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  1. Squad lead

    See m8... from around my 2 or 3 hundredth hour I did barely nothing else than SL anymore... it is a freaking hard job but in my opinion you need around 50-100 hours of SL time to get it to an effective and satisfying stage. For your self and the squad-members. Just give it some more (-lol- perhaps a lot more) time and patience. For me it gave a big boost in getting a better grip on the SL-Role from that point of time I started to play with the same ppls in my squad for a lot of games. Use your steam to build your own little "squad-community" of "steam-friends" to meet regularly in the game and the same squad. We started as such a community and ended up in a clan. Everybody knows each other better, ervery day we play. That gives me more relaxation within fulfilling my role as squad-leader which helps me in learning more and more and be more focused on the role and all its abilities. But of course these are the optimum circumstances you can have as a squadlead. Just be persistent and have patience, most of all with yourself.
  2. Yer sure!... the rewardsystem is the strongest tool to hook somebody on a certain behaviour... The reward-system in our brain is the strongest trigger for motivation, that exists. But... is winning, having a good time, spend time with friends and have fun, suspension of the battle-feeling not already enough reward? What comes after the reward? the reward for the reward... not to forget about the reward for the most rewarded of the super-reward-group? I mean, i have seen so much really useless "Rank & reward" systems in the last 20 years of playing these kind of games... Should we build a statue for the player of the day in every capital of the world, where Squad-gamers can go to and admire and worship the idol of their god-like playing game-buddy? I will not support any reward-systems at any time in this game!
  3. 2 sergeants per squad

    because... Role-limitations! Within our clan we first had the thought: Ok lets do 3 small, locked squads. BUT then you have not the whole range of classes you can choose.
  4. 2 sergeants per squad

    Just to bring it to the discussion: Whats about introducing the ability of 2 sergeants to a squad. They get certain squadmembers assingned by the SL. They get certain, minor options like: Setting a RP for and only for their assingned Players. ... ... ...
  5. 100 % agree on that one brother! See you on the BF! Greetings to Adel
  6. SL role determination ability

    Still: The SL role is the keyrole in this game. -period- and belief me, it is really hard work to do! The SL has to determin the overall-strategy with the other SL`s on the team depending on the determinations the current map offers. From this overall- strategy the strategy of the individual squad erases. The individual-squad strategy is absolutely dependend on the classes that are taken within the squad. In this line of logical argumentation the SL should be the one determening which classes are used in his squad on the current map. Look: The SL`s have to coordinate their squads and are mostly responsible for the success you have in a game. So as a SL I cannot afford ppls joining my squad, and take just whatever class/role they like specially when not asked before!!! The result ist: I kick ppls doing so directly out of my squad. They just disrespect the common sense that has been brought to the game by the arcitecture of the game. Ppls have to accept that this is not a game to just jump in and play around like CS, BHD, Rainbow-Six or others. It is too complex for that way of gameplay and I am glad about it! To really have fun and be successful it needs quite an ammount of devotion and communication-skills. I mean, why does a game has such a thick manual?
  7. SL role determination ability

    That is not what i stated... I think you misunderstood my point
  8. Admin scramble command

    No Problem m8 & welcome.. sometimes it is a bit difficult for me to get everything to the point so it is 100% understood, especially because English ist not my mothertoung.
  9. Admin scramble command

    Hmm like i wrote "is one of the gues" not THE GLUE. Of course, games have to be fun, if not, they would not last. Clans erase because ppls get to know each other in the game, like each other and want to keep playing together as a group, getting more effective as a group and learn to work together. Squad is a competitive game. People who want cooperation but no competition will not play Squad, they will play other games, like Arma. That is why Arma exists. Squad is both! competitive(between the teams) and cooperative(within the team & the squad)! If you do not manage to get cooperation within the team AND the squads it will get indeed frustrating.
  10. Admin scramble command

    responsible clans would divide themselves accross both teams for fairness, particularly if they are dominating. team stacking is not fair and not fun, for anyone. too right and it mostly happens and my point was not aiming at "stomping a server" as main goal. A kind of "teamstacking" is always done and on a 100 ppl server it was not ment like: All clans against randoms. I mean, in a football game you do not start to scramble the opposing teams because one is hammered once and a while. (LOL I would like to see the reaction of the fans and supporters) 2. so you condone team stacking as a default then? I did not state that 3. yes they probably do but that is no excuse to take advantage of the fact for your own(clans) gain. ghosting is done by those who will use any cheap move to gain advantage over other players (read: must win at any cost). the fact that you would have clan members actively Ghosting their own clan mates is pretty sad - i would not want to be in a clan like that. Just seen that too often and too many times: full squad consisting of clanmembers on one side and one or two clanmates on the other side. Miracously our Squad and FOB`s where targeted directly before we even could be heard or seen. And Yes it is sad - but it happens obviously too often. in the olden days of JO we had issues with team stacking on pubs and our clan (ASO) was also called out for it. this was counteracted by the community (server(s)) not allowing stacking and they would actively team-change players mid round to even the sides up. our clan used TS and when on different teams we had a rule that no one was to 'ghost' info accross TS - TeamSpeak-Deaths were detested by all. Too right.. Im on these kind of games eversince DF got online over to BHD(AAf), Jops and all that followed in a couple of clans. Referring I can just talk about the EU-Servers we play on mostly and what we experience there. Ghosting is a "No-Go" at any time for us as a clan. And in the end of the day, if you are addicted to these kind of games for more than 20 years you can "smell" every pile of trash. Belief me or not, sometimes we turn around the game, some times we loose dramatically and sometimes we get stomped by other teams with a couple of clan-squads against us. Really we do not get bothered by that but get even more eager to do better next round within the (clan)squad.
  11. SL role determination ability

    Yer thats what i thought while writing my post... there fore i wrote: Probably a step further and to far would be that the SL can determin which Squad member has to play a what kind of role . I can only talk for my clan, where everybody automatically chooses the role his abilities fit. But yer the chance of fovouring is there. Exactly the Marksmanclass is what i ment. In my opinion not still really developed and balanced in this game but still in some cases I can see the potential in the hands of somebody knowing what he does and plays his Marksmanrole in advantage to the Squad... not his own K-D rate.
  12. Admin scramble command

    Sure it is no fun to be rolled over by 350+ tickets. Happened to us a lot of times -even with 1 1/2 full clan squads on one side. But: Clans and clanship is one of the strong the glue to a online mpg. Beeing a member of a clan and clanbuilding is good for the whole commity because it keeps the Gamers stick to the game. What fun is it if you take 20 minutes to get all your clanmembers on one side to play together? The meaning of a clan is to get effective by playing together not to play against eachother. I would even recommend, that all members of the same clan should always play on same side! 99% of the clans (like ours) have their own TS or other VOIP running. So "ghosting" ist done too often if clanm8s are scrambled over two opposing Teams. Over & out [H.9] Commander A.Hofer
  13. I think i am not the only SL that gets annoied by the following: Randoms jump in on your squad. They do not say a word of "hallo" or "hi" They just grab the role they like without asking if it is wanted. They refuse to change the role They have to be kicked, because they disobay the oder to change their role. It would be probably a good idea to give the SL the Option to "lock" classes/roles that do not fit the layout of his squad referring to the Basic strategy he wants to follow in the actual campane. Probably a step further and to far would be that the SL can determin which Squad member has to play a what kind of role . [H.9] Commander A.Hofer
  14. Even if I go a bit off-Topic just this: Look it does not realy matter for me if i pay 30 $ once or 30$ a month. It also does not change anything about my own efforts to support the community. I support the community because I like the ppls I play with on the same toy. See, i got no problem to be Mr. Nice guy to everyone, to be loved, praise the developers and help them to earn more money. BUT thats not the deal! All of that does not remove the fact, that servers fill with ppls just jump in to try and have fun (vehicle destroying, TKing etc) or whatever they experience as fun on a free weekend. Not single ones but in hundreds. e.g.: You buy a car for 50.000 $ dollars You love that car, You take care of it You enjoy drinving it it with your lads would you accept somebody taking it over brainless, missusing, damaging it, only because he can do that for free and no punishment will follow? So punishment will be, that a lot of decent, goodwilling players will refuse to be of any help to these ignorants or the ones that allowed them to join your game? To be honest: It is a question of respect. I respect everybody respecting me... it is not a one-way road. So again: we would need these special free weekend servers accessable only for free-weekenders and voluntarely for "real-paying" players. These servers should be runned and payed by the company that earns money by selling the game. All other "public" financed servers should have the option to refuse access to free weekenders by admin-panel. I would directly support company efforts to change it to a "monthly-fee-game" for xxx $. You get rid of a lot of hackers(belief me i seen a lot of them) Ppl take a toy much more serious if they pay for it than if it is for free! Over and out [H.9] Commander A.Hofer
  15. As the founder and commander of the German clan [H.9], in review to the "free-weekend" i got a couple of mixed impressions. First of all i agree 100% on the former issued statement, that SL`s are not responsible for promoting the game eversince they get no financial or other benefits out of it. Sure everybody will be welcomed to promote the game, enforce the community and have the maximum of fun while spending time on it. Never Forget: we paid for the game and we are the clients not the owners. We try to be helpful because we also want the game to be developed but we do this in our spare-time! Of course ist is very disturbing if you want to have a smooth run of your squad and the maximum of efficiency you can get out of your leadership and in the beginning of every game you have to explain everything all over again for new randoms. But to be fair, if you have enough friends you Play together in a community or clan you can always close your squad as your own wanted ammount of members is reached or kick out ppls if they do not adapt to the way of play. I mean lets be fair: Squad is not a classical FPS and in my oppinion it takes at least around 100 hours before you get a good grip on it, no matter what kind of game you played before. So newcomers are confronted with two major things: 1: Adapt to a unnown gameplay, referring to command-structure AND communication. 2: Streaming into an existent gamecommunity with a lot of experiance with this special game. With our clan [H.9] we have completely different experiances with "steam-free-weekends" The most disturbing thing is, if people come into the game completely unprepared. They shoot teammates over and over again destroy friendly vehicles etc. etc. Not bad if it is only one or two per game but if they come in hundreds... I mean, who is liked if he just goes into a bar, not saying "hello", smashing tables, pouring beer over the drawer and then leave without a word... Also not helpful for a good common sense are ppls coming from games like "Arma" opening a squad, saying "i know this game and all the tactics" and then ruin the game by doing tactical failures over and over again. On the other hand we also encountered a lot of nice and polite ppls asking questions about the game and what is wanted and what is contraproductive. All These ppls had been welcomed and helped by our Clanmates. We understand, that these weekends are needed for the company to promote the game but it is not within our responsibility how others are prepared before entering the game. To be a bit constructive: What about special temporary-servers for newcomers where newcomers could play for free and pls who payed for it can also join. The regular servers should be only for ppls that payed for the game. So everybody, who wants to promote the game is free to jump on these "free-weekend-servers". (the community of "we love squad Germany did a great effort in that direction already) At the end two things I have to mention in connection with this "steam-free-weekend". Maprelease of "Mestia": 1: On the US side it is no fun to run through a dark countryside, glowing like a firefly. 2: I got Feedback from massive ammount of players experiancing minor screenlag(nor severe but still a bit disturbing) over and out [H.9] A.Hofer