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  1. IF

    Hell no
  2. Focus Zoom

    Theyre adding rear sight blur in version 10. You can see it on an m4 in the animation vaulting and free look preview teaser
  3. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    radios should just set up with no points at all really.
  4. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    I wish I got an update on the weapon resting like RO has. Hopefully it ties in with the bipod stuff they're talking about
  5. When I first started squad I thought the same thing but once you drop your sensitivity to between .10 and .20 I don't really see the necessity for it then
  6. Instead of crying about rush tactics

    I wanna rent out a server with no rules... I'm sick of all these servers with there 18 year old admins looking for rules being broken so they can exercise their authority But a little more back on track, I'd like to see how no rush rules apply, make the game a little more dynamic
  7. Short time during which incapacitated can be killed

    I think headshots and being killed by explosions while within a certain radius need to be instant deaths.
  8. What's the reason for no blur on rear sights?

    Yes god I am so pumped
  9. I'd love to see the rear sights blurred out of focus. Every game that does this makes me feel way more immersed in it tenfold. Sucks though because I think I read the devs will NEVER add this for some reason? What gives?
  10. WTF with the cheating over?

    I used to be for a rewards or progression system until recently and this is another excellent point I didn't think of.
  11. Are you a good shot?

    It's been said but to reiterate... FOV 90... sensitivity between .1 and .2 When I FIRST started I used the max FOV and the default sensitivity and I thought the aiming in the game was shit... Been dropping people with ease since I switched.
  12. Squad on ps4/xbox

    Squad has definite potential for consoles and I think it would be a decent seller for sure. I can't wait for this new animation system and the weapon resting... then add helos. This game is a 10/10
  13. Weird question, try to stay with me here... I have been playing Squad for about three months, so I've been thru a couple updates for this game. Apparently you're suppose to clear your user settings cache after every update which I've never done up until this recent 9.6 one. So I'm not sure whether it was me clearing my cache or the updates fault... but now my in-game text has this anti-alias around the edges of it when before, it wasnt. The chat was always crisp with no blurred edges. It's very minor, not too noticeable. But I notice it and I'm trying to find a setting that gets rid of it because I've been asking people in game and they're not sure what I'm talking about