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  1. Possible helicopter controls.

    Sure but there must be some keyboard commands for those who don't have a joy. I'm sure that there will be some hotas support and i'm hoping that the game will support trackir too for choppers
  2. Possible helicopter controls.

    Sorry for my poor english, but I want to express my opinion about this because I would like to be a chopper pilot. I haven't play JO so I can't talk about it. However I would like a system like in ArmA which was very easy to understand but difficult to master (a lot of people had trouble to fly properly the chopper if they don't spend time to master it). Concerning the flight mechanics, I want the helo to be as realistic as possible without going full simulation (Squad is not a simulation so no needs for that). This is why I want to see something like the "arcade" flight model of ArmA or even better : the "advanced" flight model of ArmA which might be hard at the beginning but if you spent some time to master it, then it is really satisfying because you will be able to do a lot of good stuff in the air and people will trust you as a pilot (should you not crash at your first take off ). If I want a flight model (FM) with a "lot" of complexity, that's because i'm sick of some players - thinking that they are pilot whereas they never trainned - taking a chopper with 10 or 20 players in it and insta-crashing at the take off. I've observed that with a more complex FM, casual player who want to pilot are frustated so they don't try it again where as "true pilot" who really want to do this job take the time to learn, go in SOLO to challenge themself and are more satisfied to master a more difficult FM. In "arcade" flight model on ArmA it was something like that : Z : forward (pitch up) S : backward (pitch down) D : roll right Q : roll left X : yaw left C : yaw right A : climb W : descend But i'm sure that all those key functions will be bindable. However I don't want this built-in "auto hover" mechanic that we have in ArmA. It is not very realistic and I've seen a lot of player using it to land in the wrong manner. Just as an example of a bad utilisation : Player1 is piloting the chopper at an altitude of 200m and a speed of 300km/h. He wants to land but Player1 is not really confident because he didn't trained. He pressed the magic button to enable "auto hover" and then the chopper climb and pitch up to stop. When the chopper finally stop and stabilise itself, Player1 is at an altitude of 500m with a speed of 0km/h and every alarm in the chopper are ringing because all the AAA are focusing on the chopper... This scenario is the better, because you have not to wait 10 minutes for the chopper to descend in a perfect vertical trajectory at a very low speed and finally being killed at the landing because Player1 didn't decelerated at the end, resulting in a hard landing which injured you, your squad and destroyed the chopper... The "auto hover" was usefull when you were landing on a mountain with a slope of 45° and your rotor was at 10cm of the terrain. That's the good use of this mechanic but most people were using it in the wrong way.
  3. I didn't missed it for sure take a look at the link in my previous reply
  4. I would love speakers on my chopper to do something like this : https://youtu.be/GKaYOW9zMoY?t=29s or maybe something more punchy like AC/DC "thunderstruck" or "highway to hell" EDIT : that's for logi truck's driver for sure !
  5. I like the duck idea ! But since glasses are bulletproof there is no real need for that (except for technical maybe) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_lVBu45vns For the music i'm not sure that it is a good idea. Squad is based on communication and if people are going to listen some music, some of them will not be listening other teammates (and as @madcat768 said, you can always put some music over the mic ). NB : I don't know if the VOIP system is going to evolve in a more realistic way. IRL, you have some "max communication range" depending on the talkie/radio that you are using. A radio for a standard rifleman allow you to talk within a range of 3km for instance whereas a long range radio (found in vehicles and communication soldiers) allow you to talk in a range of let's say 20km. If the VOIP is going to evolve like that, and when the maps will get bigger, vehicles will be an important asset since they have a long range radio in it. This video illustrates what i'm thinking of (it's a mod for arma) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRgr-pzwfJo even if it might not be so detailled in Squad, we can add those 2 kind of radio for realism
  6. Towing of unmanned assets

    Actually, the tow ability can be implement on all vehicle if they want. In WT for instance, all tanks are able to be tow or to tow an other tank. The only limitation is the engine power. If you want to tow a big tank like the MAUS with a tiny tank like an M24 you will have a lot of trouble... But yeah the idea of only logi truck or truck to be the only one to tow a vehicule isn't bad. I agree with you that a specialized vehicle like this : http://armedassault.wikia.com/wiki/CRV-6e_Bobcat is not a good idea for Squad.
  7. Flight model.

    yes because the game is still in early alpha and I assume (I hope at least) that they will improve physic. The Flight model is part of the vehicle physic and it has to be discuss for the futur developement. However, if they want to allow a stryker to crush a fence or a wall, then they need to rework their buildings in order to allow them to be destroy or damaged. It has been discussed at bit here : http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/27621-destroyed-building/
  8. destroyed building!?

    It will be a nice addition to the game in the futur (when devs will have the time to work on it and if they want ). Maybe we can have some bullets hole and destroyed house when the match start but maybe the devs can script some "damaged building" texture ? Or even create some "damaged states" as shown in those vids : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWWiaIb73QY and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAd-v8YlzFM However I don't know if this kind of destruction is more "ressources consuming" than the ones in BF...
  9. Flight model.

    I second this ! You sum up what I was thinking. If I want an AFM for Squad this is because with a SFM, people can master it in 1 hours and we didn't learn anything new. With the AFM you learn evrytime, from an helo to an other and it maintain a "manner of effort" as you said. the only option that should be available with an AFM is the "auto-trim" because if you don't have pedals, or the time to trim properly your helo (because of the map which is too small for instance) it can be tricky to fly properly.
  10. Vehicle Health Bars kill Immersion

    In fact I was suggesting to do it visually. HUD are really useless in a game with such good effects In ArmA for example there are those bars + visual damage effect. So if ArmA can do it, I guess that Squad devs will be able to do some amazing visual effects ! (I like arma but it is "optimized" with sh*t) In Squad we can imagine a damage model like this (for a car) : - loose of a wheel -> we get something like this : https://defense-update.com/images/cougar-blast.jpg - engine damaged : light white/grey smoke + less power - engine dead : heavy black smoke + engine shut off + start of a fancy fire (hull start to being damaged by the fire until its destruction) - hull damaged : a lot of bullets hole and scratch on the hull - hull destroyed : vehicle = wreck + explosion Basically you need only those component to have something a bit realistic and cool. Other component like fuel tank, transmission, direction etc are not necessary to have a great experience and looks realistic (but if they are added I would love this !). For a tank with tracks, you will need something basic like : engine, hull, left track, right track, gun, turret. It can be done visually too for all of those components. For a chopper : engine, main rotor, tail rotor, hull, instruments (maybe slingload hook if they plan to add slingload and tow) and obviously add some cool sound effects (we should be able to fly only by listening our RPM) as well as some warming messages like "engine faillure", "hydraulic pression faillure" etc Damage model will depend on how far they want to go. They can make something like ArmA, which is quite basic (but enough) or they can go further and add or detail more components (they can put 2 engines on a chopper instead of one "common" engine for instance)
  11. France/Germany will be a good addition in my opinion (but especially France )
  12. Towing of unmanned assets

    Tow may be a good idea !. Maybe you will be able to tow a damaged vehicle or some howitzer like this : http://www.armyrecognition.com/images/stories/north_america/united_states/weapons/m119a2/pictures/M119A2_towed_howitzer_105mm_US_United_States_army_001.jpg And we can even think of a slingload mechanic for helicopters to carry crates or other static assets... However i think that those mechanics will likely arrive after helicopters + damage model for every vehicle + bigger maps at least (if those features come one day)
  13. Vehicle Health Bars kill Immersion

    IMO this is the best and "realistic" solution for such a game. As it was said, a damage model like WT will likely use a lot of ressources and then will not be relevant. However there is no need to show those "health component bars" like in Arma. They can exist for the "server side aspect" but players don't really have to see them. Should those bars exists and we can't see them, it will improve realism
  14. Flight model.

    Hi, I revive this topic since helos are beeing worked on according to the monthly recap of May. I searched on this forum for any new information but didn't find something... Personnally I would love to see a flight model like the Advanced Flight Model (AFM) of ArmA 3 because it is not as "hard" (I would rather say detailled) as a simulator like DCS and not to arcade as the SFM or something like the BF flight model (FM)... AFM is really close to the reality and everybody can fly with it since mouse and keyboard are enough (joystick + trakir + pedals can give a huge advantage that said) Here are 2 vids showing AFM both on Arma 3 and RS2 (those FM looks similar) where the pilot is using only mouse + keyboard and are doing quite well : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvALcucOSNg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I0TZMB08yw The SFM is cool because it looks better than the average arcade FM and everyone can fly with it, even the dumbest person and IMO this is a huge mistake in a game which describe itself as a realist FPS or a miliary simulation... I don't even remember how many times I get as a passenger in a chopper and the pilot crashed himself with 5 or 10 buddies because he wasn't trained. AFM may be deterrent for a noob pilot but certainly not for "pure" pilots. I mean by "pure" pilot, someone who really want to play the role of a pilot in the game, whatever is skill level at the beginning. You can learn to fly with AFM in a couple of hours if you are motivated and that's why noobs will gives up pretty fast. They doesn't want to spent some time to be proficient in something in most cases, so they will stay with their boots on the ground. We can apply the same logic for tankers, snipers, mortars etc. In ArmA for instance, Artillery is just "click to kill" so anybody can be a "mortar guy" whereas in Squad, Mortars are closer to the reality. Indeed, you have to calculate the range and adjust your fire according to the intel of your SL and to do so, you have to learn how to do it properly to avoid FF. That's the same thing for a pilot. I'm sure you don't want to die at the beginning of the match because the pilot wasn't good and crashed into a tree...