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  1. Are you a good shot?

    Thanks for the replies all. I've been paying a bit more attention to my mouse setup recently. I switched the mouse DPI up to 1600 but dropped the in game sensitivity down to 0.3 and it feels smoother. Testing on the range and it seems to skip less pixels than using a lower DPI setting with higher in game sensitivity, which I guess makes sense. And last night I was in a game where I managed to get 16 kills which is almost unheard of for me. My aiming still needs work but it was feeling much more natural popping off shots at distant targets...im by no means expert, but I felt a lot less like I was missing something fundamental. In the mean time I'll keep playing medic, a role where I can still be useful without being a great marksman.
  2. Are you a good shot?

    Because I'm not. And I sometimes find it bloody frustrating. I would hope to be humble enough never to think too much of my own skill level in games. But I've always enjoyed more "realistic", or at least, authentic shooters which favour realistic weapon handling and slower gameplay, as opposed to twitchy, 360noscope mlg 1v1omg games. As a result, I tend to think I'm not too bad a shot - I've been playing the Red Orchestra series ever since it was a UT2k3 mod, and although I know the latest iterations were considered a bit dumbed down (argument for another time), I still think they represent and encourage slower, more accurate gunplay. And I've generally been pretty competent at it, and other authentic shooters. So I figured that in Squad, I might be the same. Yet, despite applying the same discipline to this game - managing my stamina, using [Shift] to steady my aim, taking my time and nearly always shooting from at least the crouched position - I just seem to be a terrible shot in this game. Something in my hand eye coordination just doesn't 'click', and I often find myself missing the most academic of targets. Couple of examples - about a week ago, on Narva. Lying in a bush somewhere near Delta (I think?) with an AK74. Enemy truck comes haring across the bridge, right past me, toward the nearest building. I'm prone and anticipating an immediate decamp. I'm only 15-20 metres away so I switch to full-auto, just in case. The truck comes to a halt against the building, driver and passenger jump out. They are the easiest targets in the world, slightly elevated, very close and having just jumped out of a vehicle, still standing and a little disorientated. I line up on the first guy, fire a single shot and - miss. He drops into the grass, the other guy is moving and turns toward my shot. I panic a little, but take my time, line up on him and fire a burst and...miss. And then, the first guy, now prone, cooly dispatches me with one shot into my perplexed and furrowed brow. Another example - last night, helping seed a server on...cant remember the map name; small, tight desert town map...has a police station cap? There's only a few of us on, fighting over a single point while waiting for numbers to build. I managed to sneak round, cross the river and come up behind the lines with a G3. As I'm rounding the corner of a building, I see a soldier just disappear around the next corner of the same building, oblivious to me. "GG EZ" I think, so I follow him. I round the next corner and he's no more than 10 metres away, running in the opposite direction - an easy shot for anyone. I have all the time in the world, so I lift the rifle and fire....and merely wing him. He drops down to a crouch and spins around so he is partially hidden by a wall, yet his head and shoulders are still clearly visible. I had the advantage, I should have been able to calmly take a second shot. But for some reason, I just end up blasting away at him, and while he's desperately returning fire and also missing, one of his squad mates turns up and again, demonstrates how someone with proper motor skills should shoot. I retaliated of course in the mature way...by rage quitting and almost throwing my headset across the room. I just don't know why I'm so bloody terrible in this game. Mouse smoothing is off. I've lowered the sensitivity to .50 for better accuracy of aimed shots. AA is off, not just because I hear it can add to input lag, but also because it improves the FPS. But even so, I don't think my FPS are terrible; probably get 40-50 on average, dropping a bit lower on larger maps, but it doesn't feel obstructive. My internet connection is good. And I'm not engaging particularly difficult targets. Yet, as I said earlier, something just doesn't click with me - shooting doesn't feel natural. I find I'm better with the red dot sight, so have wondered if it's a consequence of the smaller ironsights for militia/insurgent/Russian, but even with a scoped weapon, I'm none too handy. Don't get me wrong, I still love the game. And I appreciate that being able to shoot the wings off a fly isn't necessarily a key requirement - suppression, working as a team to take down targets, etc are all arguably much more important in a game which rewards teamwork over a good KDR. I appreciate that, and I engage fully with that mantra, but sometimes, I just cant help but get frustrated that I find the fundamental mechanic of a first-person shooter so bloody difficult. It saps your confidence a bit thinking that every firefight you enter you are destined to lose. Anyone else feel the same? Or am I just bloody terrible and should l2p nub lololol etc
  3. Hello all, Bit of an odd one this. Whilst playing this morning, my game crashed back to the desktop, but there was no error, or any sign that it was going to crash (freezing, stuttering, etc) - it just closed down instantly and with no warning, as though I'd hit Alt+F4. I had probably been playing about 20 minutes or so. I restarted no problem, and rejoined the same server. All seemed well, then after about another 10-15 minutes, exactly the same thing happened. I restarted again and cleared my app data (haven't done that since the update). Joined a different server, and was able to play for a good couple of hours, so I figured it was just a data issue. But then, about 10-15 minutes into an Insurgency round of Chora, it happened again - just as the SL was throwing an incendiary into the cache in front of me. I have kept the log file from the second time it happened, and from the most recent time. In both cases, it appears to have been a fatal error relating to "Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address...." I am running an overclocked CPU, however it appears to be completely stable. It's done a couple of Prime95 runs with no issue, and the temperature maxed out at 70 degrees while playing - warm, but nothing to worry about, and it hit higher peaks while running Prime for longer periods with no issues or errors. If it's of any relevance, the first crash happened on Chora, and the second was Logar Valley. Between those crashes I played full rounds on both Operation First Light and Narva - I only mentioned that in case perhaps there's an asset in the desert maps which might have caused the failure. Anyone have any ideas? I've saved the log files in case they are any use. Below are extracts from the final part of each log where the Unhandled Exception was recorded. Happy to share the full log files if needed. System specs: CPU: Intel i7 3770K 3.5GHz (OCed to 4.2GHz @ ~1.170v) GPU: Radeon RX480 RAM: 8Gb Kingston DDR3 @ 1600MHz Mobo: Asus P8Z68-V Running on Windows 10 64bit @ 1920x1080p. Performance is generally good (~50FPS) Using ReShade with a SweetFX filter, but have been using this for months with no adverse effects. Any help appreciated. First occurrence: Second occurrence:
  4. How odd, I was thinking about making the same suggestion the other day! I find it a little difficult finding a sensitivity that is quick enough for comfortable aiming and manoeuvreing most of the time, yet slow enough for precise aiming at long range, and also comfortable when using vehicle optics. I'd suggest that it would be nice to have the option to set a lower sensitivity when holding shift to decrease the FOV and steady your aim, as this is when in most likely to be taking long shots. Maybe a slider which sets the sensitivity as a percentage of the " base" sensitivity value. A second slider for vehicle optics too, perhaps. It should definitely be optional though; I know a lot of people would probably prefer a single universal setting. I know your can achieve similar with some mice which allow DPI switching on the fly... but personally I would like it to be integrated and dynamic depending on my actions within the game engine, rather than requiring active selection. Just feels more fluid to me that way.
  5. "Sounding amazing", surely?
  6. Squad crashing on spawn in screen

    Are you running any overclocks on your CPU/GPU? I was getting the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error logged, it turned out to be my CPU core voltage being set too low. More details: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28453-crashing-out-with-no-error-unhandled-exception/
  7. Squad.exe - No Disk

    I used to have this same error when I had squad set to "Borderless" in graphics. When I set it to "full screen" it didn't happen. I recently reset my user data which set the graphics settings to "Windowed" and the error reappeared. Going back to full-screen has got rid of it again. What setting are you using OP? EDIT: Ignore...I got the error again tonight, and I'm still set to fullscreen. Not sure what's causing it.
  8. No problem Just as a bit of an update, the game has been rock solid stable ever since I upped the core voltage to 1.200v. Played it several times over the last week, sometimes for 2-3 hours...not a single crash One of the guys from Squad support replied to my email last week and asked me to try a few things, so before I did so tonight, I reverted my CPU voltage back to 1.170v, as it was when I encountered the problem initially. The result? Three crashes to desktop in quick succession when attempting to get into the Firing Range (in fact, one occurred just loading to main menu). The first one gave me an actual critical error, the next two occurred as before - crash to desktop cleanly, no error, "unhandled exception" in the log file. Went back to BIOS, upped CPU voltage back to 1.200v - straight away, game loaded into the Firing Range with no crash whatsoever. Pretty confident that this is a CPU undervoltage issue. Yes, this makes sense. I've seen similar errors in on Window's BSODs on overclocked systems before. It was unusual in my case though as the PC seemed stable at the lower voltage...Prime95 ran for ages and generated no errors, it was only Squad that seemed to crash.
  9. Are you a good shot?

    I'm not? I never said my Windows sensitivity was too slow... it was just that for an hour or so after turning off pointer precision, it felt a bit weird. Besides, surely the benefit of adjustable DPI is being able to change it on the fly whilst in the game... Eg, switching between precision and speed... because the sensitivity can be adjusted separately for Windows and the game. That's what I don't bother with, I just set the sensitivity to what I'm comfortable with in the control settings and stick with it. Thats not compromising, or making it harder on myself, I just prefer a consistent sensitivity in game. To each, his own
  10. Are you a good shot?

    I already have one (Logitech G500) but I much prefer sticking to a constant DPI. Been playing tonight and I think it feels better now, although it could be placebo. It doesn't take long to get used to the movement in Windows, and I just use the adjustment buttons for other uses, like fire mode.
  11. Are you a good shot?

    I've just turned off Enhanced Pointer Precision in Windows. I now can't hit my Start menu without a couple of attempts, but I'm gonna give it a while in game to see if it makes a difference. I've always had it enabled and not had problems in other games, but perhaps the UE4 engine works slightly differently.
  12. Are you a good shot?

    I used to do this, then I went out and bought a monitor stand so I could bring the screen closer. Certainly helps.
  13. Are you a good shot?

    I think one of the problems is I'm slow to correct my aim after each shot. So before I started playing this evening, I upped my mouse sensitivity from .50 to .75, and it started to feel a bit more natural, although I might lose a little precision at long range. Perhaps I just need more time in game.
  14. Are you a good shot?

    I'm not brilliant at judging distance in the game either, I admit. I have to snatch a look at the map to be accurate. But given that I'm having trouble with targets 30 metres away, trying to hit someone at 300 metres is like p***ing in the wind As for 1440p, no can do, 1080p is maximum for my monitor. Besides, I think that'd be too much of a performance hit on my system. Hah! That's the thing, even when I take time on my shots, I still feel hopeless. Hmm, I might try that. I'll be honest, the only time I go into the firing range is to muck around with graphics settings. perhaps I should actually trying using it properly. Oh, I'm also from Kent. High five.
  15. Are you a good shot?

    1. 71hrs according to Steam (yes, I know, noob) - unfortunately I don't get to devote huge time to the game. 2. In the scenarios in my OP, probably the former - these were at ranges where bullet travel time is almost irrelevant and against targets which didn't know I was there until. I'm not questioning myself when I miss due to poor leading on long distance targets, etc - I brought up the thread because sometimes, as per my examples, I'm utterly hopeless even on simple targets with no deflection when I have all the time in the world . 3. 1920x1080. FOV = 90. 4. The thing is, I'm no competitive player; ultimately, I would prefer to maintain decent graphics settings and enjoy the immersion, rather than reducing graphics settings purely to improve my ability to spot enemies. I try and reduce settings only to keep the game feeling smooth. However, I might give this a try and see if it improves my aim any. Thanks EDIT: just to add, this post is absolutely not a criticism of the game. I do love it, I just wanted to see if anyone else finds it as much of a challenge at the most fundamental level.
  16. Just an update, but I have a suspicion that this might be due to the overclock. Yesterday afternoon, I decided go for a clean install, see if that would help - I uninstalled from Steam, made sure everything was deleted (any SweetFX/Reshade files, etc) then did a fresh download/install. Whilst I was in the menu setting up my controls, the game crashed out again, in exactly the same manner. However, no log file was created. I then had it happen again after about 10-15 minutes in the firing range. Then again, only a few minutes after joining a server - "Unhandled Exception" in the log. Despite the fact that my system is otherwise stable, I went into the BIOS and upped the CPU voltage a fraction to 1.2v. Restarted Squad, joined a server and played for 1-2 hours without any problem whatsoever. It isn't absolutely conclusive as the pattern to crashing appeared to be fairly random anyway, but I will continue to monitor stability over the next few weeks to see if this solves the problem. It might be worth checking with other users who experienced the same thing, to see if they are also running overclocked systems. Like I said, might not be the cause, but worth adding to the investigation notes.
  17. Thanks beginna. Link to my latest log file: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=72338842725051782838 And to the .dmp file: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=06557334621385887743 I will forward all of the above details to the Squad support email and link to this thread. Many thanks for your help
  18. Oh, apologies - just after posting this, I see someone else has posted a thread with almost the exact same symptoms as me: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28355-crashing-with-no-error-message/ Should I instead just forward all this to the email in that thread ([email protected]), along with my log files? Perhaps if this is affecting other users there might be something to investigate for the devs. Apologies if I've broken the rules by posting a similar issue, not sure how I missed the other thread
  19. Suggestion speed limit key

    I think you might have misunderstood the OP. He's talking about the ability to better control your own speed on the fly, by capping it at a maximum - not capping the speed of every vehicle in the game permanently at walking pace. At the moment, using a keyboard key to accelerate, you are either accelerating at full throttle or not at all. If you want to drive at less than maximum speed, you have to keep "pulsing" the accelerate key, but that's hardly realistic and rather irritating. The OP is suggesting that it would be handy to have a way to cap your speed at a given maximum, so you can roll forward at walking pace even when holding the accelerate key (W), making it easier to provide rolling cover for infantry, for example. Red Orchestra got around this by allowing you to have an incremental throttle in the vehicles. Hold the key down and the vehicle starts to accelerate, but take your finger off the key and you stop accelerating but keep moving. If you want to decelerate, you hold the brake until the speed drops to the desired level. It meant you could better control your vehicle speed, rather than having only a digital on/off control for what should be an analogue, gradual input.
  20. Graphics look colorless / dreary

    I also found that Squad looked a bit "washed out" at times, so I installed a ReShade/SweetFX preset which has improved the vibrancy brightness of the colours. I did the same with Rising Storm 2. Both are much prettier games with SweetFX in my opinion
  21. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    I hope so too. I've found the same thing with the AKs - the sights being so far away feels very weird and makes shooting (especially at any sort of distance) quite difficult. It applies to all sights in the game, it's just not as much of a problem with the M16's red dot.
  22. Hi all! Been playing this game for a couple of months now, and really enjoying it, so decided it was time to join the community, sign up on the forums and stick my two pence in The game is fantastic so far, so good that I often forget it's still in the alpha stage. And seeing the trajectory the game is taking, it's kind of hard to think of any meaningful suggestions. However, I wanted to share a couple of small things in the hope that they might get picked up. These are by no means big changes, but little things that I think might make general communication and usability easier from my personal experience. Compass Heading The compass is essential for communication in this game as we all know, for spotting enemies. My only suggestion is - can we make it so that your current heading is offset slightly above the rest of the compass bar? At the moment, the current heading is slightly larger than the rest of the bar, however in the heat of a firefight when trying to call out an enemy vector, I sometimes find it a little difficult to recall the current heading with only a quick glance. If the heading was raised up slightly, I think it would help draw the eye that little bit quicker. VOIP Indicator When someone says something over radio, or voice, then their name appears in the bottom left hand corner, so you know who's talking. The problem is, as soon as they stop transmitting, the indicator disappears. This isn't always a major concern, but a few times I have been in the situation where someone says something and by the time I've looked to see who was speaking, the indicator has disappeared from the screen. Obviously in real life, this isn't a problem, as you're likely to be able to identify your squad mates by their voice alone; but in a game where you are often playing with people you don't know, I think it would be handy to know who said something without having to ask them to repeat themselves. My suggestion is, rather than the indicator disappearing immediately, have it fade out slowly. It doesn't have to stay long - just a second or two after they've taken their finger off the transmit key, which gives you a fraction of time to flick your eyes down and check who spoke. In addition - I'd also suggest adding an indicator to the names above each player. Last night I was in a game where I was following 3 or 4 other players as we entered a compound. They were all in front of me, so when one spoke, I couldn't tell who it was without looking down. If there was also an indicator on their name, I'd be able to tell who was talking without taking my eyes off the centre of the screen. I know these might sound like trivial changes, but I often think it's the little details like this which really help with the immersion and make your interaction with the game feel a little more natural. First post, so be gentle. I go by this name in the game, so I guess I might see (or already have seen) some of you on UK servers