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  1. Deutsche Küche [D-K] Vorstellung

    Push, mal wieder kleinere Änderungen.
  2. Deutsche Küche [D-K] Vorstellung

    Push, Vorstellung überarbeitet
  3. Deutsche Küche [D-K] Vorstellung

    Posts aktualisiert.
  4. Aktive, deutschsprachige Clans & Communities

    Name: Deutsche KücheTag: [D-K] Discord: https://discord.gg/ZNNGRAETeamspeak: ts3.dk-squad.de / DeutschBeschreibung: Kompetitiv orientiert, Qualität statt QuantitätMitglieder: ca. 35Wir spielen auch: Diverse andere Spiele, hauptsächlich aber Squad
  5. ✠ Squad United ✠

    Thank you for the hint, link wasn't updated.
  6. ✠ Squad United ✠

    Server Name: ✠ Squad United ✠ Connect: steam://connect/ Discord: https://discord.me/squnited Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/squad/2547124 Deutsche Version befindet sich im oben genannten Discord, im Channel #rules. Rules General Racism, insulting and sexism of any kind are not tolerated. Official server languages are German / English. Player names need to be pronounceable and readable. Squad leads need to have a microphone. He also needs to use it! Players with too high pings negatively influence the gaming experience and may be kicked. Players who are absent can be kicked off the server. Cheating / Glitching / Bugusing Anything that causes an unfair advantage over other players is prohibited. This includes, for example, setting an FOB at an inaccessible location, e.g. in the water, in a (destroyed) vehicle. Teamwork / Fairplay Violating or Teamkilling of players which are in the same team is not allowed. Das Verletzen oder Teamkillen von Spielern des eigenen Teams ist zu unterlassen. A hindrance of the game procedure is omitted. If the gameplay does not change despite the admonition, the player may be kicked. Locked one-man squads are not allowed. Exceptions are Logistic Squads. Vehicles that require the Crewman Kit to drive and fire may only be used by two players. Vehicles won't be treated as disposable means of transport. Squadleaders are responsible for their use even if the vehicles are operated by other members of the squad. An excessive loss of vehicles should be avoided. Offenses Everyone is responsible for his own account, excuses like "my brother has played" do not exist. Players can be kicked or banned through rule violation. Admins and moderators are allowed to decide independently. For unbanning requests you can contact an admin in our official Discord via private message. Seeding Up to approximately 40 players active. Release to normal game via broadcast message. Only the middle flags of the layout will be the target to play on. A FOB may only be placed 100 meters behind the active flag. Enemy FOBs may only be attacked if they are placed on the active flag. Additional Advertising for other clans, communities and servers is not allowed. You only have the right to a whitelist slot if you have no VAC exclusion, game exclusion or a ban on our server. The administration-team reserves the right to change rules at any time. Further, we are subject to the official Game Server Administration Guidelines
  7. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZsK in Cumdash
  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZsK 2.Squad in
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    Zsk in Sumari
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZSK in Fools
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZSK in Sumari
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    D-K in Sumari
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    D-K in
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

    D-K in