first I had black screens.. Then I updated the video card drivers as you've said on these forums, but after that - my game loads for straight 4 minutes. After the initial intro animation, the screen goes black for about 4 to 5 minutes... and after that, I can choose a server to join. BUT, then I have to wait for the queue (which is ok), but after that I have to wait approx 5 more minutes for the game to load. It was not like this at all before the update.. Now, when I get into the game, I experience some random sudden freezes which last half of a second each, but long enough to make my eyes and head hurt. They dont happen that often, but it wasnt like that before the update. And, ofcourse... there is the EAC kick that Im getting over and over. Today, I've restarted the game 4 times (cleared my download cashe 3 times) and all of that waiting time, I got EAC kicked every single time. It was like that yesterday too. I just wanted to do a quick match before I go to work, but after 45 minutes of clearing the cashe, waiting, (and reseting steam passwords, because I forgot them) and waiting a bit more, I got eac kicked again, and now Im here ranting. I've got an ASUS ROG G751J, if that helps.
  15. Hi guys! First, I have to say, I've been playing PR for 4 years now, and I was waiting on you guys to implement helicopters into the game before I buy it. But I've torn a muscle in my leg, and since I had so much spare time, I bought the game to test it out. Now, Im not gonna focus on the negatives, nor on the positives, but on the things that could make this game great. The first thing I've noticed is that the players are not using fobs that much, since they can just plop down a rally wherever and almost whenever, and it stays up for the majority of the game. Now, this is a cool mechanic that makes our life a lot easier, but still... PR was never about being easy, instead it made us respect its rules if we were to play the game properly. I hope the rally system will get fixed, making us have a need to use fobs more. Second thing I noticed (since I can't fly trans or cas still) is that the mortars are working differently. I like the 3 round burst, but I believe that there should be a bigger splash damage. I mean, all of the explosives should have a bit bigger splash damage (IED is not as nearly as effective as it was in PR), or just damage at all (it shouldn't take 3 lats to kill an APC). But, there is another thing I wanted to talk about - mortar squads. I get it, its not 50v50 still, and its not doable now, but what I'll love to see is mortar squads working together like in PR, and the key thing that is missing here is the ammo resupply, and I mean rifleman running around with ammo bags. Don't get me wrong, this is also working, but in PR you get a bit more squad-play. The squad in PR was (or is) as strong as its weakest link. Also, having a dedicated ammo bag carrying role would be awesome on large maps. Even I (a new player) am exploiting the mechanic of building a quick fob, just for an ammo box. Also, I would love to see a mechanic similar to big and small crates, so you need to do a precise drop on a rooftop. Now, here are the things Im really missing, and that I would really like you to consider: Ropes, and ambience. Ropes made PR a 3d tactical experience. Team that utilized all 3 dimensions on a battlefield would have a better chance of winning. I mean, ladders are cool for fobs, as a stationary thing that never moves, but ropes give the gameplay another dimension. A few times (since I started playing) there was a squad with a fob up in the building. And it would be a meat grinder to get to them, since the only point of entrance is the stairs. They would cover them, we would die over and over until we had more ammo than they did. Ropes (or dedicated breacher roles) could help that these things don't happen that often. If our point of entrance was just a floor above them - we could surround them. You could also consider ropes on blackhawks, so the insertion could go smoother and faster. When I say "ambience" I mean - random things you could come across in the world. From noises such as: radio playing some music in an apartment, bird sounds, and sounds of apartment buildings that still have people in it during conflicts, artillery hitting targets in the distance (that are not on the map) etc. Your sound design team has done a great job on getting the weapon sounds right, but they still have 144 db of dynamics if they're working at 24bit. Also, the maps could benefit by adding some random stuff on the battlefield. Like a random piano on a set of stairs, a few chairs, and a bed next to a dumpster in the open on Narva (Saving Pvt Ryan style), just to give the world a living feel. Or something like a pile of rubble, random doll on a street or inside a corridor, or tables and chairs inside the apartments. Nothing overly complex, but just to give the game a feel of playing in a real living environment. Speaking of sound (since that is my job - yeah Im a 30 year old music producer/sound designer) I have to say, the BTR sounds are just too low, and its really hard to hear them coming. Sometimes Im not even sure if the vehicle is next to me (and Im behind a fence), until it fires. I understand that you will probably change the sound itself, but I guess you could push them up a few db in the internal mixer of the engine. Now here's a few things I would love if you would at least consider. First, I love that you're going to add drones. I hope that we will have a drone that is going to replace the PR UAV. But also, would you consider making the "off map artillery" (or popularly named "area attack") player handled? Like, in a way that they would be able to fire every 15 minutes, after 30 minutes in the game, but had to be player controlled - like the mortars are. Like this: 3 artillery guns would spawn in main base, and they will be on a cool down time for 20-30 minutes, and when they get unlocked (or resupplied), the players would need to RTB and zero in on the map, and fire a barrage of something like 4 shells each. Also, would you consider adding something like AC130 to the game? And replacing the artillery with it in some maps? But with limited ammo and fuel. Infantry wise, as US I would love to see medium ATs like carl gustav launchers and rotatable (360 degrees) 50cal emplacements (like dshk guns), and breacher roles (with ropes ) that could detonate c4 with a remote detonator, thus giving us a chance to plant it on an enemy vehicle and detonating it when they are on it (or planting it in a narrow corridor). I have a lot more ideas, but I tried to be as brief as possible. Anyway, keep up the good work! And hit me up if you need another score composer!