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  1. Looking forward to HLL. I really enjoy authentic, realistic WW2 games - I've been a massive fan of the Red Orchestra franchise since it was a mod for UT2K3. However, it's felt a little dumbed down since RO2, and I'm not sure they will be making another WW2 game after RS2. So given that I really enjoy the Squad experience - realism, authenticity, and an emphasis on teamwork and communication - HLL looks promising, as it seems to have the same 'style' as Squad. So I'm looking forward to being able to play both.
  2. tactical blind fire

    Agreed...I would have used it more often, but it was tied to the cover system which, while a nice idea, I never ever used - found it a bit too cumbersome and preferred just to crouch instead. However, I'm pretty sure that if you were using a fixed MG you could crouch, but still fire? That's something that would be pretty useful. Even just the ability to crouch while deployed or using a fixed position, so you aren't quite so vulnerable. Pretty sure there's a clip for the motion capture sessions of someone doing this though, so perhaps it will come with the new animation system.
  3. Make ''respawn'' entry in console a button

    I thought it was only really meant to be used if you glitched or got stuck or something. It's not really an essential game mechanic that needs to be easily accessible.
  4. Release: Alpha 9.10

    Arduras is right, and I should have known better myself given that I work for a software company that uses the same logic for release numbers . For some reason I thought OWI had settled on a normal decimal numbering system for releases, but this was wishful thinking, hoping the next version was v10 But I just checked back and earlier releases followed the same logic, such as 8.11. <winds neck in>
  5. Release: Alpha 9.10

    If the last release was 9.9...shouldn't this be 9.91? Whatever. Great to see a dev team bringing our regular updates. Thanks guys
  6. Focus Zoom

    Thanks, I was about to point this out. Perhaps I worded my original post badly - I don't dispute that a larger monitor might help, but unless you have a monitor that is so large that it fills your entire field of vision, then you have to make compromises on the field of view in game, which often means scaling issues. It's not just Squad that suffers this problem - I remember Red Orchestra used to be infamous for so called "pixel hunting". When they introduced a mild zoom effect for ironsights lots of people were disappointed (including me), but I remember one of the developers giving a long and detailed explanation on the forums of the rationale for it, and suddenly it just made sense. Now I don't really object to such mechanisms in game as I don't see them as particularly unrealistic.
  7. ADS

    Which is exactly why someone who uses toggle ADS wont notice the problem the OP is talking about as much, because they won't be holding a key and expecting the game to have 'queued" the command to bring up ironsights as soon as the priority reload action has finished. Hence having to take your finger off the key and reapply it.
  8. ADS

    How so? The OP is referring to attempting to aim after reloading: "When going ADS after reloading or maybe some other action, if you engage Aim Down The Sights too early before the action is finished you have to let off ADS and reapply." Correct me if I'm wrong, you seem to be referring to doing the action the other way - reloading whilst already aiming. Which isn't the same thing because hitting reload will interrupt your ADS, but hitting ADS won't interrupt your reload.
  9. ADS

    Think OP is talking about the other way around. - He hits reload - As the reload comes to an end, he holds down the ADS key a little early expecting to bring the gun up as soon as the reload is finished. - It doesn't, so he has to release the key, and re-hold it. Suds doesn't notice because he uses toggle ADS, so he doesn't notice the scenario as much - if he goes to ADS before the reload is complete, it wont work, and he'll just tap it again afterwards. OPs issue is only noticeable if holding down the ADS key. Maybe this will change after the animation/inventory system overhaul and wont be an issue anymore?
  10. Fair enough, sounds like you'd have to keep using PTT. Just a note to any passing mods, feel free to lock this topic of you wish....I wasnt aware there's already three topics on the subject, and they seem mostly negative, so I guess this one is redundant. Cheers for the responses guys
  11. I'm asking this here rather than making a thread in feedback and suggestions because I am guessing it's a question which has come up before - but I can't find anything while searching the forums. But then, I'm not really sure exactly what to search for. So apologies in advance if I'm going over old ground. Anyway, at the moment, there are 3 keys required for VOIP - one for 3D "voice", so just speaking to players in the local area, one for speaking to your squad, and if you're an SL, a third key for the command channel to speak to other SLs. There's been a couple of times where I have accidentally pressed the squad channel when I meant to speak only to local players (thus deafening the whole squad with an irrelevant "grenade!!" shout), and vice versa. I've recently moved the voice key to my mouse thumb button, but I admit, I still sometimes tap the wrong button when trying to speak to both my radio and just normally. I was wondering, has anyone ever considered making it an option so that your local 3D voice channel can be activated automatically on detection of your voice? Basically I think it would be nice to be able to speak to people in your local vicinity (and I would ONLY enable it for that) without having to press down a key. It just feels more natural and fluid, and it saves confusing a keypress in the heat of the moment. I'm guessing that there might be some criticism of such a system as you've always got the risk that you might get feedback through the mic if someone has one that's overly sensitive...but given that I'm guessing most players will be using headsets, and if they aren't, such a system should be optional so those with speakers can disable it. Has anyone brought this up before? It obviously isn't practical for games with a standard VOIP setup, but I think it would work well in Squad with it's proper 3D VOIP.
  12. Good point...ill admit that I can also have a bit of a potty mouth sometimes. But then again...doesnt this add to the realism of people's reactions? Watching a team member get hit only to hear them exclaim and swear would be quite humorous. Unless you're saying you go absolutely bat **** crazy when you get shot. Ahhh, thank you! I initially titled this thread as "voice activation", but thought that it wasn't entirely accurate in relation to voice, so went for "speech recognition", as in the game being able to recognise speech to activate the mic.. and I'm sure I searched for that term so I don't know how I missed those threads. Thanks very much, I'll have a read now.
  13. Well that's why it should be purely optional. I know some people would probably be more comfortable have to press a key to open their mic. I just think its more ergonomic and immersive to just be able to speak and know that those around will hear me...just as in real life. I would find this especially useful as I usually play medic, where I'm using voice a lot in the middle of firefights because I want to communicate with downed players and other medics who might not even be squad members. That would be just a little easier if I didn't have to hold down another key just to talk when I'm already moving around, hitting, switching stance and fiddling with inventory switches, etc. As for chit chat...well, I don't think it will be any worse than now. You still hear people having a chat with those around them sometimes, I don't think that would increase just because the mechanism for activating your mic changes. But that's actually one of the reasons I love the 3D VOIP system - you can engage in a conversation with those just around you, rather than using the squad radio to bother everyone. It makes me feel more immersed in the game and have a better rapport with other players
  14. Focus Zoom

    I agree that focusing shouldn't be directly tied to holding breath, but I don't want the "zoom" to always be applied when aiming down the sights.
  15. Just to correct you here, Red Orchestra has had this effect for a long time and didn't seem to be that resource intensive. Although granted, it's not as graphically intensive as other games.
  16. Focus Zoom

    Not entirely true. The reason that we have a "zoom" in game is because you can't easily account for the entire human field of vision on a normal monitor. It has to be shrunk down to fit on screen, and the result is that in game objects will actually look much smaller than they would in real life. It would help the debate if we could move away from thinking of it as "zoom". Essentially, your "normal" view in game, when you aren't aiming or holding [Shift], is unrealistically zoomed out, in order to give you a sense of a wide field of vision, because you are of course trying to view the world through a 24" monitor sitting a couple of feet in front of you. So when you hold [Shift], you aren't really zooming in - you are actually restoring your vision much closer to a realistic magnification, and objects will look much closer to their normal size - but of course, you lose that peripheral vision as a result. Some people don't like this because they are holding down a key and finding their apparent "magnification" increases, so they instantly assume it's "magic eyeball zoom", and therefore, unrealistic. But it's not - it's not a particularly realistic mechanism, agreed, but the effect it achieves is actually closer to reality. It's a compromise - but most things have to be, even in realistic games controlled with standard computer peripherals, and until everyone is using huge wrap-around monitors or VR, there's not an easy way to accurately recreate human vision within a game. Allowing the user to choose when they wish to restore the more realistic vision is about the best we can do at the moment. Edit: just realised that I might have misrepresented your views a little, apologies! To clarify, I was making a case for the presence of a "zoom" function not to be considered unrealistic outright, but I do agree that it shouldn't be automatically applied when you bring up the sights as the OP wants, as this aids aiming in CQB. It should be up to the player to decide with the shift key, as it is now.
  17. Mind you, the same could be said of RO2. I too am a long time RO fan, and I was dissapointed that bolt actions became the exception rather than the rule. Seemed to be an abundance of semi-autos and sub machine guns, and I especially hated that higher ranked players could have pretty much unfettered access to enemy weaponry
  18. Suggesting a minor feature that happens to be in another game, simply in an effort to help refine and improve Squad, is not the same as saying that Squad should be like that game. I don't really see what's wrong with drawing on your experience with other, similar games to offer feedback and suggestions on this one, and I think new members shouldn't be made to feel that they are considered "trolling" simply for trying to engage with the community. You might not like RS2, and as a long time fan of the franchise, I would agree that it has it's drawbacks. But it is also superior to Squad in certain aspects (yes, even "realism"), and it's perfectly understandable that the two games would share a fanbase. I think that's a good thing, and telling anyone who dares to suggest that perhaps one game could learn some things from the other that they should just go play the former instead of engaging on this forum would be detrimental to the community as a whole. Back to the OP - I see where the suggestion is coming from, and I too have encountered lots of frustrations where it seems like my barrel is clear of the object in front of me, only to find out it isn't when firing. Had it fairly recently where I ran up to the corner of a wall and leaned around as I brought up my sights. The barrel looked to be clear and I fired, but it it wasn't. So all I did was draw attention to myself and get killed. As someone else said, the only sense we have in game are audio/visual, and these aren't always reliable when taking into account the geometry of the game world, so assistance in this regard would be helpful. But as others have said, I would prefer not to see this done via an HUD element - I'm hoping the new "weapon lowering" animation will solve the situation entirely,
  19. Are you a good shot?

    Thanks for the replies all. I've been paying a bit more attention to my mouse setup recently. I switched the mouse DPI up to 1600 but dropped the in game sensitivity down to 0.3 and it feels smoother. Testing on the range and it seems to skip less pixels than using a lower DPI setting with higher in game sensitivity, which I guess makes sense. And last night I was in a game where I managed to get 16 kills which is almost unheard of for me. My aiming still needs work but it was feeling much more natural popping off shots at distant targets...im by no means expert, but I felt a lot less like I was missing something fundamental. In the mean time I'll keep playing medic, a role where I can still be useful without being a great marksman.
  20. Are you a good shot?

    Because I'm not. And I sometimes find it bloody frustrating. I would hope to be humble enough never to think too much of my own skill level in games. But I've always enjoyed more "realistic", or at least, authentic shooters which favour realistic weapon handling and slower gameplay, as opposed to twitchy, 360noscope mlg 1v1omg games. As a result, I tend to think I'm not too bad a shot - I've been playing the Red Orchestra series ever since it was a UT2k3 mod, and although I know the latest iterations were considered a bit dumbed down (argument for another time), I still think they represent and encourage slower, more accurate gunplay. And I've generally been pretty competent at it, and other authentic shooters. So I figured that in Squad, I might be the same. Yet, despite applying the same discipline to this game - managing my stamina, using [Shift] to steady my aim, taking my time and nearly always shooting from at least the crouched position - I just seem to be a terrible shot in this game. Something in my hand eye coordination just doesn't 'click', and I often find myself missing the most academic of targets. Couple of examples - about a week ago, on Narva. Lying in a bush somewhere near Delta (I think?) with an AK74. Enemy truck comes haring across the bridge, right past me, toward the nearest building. I'm prone and anticipating an immediate decamp. I'm only 15-20 metres away so I switch to full-auto, just in case. The truck comes to a halt against the building, driver and passenger jump out. They are the easiest targets in the world, slightly elevated, very close and having just jumped out of a vehicle, still standing and a little disorientated. I line up on the first guy, fire a single shot and - miss. He drops into the grass, the other guy is moving and turns toward my shot. I panic a little, but take my time, line up on him and fire a burst and...miss. And then, the first guy, now prone, cooly dispatches me with one shot into my perplexed and furrowed brow. Another example - last night, helping seed a server on...cant remember the map name; small, tight desert town map...has a police station cap? There's only a few of us on, fighting over a single point while waiting for numbers to build. I managed to sneak round, cross the river and come up behind the lines with a G3. As I'm rounding the corner of a building, I see a soldier just disappear around the next corner of the same building, oblivious to me. "GG EZ" I think, so I follow him. I round the next corner and he's no more than 10 metres away, running in the opposite direction - an easy shot for anyone. I have all the time in the world, so I lift the rifle and fire....and merely wing him. He drops down to a crouch and spins around so he is partially hidden by a wall, yet his head and shoulders are still clearly visible. I had the advantage, I should have been able to calmly take a second shot. But for some reason, I just end up blasting away at him, and while he's desperately returning fire and also missing, one of his squad mates turns up and again, demonstrates how someone with proper motor skills should shoot. I retaliated of course in the mature way...by rage quitting and almost throwing my headset across the room. I just don't know why I'm so bloody terrible in this game. Mouse smoothing is off. I've lowered the sensitivity to .50 for better accuracy of aimed shots. AA is off, not just because I hear it can add to input lag, but also because it improves the FPS. But even so, I don't think my FPS are terrible; probably get 40-50 on average, dropping a bit lower on larger maps, but it doesn't feel obstructive. My internet connection is good. And I'm not engaging particularly difficult targets. Yet, as I said earlier, something just doesn't click with me - shooting doesn't feel natural. I find I'm better with the red dot sight, so have wondered if it's a consequence of the smaller ironsights for militia/insurgent/Russian, but even with a scoped weapon, I'm none too handy. Don't get me wrong, I still love the game. And I appreciate that being able to shoot the wings off a fly isn't necessarily a key requirement - suppression, working as a team to take down targets, etc are all arguably much more important in a game which rewards teamwork over a good KDR. I appreciate that, and I engage fully with that mantra, but sometimes, I just cant help but get frustrated that I find the fundamental mechanic of a first-person shooter so bloody difficult. It saps your confidence a bit thinking that every firefight you enter you are destined to lose. Anyone else feel the same? Or am I just bloody terrible and should l2p nub lololol etc
  21. Hello all, Bit of an odd one this. Whilst playing this morning, my game crashed back to the desktop, but there was no error, or any sign that it was going to crash (freezing, stuttering, etc) - it just closed down instantly and with no warning, as though I'd hit Alt+F4. I had probably been playing about 20 minutes or so. I restarted no problem, and rejoined the same server. All seemed well, then after about another 10-15 minutes, exactly the same thing happened. I restarted again and cleared my app data (haven't done that since the update). Joined a different server, and was able to play for a good couple of hours, so I figured it was just a data issue. But then, about 10-15 minutes into an Insurgency round of Chora, it happened again - just as the SL was throwing an incendiary into the cache in front of me. I have kept the log file from the second time it happened, and from the most recent time. In both cases, it appears to have been a fatal error relating to "Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address...." I am running an overclocked CPU, however it appears to be completely stable. It's done a couple of Prime95 runs with no issue, and the temperature maxed out at 70 degrees while playing - warm, but nothing to worry about, and it hit higher peaks while running Prime for longer periods with no issues or errors. If it's of any relevance, the first crash happened on Chora, and the second was Logar Valley. Between those crashes I played full rounds on both Operation First Light and Narva - I only mentioned that in case perhaps there's an asset in the desert maps which might have caused the failure. Anyone have any ideas? I've saved the log files in case they are any use. Below are extracts from the final part of each log where the Unhandled Exception was recorded. Happy to share the full log files if needed. System specs: CPU: Intel i7 3770K 3.5GHz (OCed to 4.2GHz @ ~1.170v) GPU: Radeon RX480 RAM: 8Gb Kingston DDR3 @ 1600MHz Mobo: Asus P8Z68-V Running on Windows 10 64bit @ 1920x1080p. Performance is generally good (~50FPS) Using ReShade with a SweetFX filter, but have been using this for months with no adverse effects. Any help appreciated. First occurrence: Second occurrence:
  22. How odd, I was thinking about making the same suggestion the other day! I find it a little difficult finding a sensitivity that is quick enough for comfortable aiming and manoeuvreing most of the time, yet slow enough for precise aiming at long range, and also comfortable when using vehicle optics. I'd suggest that it would be nice to have the option to set a lower sensitivity when holding shift to decrease the FOV and steady your aim, as this is when in most likely to be taking long shots. Maybe a slider which sets the sensitivity as a percentage of the " base" sensitivity value. A second slider for vehicle optics too, perhaps. It should definitely be optional though; I know a lot of people would probably prefer a single universal setting. I know your can achieve similar with some mice which allow DPI switching on the fly... but personally I would like it to be integrated and dynamic depending on my actions within the game engine, rather than requiring active selection. Just feels more fluid to me that way.
  23. "Sounding amazing", surely?
  24. Squad crashing on spawn in screen

    Are you running any overclocks on your CPU/GPU? I was getting the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error logged, it turned out to be my CPU core voltage being set too low. More details: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28453-crashing-out-with-no-error-unhandled-exception/
  25. Squad.exe - No Disk

    I used to have this same error when I had squad set to "Borderless" in graphics. When I set it to "full screen" it didn't happen. I recently reset my user data which set the graphics settings to "Windowed" and the error reappeared. Going back to full-screen has got rid of it again. What setting are you using OP? EDIT: Ignore...I got the error again tonight, and I'm still set to fullscreen. Not sure what's causing it.