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  1. Here was this suggestions few yes ago and it looks like no one looked into it. The problem is that for some unknown reason developers decided that it would be cool to implement sight folding/unfolding animations to launchers. To fold unfold RPG or non empty LAW at first is OK, but no one IRL does that then you want to change ammo type of RPG. How it is now with RPG: 1. Take out RPG 2. Unfold sights 3. init Change ammo type 4. Fold back sights 5. take out RPG again 6. Unfold sights It should combine 4, 5, 6 steps into one changing rocket. Other problem is with LAV. M72A7 LAV is disposable rocket launcher. Why on earth would you fold it back once fired or you have no more tubes? Once you have rocket launcher in your hands it should be faster way to switch back to rifle. It feels like all animations are made for firing range and not taking in consideration that you engage the enemy.
  2. Vehicle damage suggestion

    Before I wrote I double checked it in firing range and 1 RPG or LAW inflicts about 30% HP loss to striker
  3. Right now it looks that vehicles are too overpower. It takes more than 2 RPG hits (by more I mean they still have time to hop out) to kill HUMMVEE, technical, trucks, MT-LB or BRDM-2. I would suggest to enchant damage model, by lets say if you been hit by RPG lets say you could loose turret controls or engine power would be reduced by half. Right now it one RPG hit to hummvee or truck has 0 impact. Same with strikers or BTR-80s if you hit them 3 times they still are fully operational and they can leave the combat area to repair without any big of the problem. If hit PRG crew could also receive some damage.
  4. I think this is a major bug that all turrets are immune to damage. I tried all available vehicles at firing range and all the turrets are immune to RPG or other damage. It just do not register that vehicle was hit, only animation is visible. This should be fixed ASAP, because you can abuse it by showing only the turret while the rest of the body is hidden behind a wall or building.
  5. It would be nice to be able to rotate or move already constructed emplacements. Example you constructed SPG to cover one section, but you saw an enemy truck only 10deg to your left and you can't turn the SPG to that side, because of the arc limit. The only way would be to reconstruct the SPG, but in real life you could just simply just turn to left or right holding the tripod. After rotation or drag it could take 5 - 10 artificial seconds to deploy it, but it should allow to cancel rotation at any time.
  6. HMG Tripods

    I would suggest to include multiple stances of HMG for each nation. Right now USA, RUSSIA can only build low profile HMG and in some cases you want to have it mounted on higher tripod. This would allow to place them inside the house like INS faction can.