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  1. One of the big problems I find when crewing a vehicle is clear communication with my gunner/driver. It's been suggested that perhaps vehicle noise should be lowered to make this easier, but it's also been pointed out that big, metal boxes with huge engines that are being shot are, indeed, noisy environments, so it would be unrealistic to make them quieter just for the comfort of crewmen. How about this as a compromise...treat crewman kits as though they are equipped with a proper headset designed for use in armoured vehicles and apply audio effects accordingly: - Automatically lower external noise whenever another crewman within the same vehicle is speaking using the Local voice channel. This includes slightly lowering the volume of the Local comms of any passengers within the vehicle (who don't have headsets). - Apply the radio filter to mimic the effect of them speaking directly through the headsets, but only for any other crewmen - The passengers can still hear crewmen communicating with each other, but without the radio filter, to mimic being in a vehicle with someone who is using a headset, but not wearing one yourself. This means drivers and gunners can communicate with each other clearly, but passengers in the vehicle will still have the limitation of having to deal with the realistic limitations of being in a naturally noisy environment. It still seems somewhat realistic as well, because presumably real life armoured vehicle crews wear helmets with built in comms/ear protection. This would mean not having to have a fourth "Vehicle" comms channel as well, because it could be achieved just by applying the right effects/volume enhancements to different players, based upon their roles. I was going to optionally suggest that Crewmen should have all external sounds constantly dulled, to represent wearing one of these sets, but I think it would be better just to apply it when you need to hear another crewman. What do we think?
  2. I think in general it would be nice if controls were dynamic, depending on whether you're in a vehicle or on foot. For instance, I have RMB bound to ironsights, but for some reason, I can't bind the same button to "optics" when in vehicles, which would make sense. I've had to bind it to a thumb mouse button (via binding the button to a keyboard command in my mouse software, then setting that key in the Squad settings). Basically in principle, I agree with the OP, I would like to be able to fire the coax without having to switch weapons - I'd just use a different key. Similarly, I see they've added bayonets to rifles - but it's a bit clunky having to switch weapons to use it. It would make more sense to have a general "melee" key, and then have a way to attach/unfold the bayonet (alá RS2).
  3. And rx 570/580

    Yeah, largely. If I had the opportunity, I would upgrade, but it does for me at the moment. I think I'm playing with all settings in Medium.
  4. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    Really? I'm an avid RS2 player and I've heard other people make this criticism, but I just don't experience it. In fact on the whole, I feel like hit reg is better in RS2 than in Squad - or at least, I suffer a lot less "BS" than I do in Squad, if you get what I mean. The only time I've suffered from feeling like my shots were noticeably going awry is when I'm on a server with a high ping. But most of the time I stick to UK/EU servers and have very little problem.
  5. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    I've got to say, I have experienced many situations like the OP. Several times, where I've had all the advantages - for instance, crouched inside a room in a building, covering the door - and someone has just walked in and killed me almost instantly, even though I've got rounds off at them first. Absolutely enraging to think you have the drop on someone, being crouched, aiming and ready, yet still losing out when they are moving and shouldn't know where you are. I put it down to needing to "git gud", but now I'm wondering if hit reg might be a small part of the problem.
  6. (ads/zoom) + (steady/zoom) = :-{

    Zoom is not necessarily unrealistic. It just seems that way because everyone refers to it as "zooming". When you are "zoomed in", your FoV is actually closer to a real life scale - but of course, you can't use that FoV all the time because you would have no peripheral vision, as you're viewing the world through a computer monitor. So really, the FoV when you are not aiming down the sights is actually the less realistic view scale - you are essentially "zoomed out", to allow you to view the periphery of your character's vision. Having FoV levels change on the fly might seem like an unrealistic mechanic ("you're eyes cant zoom without optics!"), but the end result actually allows for a more realistic representation. But, I agree with you OP, it would be nice to give the player full control over when this "zoom" is applied. Everyone is different, after all, and has their own preferences on how to play. I can totally sympathise with wanting to keep a wide angle FOV for CQB. Also, I agree with fatalsushi, that the "zoom" shouldn't be time limited. I'd like to keep it linked to the "focus/steady aim" button (Shift) personally, but without zooming out again when the breathing stops being controlled.
  7. What about when someone is ejected from the squad for non-nefarious reasons? I've been kicked from squad because the SL wanted to free up space for a clan mate. Irritating, even when the SL prewarns you and apologies, but it would have been even more insulting to have been left stranded in the middle of nowhere with only basic recruit kit.
  8. A better tactical map

    I'd really like this. I agree at the moment that the maps contain too much irrelevant detail - they are pretty much "satellite" images, which is great as a representation, but makes them too hard to read quickly and clearly. And doesn't help you read the terrain very much. I like the idea of just having the important details as per the OP - buildings, elevations/contours, topography/vegetation and roads. Not only would it help when playing as an SL (something I do rarely, given how difficult I find it), but it would make navigating a vehicle easier too; at the moment, some maps are a nightmare to drive on, Chora and Kohat being a great example. A big +1 from me
  9. Change compass

    I'd say highlight "N" in red, a bit like it is on most analogue compasses. I'd also like to see the current bearing number perhaps raised up just a little, so it's easier to glance at when you're trying to give a quick bearing on an enemy.
  10. Radio Comms & Revival Notification

    Yeah, I agree. It's one of the scenarios that gets players communicating, which to me, is the very essence of this game. As a compromise, how about making it possible to look around when you are bleeding out? Heavily distort and blur your vision, remove all HUD elements and perhaps make the sound slightly muffled, but allow you to look around so you can see if there's a medic operating nearby without having to check the map? I guess the objection will be that it will enhance your ability to give away enemy positions though, as you can still use your radio ("Enemy on my body"). Radio ear assignment will also be most welcome; comms can get very cluttered, hopefully this will make things easier to organise when the situation gets busy.
  11. New Revive ability

    The potential problem with that is, you get people who grab the medic kit not because they want to play as a medic, but because they want an optic on their rifle, and they play accordingly. At least now, people who choose medic will at play as a medic, even grudgingly. I'm not against incentivising the role; personally I don't mind playing medic, but even I get tired of it after a few games, so I can see why it's not always a popular role to choose.
  12. Giving the l85A2 new iron-sight

    I would love to be able to switch between irons and optics if the weapon layout allows it. RO2 has this feature as well, and it worked brilliantly - even to the extent that you could adjust the range of irons/optics independently on the same weapon.
  13. New Revive ability

    Nope. He used capital letters and said "period". Argument won.
  14. Giving the l85A2 new iron-sight

    Really? Do you honestly think that? I really cant think of a time when I've needed to adjust the ranging on the iron sights in battle - at anything over 200 metres, then targets in game are generally so small that not having optics is my main concern, rather than having more range adjustment. If anything, I'd say the L85A2 actually has a big advantage compared to other rifles; it has one of the clearest and most unobstructed sight pictures of all of them.