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  1. Alpha 9.6 Released

    Narva - Great map but i was waiting also for Narvas most famous thing "Hermans Castle" Here you can see US soldiers marching through the Narva (near the castle) on February 2017 As Estonian i didnt like the thing that the Narva is full of Ladas, Old Mercedes cars and etc Russian things. Also it is full of Russian languaged signs Narva is still an city of Estonia. But it is okay, atleast it have Grenholm Manufracture.
  2. BTR 82A vs Stryker

    Hello there Thanks for the awesome game you made. Isnt BTR 82A abit overpowered if we compare it with USA apc Stryker? i think it would be nice if the btr 82a would be replaced with btr80 with casual 14.5mm heavy machine gun instead of 30mm btr82A. Also russians have MTLB 6MB witch is 30mm and this cannon is also pretty overpowered in my opinion. Damn, i did this post to wrong thread. MAybe some admin can move this? Thanks