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  1. VDS/VPS questions/recommendations

    Oh ya I'm aware of that I know its not optimal but I'm just trying to get some more stress data to confirm this. I personally would not plan on hosting on none dedicated its just an test that I'm running there.
  2. VDS/VPS questions/recommendations

    Forgot to mention the Network is 300 Mbit
  3. VDS/VPS questions/recommendations

    I'm currently testing a Cloud Server Flex by 1&1, you are welcome to test it out if you have a few people you are welcome stress test it. https://squad-servers.com/server/4052/ I currently set the new Map Narva as active. The Flex Server is currently running 8GB Ram and 8 vCores, 20 GB SSD This setup cost $116 a month. Experience tho always tells me to go with a dedicated server because you will have you hardware all to yourself and don't share it with anyone which cloud servers do, for this price you will get a Dedicated server with more ram. Let me know if you have any questions, If you'd like the Rcon password let me know also let me know your player ID I'll add you to the Admin list so you can fully test the stability on this setup. The squad server is the only service hosted on this setup so if it crashes or starts lagging that will tell you the cloud solution is not good enough. I'm currently looking into the 1and1 XL8, 8 Core AMD Opteron 16 GB Ram and the XL-32 with Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v6 and 32GB ram.