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  1. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Ninian Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198109404764/ Primary Language(s): Swedish + English Age (optional): 28 Timezone or Region: EU - CET Nature of Interest: Casual with a structure, no need of hardcore milsim. Need a group of dudes to play Squad with, people who are in on the same tactics and don't go solo mid all the time. Playing with randoms don't cut it anymore. Gaming Background: Been PC gaming the last 5-6 years, mostly games like arma 3, fps like battlefield or tactical games like europa universalis, total war and such. At this time I have 120 hours of Squad. Additional Skills: Big patience, team player(objectives over kills). Decent at keeping calm at stressful situations, really good at making my paycheck go ''poff'' Status: Unsigned ==================================================================================================================================