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  1. Tanks and others

    - The introduction of Tanks - Discussed hot and intensive in our own clan. The damage-model, usage and ammount, referring on the ammount on infantry of the tank is in our opinion far from realistic. Bringing this, much to OP machine, to the battlefield takes away the fun squad brought to our clan for the past time. I do not know how others see that but we as [H.9] are not waiting for a 2.0 version of Arma or PR. By the way: every Army-General in the world would call out himself a god if he was in reach of 2 battletanks for every 40 foot-soldiers in his Army. (would be an other story on a 100 vs. 100 Server) We always liked Squad as a Infantry-based tactic shooter. Of course logies, FOB`s Bradley`s 30 mills etc. nice to have and bringing a lot of fun and essential . But folks how real that is? Hitting a battletank more than 4 times with an heavy AT before it is half way damaged? I saw cases where the tank took 6-10 TOW or CORNET hits and then drove away in full speed just smoking a bit. (do not come up with the damage-zones! Hitting a tank with an heavy-AT in the tracks will cripple him forever in real) Basically no INF-Squad is able to defeat such a thing at all a.t.m.! We are truly aware that this game is still in development but we would have hoped, that there would have been much more testing and reconsideration before bringing up tanks with that capacity in this game. Probably 30 new maps with the tremendous graphical improvement that was made, including deleting the still existing bugs would have been more desire able for us. Really no offence but a lot of my long-time Squad-Clan members are deeply disappointed and reconsidering to take a deeper look into other games. And last but not least: Please stop that thing, that you start a free-weekend with a release-date. Best reguards [H.9] A.Hofer
  2. Post Scriptum Keys

    lol ... not ... "user cannot be found "
  3. Cock Block Rush

    YER!!!!! HURRAY!!! let us turn this game into Americas Army 2.0!!!
  4. Ego play - what you do ?

    constantly look at the map and follow what is happening. As a good SL you are doing a good job if you are able to switch your own plan if the overall situation changes. Be proactive and constructive. Let go your own little plan if you see that your ppls are needed for some other uses. If massive complains from diffenrent other SL's AND even the admin come you should critically reflect your SL-acting and see if you are, indeed not acting for the benefit of the team. Squad really does not need a commander! (mostly one of the exp.-SL's take over that role automatically) Keep in mind that SQUAD ist not a game only about your own interests. It is a tactical-team-play game. Sometime you got to do boring things like defending or keeping up pressure on a flag because ist leads the whole team to the win (hopefully -lol-). If you are not willing to do so, in my oppinion this is not the right game for you or you should drop the role of SL. Every map has a couple of practical strategies (overall and individual). All sounds to me, that the "plan" you made did not fit to a common strategy and it did not help the team, leading to a win. Why else should somebody complaine? [H.9] A.Hofer
  5. Ego play - what you do ?

    First of all: Did you inform all other SL`s about the "objects" ( you mean objectives?) you are planning to reach in the beginning? Probably, in your situation, having a squad full of "pubs" you should ask about what you can do with them and communicate how you can bring in your squad as a benefit or support for your team IN THE BEGINNING (Staging-time) OF THE GAME via SL-Channel and not just set your own goals. I mean playing SL (no matter if you got a random-pub squad or clan/friends-squad) still forces you to act and stear your squad in a cooperative way in respect to the other sqauds or the whole team. All you state here sounds like I experianced a lots of times as an SL having an eye on the strategic situation. I also get annoyed by other SL's not lining out the team-strategics and own strategics and coordinate the own ideas with others. Sounds like you just lined out your own ideas for yourself and your own squad and did not communicate and discuss them with the other SL's IN THE BEGINNING (Staging-time) OF THE GAME. Going as an "I do what i want"-mission on this game is not what the idea of this game is. If that is the case: Yer, cry, be desperate, ignore but reconsider if you understood the team-idea of SQUAD. [H.9] A.Hofer
  6. The little broken things

    Still not working and highly annoing: - Left hand of soldier hovers infront of your face; only dissapears when prawning and using scope. - Medic is buggy while using med-pac. - Wall-jump, vaulting and climbing does not work after having used an emplacement or ammo-box. - environment on several maps turns partially to light-green colour making it unable to destiguish enemy from friendly
  7. If you got proof: Yer definately ban him... BUT: Never forget, there are enough players who have friends on the other team and want to play with them. They are just waiting until they can change team. Also they are honest enough not to give away any positions and tactics. (So called "ghosting") Members of my clan would get kicked out for good immediately if they would ghost...
  8. Ideas For New Roles

    Pioneer (TNT/ vehicle-repair / bridge-engeneering ) Supply-carrier Fire-teamleader or Sub-Ordonnance
  9. Required experience for being a SL

    Since nearly 5-7 months i have hardly never played something else than SL. (something around 700 hours) As an SL you will need knowledge in micro, meso and macro management. SL`s are the "Check-Players" within the game. Be reasonable and get a grip on regular, basic, military strategics and tactics. (flanking, defence, attac, timing etc.) You should be able to adapt this knowledge on all three levels depending on the situation . That means e.g: Know how to flank within your squad. Know how to flank together with another squad Know how to react and plan the following steps after flanking is successful or not. Think 4 steps ahead and plan 2 steps ahead. Strategical usage of vehicles. Yes it is cool and fun using vehicles but not always use- and helpful within the individual and the overall strategy. Communicate contructivly with other SL`s. SL`s must have the will to loose the typical FPS-feeling as the regular players have, because there is a lot to organise and your map should be open most of the time. You will always have to have an eye on your squad and on all the other squads so that you can react on a change of situation.
  10. Matchmaking never really works satisfying in any Game I know. WOT: Matchmaking in respect to Players exp. Therefor you will need a ranking sys. which is not wanted in SQUAD by DEVS and majority of players. AA: Matchmaking in respect to balancing the teams in or after a round. Nobody wants to be switched to another Team after he gathered up with a squad. etc. etc. etc. I mean, specially in this game you will have to count such a huge variety of numbers and facts of every individual player to feed a "Matchmaking-algorythm". You would also have to determin which class somebody has to pick (because everybody has different skills with the different classes). All for that you will need a huge database of individual stats. That - i repeat myself- is not wanted not by me, the devs and the majority of players. And what will you do with the central role of SL`s? In consequence of matchmaking it would be needed, that experianced SL players`are not allowed to Play on the same side. But what will you do if an experianced SL-Player decides not to Play SL but regular? I would love to let it like it is at the moment. Sometimes your lucky - sometimes you are f... In the end of the day success is not a question if failing or not, but a question of how often you stand up again.
  11. SL kit force

    So tell me ... how should a squad work efficiently if Squadmembers do not obay SL`s oders? I am soo tired of asking randoms to pick the role, I as a squad-leader, Need in the rolled out strategy. It costs only nerves and fun. Yer sure i can kick the b... but what effect does that have? Probably another basic solution would be appropriate: While opening a squad a SL has two Options: 1:Free-Mode free joyce for Squadmembers to pick a role. 2: Temporarely restricted mode the first 45 secs somebody joins a squad he is not able to pick any other role than regular. if the SL has not assigned a role to the person in question the squadmember has the free-joyce Option That would give some educational support for players just hopping on a Squad with out a word of hello and not asking which role is wanted. It also would give room to both ways of game-Play: 1: open, not strict directive gameplay 2: focused and organized gameplay
  12. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    Ohh i have a couple of them in my clan, doing constant logi-runs! Even Support other squads with their FOB`s
  13. Required experience for being a SL

    omg soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far off-Topic!
  14. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Hofers 9Tag: [H.9]Link: joinsquad.comLanguage: GermanDescription: Devoted gamers from the German-Language-Countries. K/D-Rates and experience are not the most important focus for us. We can play competetive and abitious but most of all we go for the fun and interaction. Running an own TS and an own Training/Scrim-Server. Members: 20 & slowly, selective growingWe also play: ... with our selfs ... -lol-