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  1. Sums up exactly how I feel about suppression - yes, there needs to be a way to make it effective, but it should be done in such a way that it doesn't feel contrived. I've only played the HLL alpha a little, but the suppression effect is so ridiculously exaggerated, it's almost laughable. The Darkest Hour effect above seems much more reasonable - enough to upset your aim a little, and only when you actually have incoming fire directly. But please, none of this "let's blur the screen and shake the weapon around for 15 seconds because someone fired a gun within 50 feet of you".
  2. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    See, why doesn't that ever happen to me? Whenever I end up in a scenario like that, where I have the drop on multiple enemies, I will usually be able to put a bullet in maybe one target before his teammates instantly spin round and light me up. In that clip, none of them seem to be able to shoot for s**t...it's like you've encountered a squad consisting entirely of me
  3. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Nice videos @TwistedSunshine. Just watched the videos, and I went into the firing range and tried hitting the 1000m targets with the M110 - and yes, I can hit them while standing, although not as quickly or as accurately as you have...and I still I stand by my point somewhat that it's not "easy", especially in the context of gameplay. I can't imagine being able to hit moving targets as easily. But you have demonstrated that it's probably easier than RL, so fair play to you I used to find this problem in Squad as well, but I've recently tried something - I upped the DPI resolution of my mouse from 800DPI to 2000DPI, but then lowered the in-game sensitivity so that it felt the same and the result is that the mouse movement feels "smoother". I guess because the mouse is working at a higher resolution. See this video for an explanation and demonstration of using a higher DPI with lower sensitivity, might help you out:
  4. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Forgive me, but it seems like you might have quoted the wrong post, or at least, misunderstood the point I was making, as your response doesn't seem to make sense in the context of what I said. I wasn't disputing how hard is is to shoot in real life, I was disputing your claim that it's not equally as hard in Squad. You say it's easy to shoot targets at 500+ metres with ironsights - I say that's an exaggeration. Unless I am even worse at the game then I thought, then I would say that it is very hard to hit targets at that distance in this game. I find shooting at anything over 100 metres very difficult with ironsights. My point was simply that I like having realistic weapon handling, but I think you were exaggerating how easy it as to shoot targets in Squad. Citing real life hit/miss ratios to tell me I'm wrong in that assertion doesn't seem to make much sense.
  5. Ridiculous accuracy.

    I'm all for realistic weapon handling, but I think you're exaggerating. I can barely see targets at 500 metres, let alone hit them with ironsights... Christ, even with a scope it'd be a struggle.
  6. Can't Bind Vehicle Turret Zoom To RMB

    I think it's just a bug...mildly annoying as it would be comfortable to mimic the infantry behaviour of using RMB for sights/optics. Hope they fix it.
  7. A good idea, and one which has been suggested in the Feedback/Suggestion forum a couple of times. I would take it one further and ask that we have sensitivity settings for normal ADS, and "focused" ADS (ie, when holding down [Shift] to steady your aim). Reason being is that I generally like my ADS and normal sensitivity to stay the same, as I often still have the sights up in CQB and want to move quite quickly, whereas when I hold [Shift] to focus, it will be for more accurate shooting at longer range - so would be nice to slow the sensitivity a little.
  8. Cancel Climbing Animation

    How about mantle being a "hold", rather than "toggle" function? Hold [Space] to climb the object, release to instantly let go and drop back to the ground.
  9. Just wanted to share a couple of suggestions that I think would make the game a little more intuitive and natural feeling, and reduce the number of keypresses required for certain actions. Toggle Lean - Cancelling This is a suggestion I thought of a while back, but I wanted to see if it changed in V10 before posting it. I would love to be able to use the "toggle lean" feature in Squad....it really helps when you're holding a defensive position to be able to adjust your position without having to keep Q or E depressed. However, I'm finding the way toggle lean works a bit clunky sometimes, mainly in the way that it's cancelled. For example, if I lean left, I tap "Q". In order to return to centre, it kind of makes sense to me that I would tap "E" to shift my lean to the right. However, at the moment, pressing "E" will make me lean all the way to the right, even if I'm already leaning left. In order to "unlean" from the left, I have to press "Q" again...and it just feels very odd. Similarly, I would kind of expect certain actions to cancel the lean automatically - for instance, starting to sprint, or jumping. I think this would feel much more natural, allowing a seamless transition from leaning around a corner, then then dashing across open ground, etc. Is there any chance we could change the behaviour for "toggle lean" to incorporate the above, or at least, add further customisation to enable it? The current behaviour is the only thing stopping me use toggle lean at the moment - despite being more useful, I just can't get used to it. Anyone else feel the same? Remove the "Ranging" Bind The addition of ranging in Squad is fantastic, but I have to ask - is there really a need to have a button that you have to hold while adjusting it? Again, it's a minor thing, but it's just another keybind to think about. Would it not be better to simplify it further so that you can adjust ranging at anytime whilst aiming down your sights? I'm thinking about the way that Red Orchestra handled this. In RO2, your mousewheel changes your weapon selection; however, if you roll your mousewheel with the sights up, it adjusts the sight range instead....lower the sights, and it's weapon selection again. Very fluid and no need for another key. Could I suggest doing the same in Squad, or is there a programmatical reason for having a specific keybind to enable ranging? That's all. Fantastic work with V10. My only gripe is not having enough time to play it during the week. Keep up the great work OWI, and thankyou
  10. v10 Weapons Handling and Control

    Couldnt disagree more. Hardly ever use full auto in this game, especially as a medic shouldnt really be the first one kickng down doors in CQB. Three round burst is great by comparison, much more useful.
  11. Open local mic option please (:

    I don't think I've ever heard anyone chatting in the game currently only to be interrupted by a third person, or music, or chewing, or crying babies or whatever. Mic discipline seems excellent in most of the Squad games I've experienced. But even if you aren't exaggerating the scale of the problem to make your point, I still think calling it a "terrible" idea is hyperbolic. It's not a terrible idea if restricted to local chat only - it's an idea that has merit, but which also has downsides that you've highlighted, which is fine. But that's not to say it cant be made optional, so if you do have someone blaring music constantly, then you can just tell them not to use voice activation. If they refuse, kick them from the squad...no different from kicking someone who refuses to communicate at all really, and I see that happen often in Squad. Also, remember, your reference to Discord is a bit of a false equivalence. Discord is a chat application where everyone can chat to everyone else as long as their on the same channel. The OPs suggestion would apply to local chat only, so it's only going to be people in your immediate vicinity that you can hear, which again lowers the probability of encountering someone with a noisy background. It's not like you're going to experience it constantly - it would be annoying if you did, but I don't think that's justification for not pursuing a useful feature. Finally, as for immersion - well, I can just as easily say it's an immersion breaker when I'm in a game with a proper 3D voice setup, yet I still have to hold a key to speak, or I press a key to speak to someone next to me and speak to the whole squad because I ht the wrong key or whatever. It's not a major problem, but it happens, but it's not something you'd do in real life. But as far as I remember, pretty sure the devs have written this off anyway, lat time I asked. Fair enough. Just thought I'd share my opinion. I think it would be useful and make the game that little bit more intuitive. I seem to be in the minority, so I won't argue further, but there's no need to scoff and call it an outright terrible idea.
  12. Open local mic option please (:

    I'd like this feature too. Wouldn't be annoying as you think if limited to 3D voice only. Would feel more natural and a little easier to manage comms. I play medic a lot so I use the proximity chat frequently...would be nice to have one less key to think about when juggling squad comms with trying to tell the guy next to that you're about to bandage him.
  13. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    I'm kind of torn on suppression. I recognise the value of making a player feel so scared of incoming fire that they are forced to take cover, but much as I loved RO2, it really overdid the suppression mechanic. Blurred vision and particle effects are fine, but having the gun physically jerked around for you felt very contrived. It's like the game is saying "hey, someone's shooting at you, so we're going to assume you are scared and jerk your gun around so you cant shoot back!". But the problem is, that it becomes really annoying when you know that you aren't in any immediate danger of being hit, but the game is still "suppressing" you. For instance, when you're inside a solid building, but someone shooting outside, and not even at you, and the suppression mechanic is still throwing your aim around arbitrarily because there's bullets or guns being fired within a certain distance from you. I would much rather than effects such as bullet whizzes, ricochet sounds and associated particle effects were made to be almost overbearing - that, along with the knowledge that getting shot means a long wait to repsawn, is generally enough to put genuine fear in me. If I'm safe inside a building and there's a machine gun chewing up the window near me - bullets whizzing through it, the window edges being ripped to shreds, etc, then - genuine fear will be enough to stop me standing up to return fire...but the RO2 suppression mechanic would mean that even if I'm well away from the window, I'd still be suffering the effects by having my aim arbitrarily upset, even though I'm aware that I'd not in any immediate danger. Similarly when a friendly next to you opens up with his MG; the suppression effect kicks in even though you aren't the intended target, you just happen to be in the "area of effect" of suppression. I'm aware that's probably not a popular opinion and someone will now scoff at it because I've been lucky enough never to have someone shooting at me. But like I said, I'm not against suppression mechanics, I just feel like they should be carefully considered so they don't feel contrived, and more complex than just "there's a bullet within x feet of you, so now you cannot aim".
  14. Longest Squad gaming session?

    I dont play regularly during the week due to work, etc, but when I do manage to get on, it tends to be for a good couple of hours. On Saturday, I think I logged into the RIP server about 8PM...crawled into bed at 2.30AM
  15. Logi V10

    Incremental drop also means you could use one logi to supply two seperate FOBS, does it not?