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  1. The obligatory gunporn thread

    A day at the lake with my SCAR. Can hit 1000yd. Also hit the mile with a CheyTac M200 Intervention .408. I believe the video was 1000 or 1300 yd.
  2. Concealed Carry Pieces

    Sig P938 H&K USP Compact 9mm I have a stealthgear holster for the Sig and it's so comfortable, I sometimes forget I have it on
  3. 5.56 replacement

    6.5 Creedmoor has superior ballistics to 5.56 and 7.62x51. A very flat shooter that can hit mile targets with minimal effort.
  4. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Interesting situation happened at the range. when you have a bunch of loose ammo in a box and it drops, there is a chance of it going off. A rim was resting on one primer and the drop impact was strong enough to fire it.
  5. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    Can someone link me to a place to get a GBB Glock 19 and its spare mags?
  6. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Mabye my choice of words isn't the best in terms of describing DMR. I plan on mounting my AAC 762-SD can on my battle rifle and based of personal experience shooting my own ARs and a buddy's AR-10, I get annoyed at the gas blowback to the face. This mitigated a bit with short stroke piston designs. Other options I was looking at was the LWRC REPR and HK MR762 (HK417 civilian) but settled on the SCAR due to price, reviews, and a little bit of cool factor. My main rifles currently are a 10.5" 5.56 and a 8.5" 300 blk, great for CQB but not the best for up to 300 yd. I hope to get reliable shots out between 800-1000 yd with the battle rifle. Beyond that, a bolt action in a better caliber would be the next choice. I'm new to magnified optics, only knowing which brands are good but not the specific product. I also see some people are using: -Leupold Mk 6 1-6x20mm -Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6x24 1x would be great, but I feel like I would want something up to 9 or 10x.
  7. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Yeah i realized. I don't shoot FA much to prepare for this. In other things, What optic for a SCAR 17 for those with experience? I'm thinking of http://www.opticsplanet.com/nightforce-nxs-2-5-10x32mm-250-moa-ptl-riflescope.html with a larue mount Which reticle? I already have a rifle that covers my needs from 0-100yd, the SCAR will be mainly for 100 yd + as a DMR type. There is a range with over 1000yd I can use it at to see if I can push its limits.
  8. Better than original PR tbh
  9. Police1013...

    I wish there is a game like SWAT 4 with up to date graphics.
  10. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Top upper is an 8.5" 300 blk barrel Bottom is 10.5" 5.56 respectively. Going under 16" is of no concern ;) With 208gr 300 blk reloads, I get 980-1000 ft/s well below sonic velocity at aprox 1125 ft/s So fun that I can hear my bullets impact my cardboard target louder than the shot itself. Here's my upper on a fun switch. Funny to note, my friends who own fully registered FA M16 lowers mainly put 22lr uppers on theirs since it's way cheaper.
  11. The obligatory gunporn thread

    I like mine....short and quiet
  12. Awesome Squad pictures

    dont know whats happening