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  1. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    I don't know if this was thrown out before or if this is something already in the works, but I would like to see the Mk. 19 and the AGS 30 make an appearance in the game. I think it'll be a nice addition to make the MRAPs and Stryker more usable by having a M2 and a Mk. 19 variant. And then add an AGS 30 alongside to give the Russian an advantage as well, maybe adding it to the BMP-2 or any other APC to counter the MRAPs as well. Thanks!
  2. performance issues

    My problem is when I play Squad V12 on any map, if I turn with Fully Loaded Textures on it becomes a slideshow and lags. I would have to look at one spot for the textures to load and it work fine. When I turn it off, I get 60 FPS But the caveat is when I turn it off, the textures of the game are absolutely abysmal. No detail at all, trees and foliage, some spots of the ground I can see through, and there's no facial features or anything, it just becomes a blob of polygons and the graphics are practically non existant which makes it unappealing to play to say the least. In V11 I disable it and the textures stay as they are and I can play just fine, but not anymore. I need help from anybody who's competent enough, please.
  3. Limited Testing - 10/31

    When I aim through the scope of the NSVT and hit F to exit, the scope overlay remains on my screen despite me not operating the weapon any longer. It's fixed once I get back on it, looking through the scope again, and look out of it.
  4. Project Reality vets sign in here

    It was whenever we had to buy BF2 to play it, I still have it in my steam games. User: Annoying_Rooster Still like to play it.
  5. Deployment

    Hey ya'll, I'm aware there's quite a bit of veterans/active duty personnel or reservists, etc. Currently entering my two year mark in the USAF and I've been tasked to my first deployment in Kuwait. Figure I'd ask those who I'm following in the same footsteps what sort of creature comforts should I bring with me when deploying? I heard socks are a major thing and of course my Laptop. Is there anything, excluding mobility/processing stuff, that I should consider bringing that might not be available in Kuwait? Thanks!
  6. Recap Hype?

  7. AGS-30 for the Russian Forces

    That's a shame, would've been a devastating weapon.
  8. AGS-30 for the Russian Forces

    There are slick emplacements for a lot of these weapons, this weapon may already be in the works and I might not be aware of. But is there any chance that the Russian AGS-30 would make an appearance? To those that don't know what this weapon is, it's basically the Automatic Grenade Launcher emplacement variant for the Russian Federation. It's known for its high rated speed.
  9. Maybe lower the price of the game?

    Quit being a cheapskate, that's all I have to say.
  10. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    *Rips open shirt.* Oh man this is so good, I got a hard on for that SPG-9, the development can only go forward. Oooh I can't already wait for the next recap!
  11. SL can choose kits for his squad.

    I personally think the kits should be selected by the players that have the most experience on and know how to use them. If a Squad Lead decides to assign a person as a medic, and that person is not the best medic or has absolutely no idea on how to control it, it can be a turn off or a disaster. And simply saying that then he'll learn today is a poor excuse since players enjoy having the freedom of selecting the classes they are well good at, and having a Squad Leader make him something that he does not wish to be can cause inner strives. Also if the Squad Lead is just a dickhead, it can really cause problems. But hey I ain't bashing the idea, I understand that a Squad needs the essentials, but that's why those large kits are limited in the first place so that way an entire squad isn't running around with 249s, so I think that already does its job on letting players pick the kits they need. Leaving it purely volunteer should be the way it is. A squad lead can do a simple kick if the player doesn't want to follow rules, but being forced upon a class that he cannot operate or doesn't know how as I said before can stir up things. I may have read your thing wrong, in case I did sorry bout it', it's late over here.
  12. 3000+ People playing Squad Right Now

    PotatoDevil - 0.1 Hours played on Squad: Negative Review pklpk That was literally one of the guys rating the game down just to rate it down, obviously from Battlefield 1 or some other game.
  13. There is literally over 3,000 People all over the world playing Squad at this moment. I think it's insane to know that back then Squad was only stuck with at one time having 60 players on max servers during Pre-Alpha and Beta. Squad has came a long way to where it is now to having over 3,000 Players on Squad at this minute. Congratulations for that milestone.
  14. Stuttering Problems?

    A technical guy might tell you that's not a very good set up and that you're probably gonna need to upgrade to play this game. Most players here are using GTX 1060s and i7s.
  15. So I never say this much, but Mass Effect is one of my all time favorite games to my library. It's literally one of those games where your actions have impact, you make friends and even though it's all just 3D models and voice actors/actresses, you feel like you have a strong connection for them and that you don't want anything to ever happened to them. It's like a good T.V. series you can't stop watching, instead it's you who makes the decisions and it's you who makes the orders. Whether you can be a strong hero that stands for everyone, a neutral guy who just wants both sides to get what they want, or a full fledge dude that just doesn't give a ****. It's been 5 years since we have had a Mass Effect game, and I remember after the Mass Effect 3 ending that I said I'd never pick up another Mass Effect Game again cause it was one of those few games, very rare that I cried to. Not even The Last of Us made me cry since I had just started it. It was one of those games I invested so many hours into, and to just watch it evolve come to an end and look at your friends one last time really got me. Well it's been 5 years since Mass Effect 3 was released, so for me that was plenty of time to calm down and relax to see now that they're making this new Mass Effect series with brand new characters. I still miss the old ones, but I actually do look really forward to jumping back into the Mass Effect Universe. And on a happy note, there's rumors saying they'll be remastering the trilogy so hopefully it's their chance to make the ending the way most people want it. Here's a video of the Tech Demo, don't worry about the commentator since all he babbles about is just the PS4 Pro and such.